In case you missed it…over the weekend for 76er Jerry Stackhouse got “Youtube’d ” by elite high school baller and soon to be University of Kentucky player John Wall. Wall’s flush on Stack’s head took place in a summer league game at the Greater North Carolina Pro Am

The NC Pro Am is no joke, so we wonder what an aging veteran like Stack is doing running the floor with a host of elite high school and college players as well as bunch of young NBA bucks. Getting embarrassed like this is certainly not going to help his prospects of finding an NBA job for 2009-10. Check out the clip after the jump.

Just for a minute let’s reflect at just how far Stackhouse has fallen off. It seems like only yesterday that Stack was one the best high risers in the nation. Seriously, who will ever forget this reverse dunk by Stackhouse vs. Duke back in 1995 . Not Cherokee Parks, that’s for sure. Dickie V. nearly lost his mind on that play. It was an unreal display of athleticism and basketball skills. Moves like that one are the reason the Sixers drafted Stackhouse with the 3rd overall pick in the 1995 NBA Draft. 

If you can remember, Stack was once an All-Rookie selection for the Sixers and in his sophomore season averaged 20.7 ppg.

But in reality the dunk on Parks happened 14 years ago and Stack is an old man now. Flash forward to 2009 and Stack is coming off a season with Dallas in which he only played in 10 games because of injuries and thus averaged a career low 4.2 ppg. He currently is an unemployed free agent and now he’s getting “Youtube’d” by elite high school players.

Man, how the mighty have fallen.


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