In’s “NBARank” series Spencer Hawes lands at #219.  While Andres Nocioni finds himself at #197.

Zach Lowe over at “The Point Forward” on has an interview with our man Thad Young.

A quick “76ers” craigslist search brings up a guy who has some great collectibles — Allen Iverson bobbleheads

John Smallwood of the DN asks, “What if you held a lockout and few cared?” has interview with former Sixer “C-Spoon“. also has a video interview with Doug Collins regarding his search for a new assistant. 

From Kate Fagan’s blog “Deep Sixer” we see that AI9 was / is at “Fashion Week” in NYC.  Let the jokes fly. provides a look at how well Mo Speights is playing in the Vegas “Lockout League”. 

Brian Ward at has a complete review of what the Sixers roster has been up to lately.

Via Twitter we learn that Iguodala (@mindofAI9) is planning to play in a basketball tourney this weekend.  He’s going to keep us all posted on the details.

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