Jason Kapono will be a Laker.  Riding the bench in LA is probably better then picking splinters in Philly.  To say his time here in Philadunkia nation was disappointing is an understatement.  However, certified WAG Mrs. Kapono will be missed. 

Jrue Holiday arrived at PCOM yesterday and Bob Cooney of got a few minutes with Jrue. has a video interview with Jrue.

Don’t forget to vote in the new 76ers mascot election process.

Louis Williams agrees with our analysis of the Sixers schedule yesterday.  “We have a chance to clean up early,” Louis tells

At Billy Witz writes that the “older” teams will have trouble with the brutal 66-game schedule and thus, “In the Eastern Conference, the 76ers might be ready to take a leap into the top tier…”

Chris Mannix at has the Sixers season finale as one of his “must see games” for 2011-12.

Also at, there is a great video feature on NBA player “mentor” John Lucas and his work.  You may recall that in our recent interview with Thad, he talked about working out with Lucas down in Houston. 

Dei Lynam at looks at whether or not the 7-6 could really lose RFA Thad Young? locates Eddie Jordan.

A look at what impact the new CBA will have on the 76ers.

Brian at looks at the lack of rumors circulating about moves the Sixers may make.

Via Twitter we learn that Jodie Meeks (@Jmeeks20) has finished his Xmas shopping. DAMN, wish I could say the same

Also on Twitter, we learn that Iguodala (@mindofAI9) has some new kicks. 


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