The Inquirer’s John Mitchell collects impressions from Andre Iguodala and some other Sixers’ vets on Evan Turner’s brilliant effort against the Celts.

“We see him in practice, so we know what Evan can do,” power forward Elton Brand told Mitchell. “He’s been working hard and being patient, very supportive. He’s going to continue to work hard and try to get better as a player because he’s a professional.”

Bob Ford breaks down Turner’s game on Wednesday in the context of Stan Hochman’s head scratching “something is wrong with Evan Turner” innuendo. A thoughtful treatment of the situation.

As we keep on the subject of Turner, the indispensable NBA Geek performs an autopsy on his game and says the patient’s fine.  He posits that the reason ET isn’t logging a ton of minutes isn’t some mystery illness, or that he’s run afoul of Doug Collins, but that Jodie Meeks is actually, sneakily, pretty good.  Not sure we can follow you there NBA Geek, but we appreciate the math.

Bob Cooney says the Sixer’s biggest deadline addition is likely to be Spencer Hawes.  Hawes appears to be recovering well (finally) from his bulky Achilles.  Given our 12-2 record with him, and deep mediocrity without him, Cooney just might be right.

Ace TrueHoop contributor Michael Pina—here writing on his own site—gives an excellent breakdown of Mr. Turner’s breakout performance on Wednesday. A taste:

“But after watching Turner play, and getting a little feel for the way he operates as the moving part on a team-oriented basketball team, you begin to ask yourself what exactly his ceiling is? Can he ever make an All-Star team? Does he need the ball in his hands to be successful? How does someone drafted second overall in the NBA draft look so ordinary each and every game?”

One of the guys over at Liberty Ballers got out of John Hollinger in a recent chat that for the Sixers to make any substantial move, they’ll have to include Noicioni’s contract in a package with one or both of Iguodala, Turner, and Sweet Lou Williams. We’re still listening…’s Chris Borne waxes hysterical about the Sixers’ need for a star.

Sports Guy, in part one of his annual trade value column, has Andre Iguodala just missing the top 50 (ridiculous), Jrue Holiday getting snubbed (fair), and Evan Turner placing 48th (just slightly less ridiculous an inclusion that Iggy’s exclusion). As always though, the exercise is rollicking good fun.

DeSean Jackson and someone called Gillie Da Kid (I think that’s Dutch?) have released rap video ‘On My Dip.’ At the conclusion of all the noise, there’s a teaser for the duo’s next release…where they’ll be teaming up with Lou Williams. Nice work guys, but you’ve got a long way to go before you can touch this.

Via Twitter we learn that the suddenly very popular Evan Turner (@thekidet) got his car washed and saw the movie Project X.  Also via Twitter we hear that Dre (@mindofai9) needs as nap or something to do with his bed.

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