Last call…

As we mentioned earlier this week, we’ve partnered with Draft Street on another promo for all you fantasy pros out there. 

This one is for all you addicts who enjoy nearly instant payouts. 

This one is a one-day NBA fantasy league and hopefully it will help your fantasy fix this week.  

You can sign up for the one day, FREE Philadunkia fantasy league with a $100 prize pool (5 places paid) by clicking on the link below or the one after the jump.

Click here to sign up for the free, one-day Draftstreet – fantasy league.



Just like last year, it is a salary cap league where everyone tries to assemble the best team out of the players who are currently on 2011-12 NBA rosters.  You will have a $100,000 salary to build a team of guards, bigs, two centers and two reserves.  Each NBA player has been allocated a price based on their expected performance.  For example, Lebron costs $22,954 where as our guy Andre Iguodala only costs $14,062.  You can get the full rules here

The contest will be held tonight (1/13) and will launch with the 7pm games.  

The best part about this contest is that it’s 100% free to enter.  

But as we have said numerous times in the past, Philadunkia nation be warned — one of us is looking to take home the $$$.

Click here to sign up for the one-day Draftstreet – fantasy league.

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