eltonbrandnbaHidden underneth the HUGE news that the 76ers signed Primoz Brezec to a one-year deal was the fact that posted an interview with Elton Brand.

Look, Brezec is going to sit behind Sammy Dalembert, Elton Brand, Marreese Speights and Jason Smith, so please excuse us if we don’t get fired up about the signing of a 5th big who spent last season in Italy, last balled in the League during in ’07-08 (50 games with the Bobcats, Pistons and Raptors) and has NBA career averages of 7.6 points and 4.1 rebounds per game.

For the record, Brezec with seven seasons of NBA play under his belt gets to $1.1 million for his time in Philadunkia nation next year. 

We’re more focused on what Elton had to say as the Sixers big-man has been nearly dead silent since the season came to a n ugly, finger pointing halt against Orlando.

Here are some excerpts from the Brand interview on the Sixers official website…

How has the rehab on his shoulder going?

BRAND: It has been good, I’ve got full range of motion, full strength and no setbacks at all. I’m ready to go; it’s all healed and ready.

How does your Achilles feel? Do you feel like it’s a big difference from last year with an extra year under it?

BRAND: Yes, it does. My leg strength from my Achilles injury has improved and that was really important to have back. It’s about quickness, speed and athleticism, so that’s big.

Do you feel eager at all to really show the fans the real Elton Brand, so to speak?

BRAND: Oh yeah, I play for the fans. I play for the ownership of the team. I play for the organization. It’s a very historic organization with a lot of pride and wealth of basketball history so I’m excited to really show the fans that this is what Ed Stefanski brought me in here for. I can do my job. I’m revved up to show them I can do my job and show them what kind of player they got.

edandeltonDo you feel like Coach Jordan’s offense will get you in spots where you feel more comfortable, similar to what you have had in the past where you’ve experienced a lot of success?

BRAND: I’m a ball player, so wherever you put me I’ll do the best I can to win a game and contribute. I will say this, that a lot of people, not just coaches, say “Hey, you should do this,” “Hey you should do that.” I know what I can do on the court, I know how I can play and I’m just going to have to go out there and do it. That’s the exciting part.

So what do you think of your new coach?

BRAND: I’m excited. I’ve met with him, talked with him. Like I said, he worked us out a few times. He has one of those pedigrees I’ve seen get it done in the NBA and I look forward to doing that.

You can read the entire Elton Brand interview here.

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