Diamonds are a girl’s best friend — unless you are Tawanna Iverson.

According to TMZ Sports, former 76ers legend and future Hall of Famer Allen Iverson went on a significant spending spree after she filed for divorce, leaving her completely penniless.  Allegedly among the purchases “The Answer” made was $20,000 worth of diamond jewelry.  Court documents that Tawanna filed indicated that Allen’s spending habits put their account in the “red” and left her unable to provide for their children.

Also According to TMZ Sports, Allen denies Tawanna’s allegations in the docs (of course) — and they will now head to court to settle the dispute.

One other interesting fact from this story after the jump.

Also According to Tawanna and her court filings, — and this in mind blowing to me — Allen is worth $20 million. 

You read that right.  Only $20 million. 

I find it hard to believe that a player who collected over $150 million in salary monies during his NBA career and another $50+ million in endorsement deals (roughly) is now only worth $20 million.  I know that Iverson allegedly has a gambling problem, likes expensive whips and high priced jewlery and that there are accusations which state “Cru Thick” bled him dry, so I am sure he did not do a fantastic job of saving for his retirement.  Still, it’s mind blowing to me that he only has $20 million left.

Hell, anyone in Philadunkia nation knows that his fleet of very expensive rides has to be worth at least $10 million.  Then throw in his “lifetime contract” money from Reebok, which is estimated at $5 million per year, plus his various homes as well as whatever other assets “The Answer” owns and for me the math just doesn’t add up.

In my opinion, Tawanna should get a better attorney.  Preferably one that has a good auditor on staff. 

 You can read the full story from TMZ by clicking here.

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