iguodalamohawkWhile Ed Stefanski searches the Las Vegas desert for players to fill out the Sixers roster, the rumor mill is alive with moves the Sixres may or may not be considering.

Most of the rumors involve who will play point guard for the Sixers in 2009-10 or at least who will back up Louis Williams.  One name we are not hearing that we’d like to see given some attention is former UConn star and current NBA disappointment Marcus Williams who just got finished tearing up the NBA Summer League.  Also we are not hearing Ramon Sessions name connected with rumors surrounding the Sixers and that’s very disappointing as well.

Dime magazine hears that Carlos Arroyo is a candidate for the Sixers point spot.

Phil Jasner of the DN writes that CJ Watson and Jamaal Tinsley are also under consideration by Stefanski.

Via his Twitter account, Iguoadala leaked pics from the new Nike campaign that launches his alter ego character, “chiefblocka” .  As you can see by the picture on the homepage, “chiefblocka” rocks a mowhawk. 

1st Round Draft pick Jrue Holiday hosted a chat today.

Sweet Lou and Speights are scheduled to play in the Charlie Mack Celebrity Basketball Game this weekend at Temple Univ.

melanie-fitzpatrick_11The Sixers 10th Annual Beach Bash is this weekend in Avalon.  The 2009-10 Sixers Dance Team will perform for the first time publicly. We understand that out girl and SI Swimsuit Issue model Melanie Fitzpatrick (pictured at left) is NOT part of the new team.  That’s just ridiculous.  Need more evidence of this terrible omission, check out Melanie’s video.

Former Sixer point man Eric Snow interviewed former Sixer shooting guard Allen Iverson on NBA TV.  Right now we’d take either one at point tomorrow over the Sixers current situation.

Golf guru Hank Haney wasted a bunch of time trying to fix Sir Charles and his golf swing . We’re just pissed we took the time to watch the show and root for Chuck to get better (which he did) and now Barkley stinks at golf again.

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