For those of you have been living under the Ben Franklin Bridge for some time, we’re here to let you know that the 76ers have not been playing all that well of late.  And by “of late”, we mean pretty much since Valentine’s Day. 

But for this post we’re going to stay focused on the most recent stretch of unacceptable basketball from the 7-6.  Collins & Co. are 3-5 in their last 8 games and looked simply awful in Ls in San Antonio and down at the Wells Fargo Center to the New York Knickerbockers.  The current rough patch has been enough for many to loose faith in this squad. 

But is it time for the true hoop heads in this town to worry about this team?

If you read this site, you know the “on the court” issues — inept half court sets, less then average 3-point shooting, an inability to get to the rim and a record setting lack of free throw attempts. 

But for this post, we wanted to dive a little deeper and get past the X&Os.  So after the jump is our list of issues the Sixers are facing right now or will  face coming up.  We ask you to read them and decide for yourself whether or not it is time for Philadunkia nation to panic.


Dre’s knee tendinitis is a concern and hopefully it’s the explanantion for his poor play of late — 9.2 ppg. over his last five contests.  But what if it is not???

Evan Turner has absolutely lost his mojo.

Capt. Streaky’s (a.k.a. Meeks) 31 point out burst the other night means he won’t hit for more then 10 in a game for the rest of the season.

What if Doug Collins style of coaching has burned this group out?  It eventually happens everywhere Collins has been.

The Sixers have 11 road games remaining, including a 5 game road trip to end the year.  They are 10-12 away from the WFC on the season.  The Sixers have only 5 home games remaining.  FYI…they are 5-5 in their last 10 games at the Well Fargo Center. 

The Sixers have tough games coming up vs. ATL; @ MIA; vs. ORL; @ BOS; @ ORL; vs. IND and @ IND.  However, the Sixers have only those 7 games remaining vs. opponents with a .500 or better record.  So we have that going for us which is nice.

Thad Young who has carried this team all year looks exhausted and it has showed in his last two games — 6 points & 4.5 rebounds per.

Doug Collins has lost all confidence is his rookies (Lavoy & Big Nik) who did a very respectable job while Spencer Hawes was sidelined.

The Sixers rooks have no confidence in their game (see above).

Sam Young, a decent role player, is now being looked at as the answer for the “physical presence” the Sixers have lacked for the last two years. 

While the Sixers are struggling — 5-5 in their last 10, 7-13 since starting 20-9, the competition is hot…

The Celtics are rounding into form —  winners of 3 straight and 7-of-their-last-10.  Yeah, the Sixers own them, but we only have one game remaining vs. Boston and it’s in Beantown.  The silver lining is that Rondo & Co’s improved play will be tested heavily over the next two weeks thanks to a brutal schedule for the C’s — vs. MIA; vs. SAS; @ CHI; @ IND; vs. PHI; @ MIA; and vs. ATL

Also, the Knicks have found their groove (again) — Ws in 3 straight and 8-2 in their last 10.  The slighlty good news here is that the NYK’s schedule is brutal down the stretch as well.  @ ATL; @ IND; @ ORL; vs. CHI; @ CHI; @ MIL; vs. MIA and vs. BOS. 

 Again, we’re not going to tell you the sky is falling on the Sixers 2011-12 season, we just wanted you to get a look at some underlying facts and let you make your own decision.

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