sixersnewuniOne was accidental and one was on purpose, but the 76ers made the headlines with the premiere of two new looks today.

You probably caught a glimpse the first item last night if your were watching SportsCenter, 6ABC or Comcast SportsNet and apparently it was also all over the Internet late last night (Some are saying broke the story.) , but the NBA accidentally leaked photos and video of the Sixers new red road uniform (pictured here with Jrue Holiday wearing it). The photos and video of the new red roadies came from the NBA Rookie media day on Sunday up in Tarrytown, NY. The media event is staged by the NBA.

It’s a shocking mistake for the NBA to make, as Godfather Stern and “The Family” are usually very good about keeping photos and video that they don’t want the public to see “in-house”  and within the walls of the League offices.  The photos are now gone from flickR and the NBA’s website but we have confirmed that this red version is in fact one of the unis the Sixers will wear on the road in 2009-10.

Here at the Philadunkia offices we of course love the classic “Sixers” font on the front of the jersey, we’re also feeling the red color-way and we think the blue arm bands at the “shoulder” are a smooth touch. Still, we hope they have a version of the 2009-10 unis that is identical to the uniforms from 1983, because those were some sweet threads.

The other premiere from within the 76ers organization today was the unveiling of the newly designed hardwood down at the Wachovia Center. The Sixers invited members of the media to come down for photo ops as well as a chance to go ahead and ball on the the freshly painted court.

newfloorhamidWe have to say that we really like the design of the floor for the 2009-10 season. Although the 2009-10 court’s art work is very different from the Spectrum flooring circa 1983 , it does compliment the 76ers new logo as well as the team’s new uniforms. We believe this completes the Sixers shift into “I love the ’80s” mode, but if anything else 80’s-ish comes around we will let you know.


One interesting modern touch to this overall “classic” new look to the 76ers home floor is that on the sidelines of the new design, right near the edge of the court, is painted “”.   Ahh the power of the internet.

newfloorhadiagBelow are some more photos from today’s unveiling.









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