iguodalamohawkWe’re starting to think that’s what Ed Snider and Comcast should change the name of the Philadunkia franchise and start calling the 76ers the “Seventy-tweeters”.

In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last year or so, you know that celebs, wanna’ be celebs and of course athletes are very much in to having a Twitter account and updating “fans” on what they are doing every second of the day.

Well, we’re pleased to report that a trio of 76ers are among some of the best, most consistent  Tweeters in the NBA. So who are the Sixers with the serious Twitter skills? Well they are : Andre Iguodala (AI9), Louis Williams (TeamLou23) and Royal Ivey (ROYEAZZE). 

All three have done a great job this summer of keeping Sixers fans updated on their travels, workouts, interactions with other ballers and celebs and various business ventures. It’s no surprise to us that young bucks like Iguodala and Louis are on Twitter, but a veteran like Ivey having Twitter skills, that shocked us.

fanwithinkA couple weeks back Iggy Tweeted about his basketball camp back in Illinois as well as his workouts and he also leaked photos of the new Nike Hyperizer shoes and his new Nike alter ego “Chief Blocka” from the latest Swoosh commercial shoot. AI9 has also posted pics of his motivational speaking adventures in front of a host of Taco Bell execs as well as Twittered about talking to the 2009 NBA Draft Class at the League’s Rookie Transition Program in NYC. On the train ride home from the Big Crapple, he took and posted this pic of a sleeping passenger near him who as AI9 says looks a lot like former WWF star Bam Bam Bigelow.

lwilliamstwiiterLouis has been posting Tweets from his hometown of Atlanta most of the summer. Louis posts are typically about his workouts (By our count he’s putting up roughly 1,000 shots a day.), the new tracks he is listening to in his ride, living with his folks back in Georgia and his conversations with a person we believe is ATL based recording artist Bow Wow (formerly Lil’ Bow Wow). Louis’ musical suggestions have been right on the mark this summer and we think you should give them a listen if you enjoy hip-hop and R&B.

kdsleepingSo far this summer, Ivey’s Twitter habit   has kept us up on his free agent dealings, his class work at Texas (He’s trying to get his degree.), his workouts and the new website for former Texas Longhorn ballers, In fact depending on who you believe, Ivey may or may not have broken the news of his return to Philly as an UFA via Twitter. Ivey also has a knack for catching people sleeping as this photo of a person we believe is fellow Longhorn Kevin Durant taking a snooze proves.

In addition to Twitter, Louis and Iggy have also become proficient in going live on ustream, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

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