NOTES, LINKS & TWEETS’s Zach Lowe has completed his rankings of the Top 100 NBA players .  Only one Sixer cracked the Top 30 and only three cracked the Top 75.

Via we discover that Sixers draft pick Lavoy Allen is auctioning off his new 76ers #50 jersey on Twitter because times are tough and his bank account is overdrawn.’s Frank Fitzpatrick celebrates Wilt’s upcoming 75th birthday with a great piece.

Over at, is a post that’s been up for a while but is still worth mentioning.  It’s an interview with former 76er Clem Johnson who is now the head coach at Florida A&M.

Dei Lynam of caught up with AI9 while he was on the links.  Shockingly ‘Dre is not optimistic about a quick end to the lockout.

Lower Merion product Kobe Bryant had some issues at church this past weekend. has an interview with former Sixer “Jellybean” Bryant — a.k.a, “Kobe’s dad”.

In preparation for the FIBA Americas Tournament later this month, former Sixers assistant coach John Calipari arranged a game between the Dominican Republic national team he’s coaching and a host of his former Kentucky “stars” now in the NBA.  Dubbed,  “The Pros,” and led by John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Jodie Meeks the former Wildcats got smoked.

Speaking of Jodie Meeks, via Twitter we learn that Meeks has just opened a Twitter account (@Jmeeks20) and is traveling from Lexington, KY to the ATL.

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