wgreenbackhomeWe know we bag on Willie Green frequently for his inability to put the ball in the basket, but when a millionaire ball player gives a little something of his time and cash, it deserves to be recoginized. An article in the Detroit Free Press from Sunday further proves what we have already heard numerous times from numerous people — Willie Green is a great guy.

Green is trying to have a positive impact on his community back in Detroit and the article talks of how he is very generous with his time and money.

Green also had a few things to say about the 76ers and what the 2009-10 holds for the team…


According to the Free Press…Green is one of the few veteran guards remaining and is confident with talent like Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young around.

“We can still play,” Green said. “We may make a couple of moves. Who knows?

“But for now, we’re going to be OK. We’re going to be in the mix of things in the Eastern Conference.”

Between Green’s comments to the Free Press and Louis Williams comments to us here at Philadunkia in which Louis said, “We’re going to be fine.”  the only thing w can figure is that Ed Stefanski has everyone drinking the “Kool-Aid” down at PCOM.

Several teams that finished ahead of the Sixers in the East during the 2008-09 season have improved their rosters this summer: Orlando, Cleveland, Boston, Atlanta and Chicago come to mind. Some may even say Toronto which finished eight games behind the home team last year is much improved.

Additionally the loss of all-everything point man Andre Miller and valued reserve Theo Ratliff is not going to help things. We can NOT see any way the 2009-10 Sixers win more then the 41 games they won last year, but give Stefanski and Co. credit, they sure are putting out a unified, positive vibe to the public. 

But we digress, because this post is not about the 2009-10 76ers. We suggest that you take a minute and read the great article on Willie Green from yesterday’s DFP.

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