“You ain’t a all star.”

That was one fan’s reaction when Andre Iguodala missed two free throws as the Sixers trailed by six in the final minute of an 88- 82 loss to the drama riddled Orlando Magic, who had lost five straight coming into Saturday night’s game in South Philadelphia.

The free throws capped off a night in which Iguodala was a disaster shooting from the field.  He had only six points on 2 of 9 shooting, yet was brilliant as a facilitator as he dished out 10 assists. 

Still, it’s nights like these (where the bad outweighs the good) that encapsulates the everlasting frustration that many in Philadunkia nation feel towards Iguodala.  Last night that eight years of frustration was further fueled by Dre’s criticism of those very same fans in Sports Illustrated this week. 

But, on Saturday night, Dre had plenty of help from his friends in the starting lineup in riling up the anger of the Philly faithful.


The Sixers starting five was woeful as they shot a combined 13 of 44 from the field.  That’s disgusting.  Yet, this time, as Coach Collins can attest, it wasn’t because of lack offensive efficiency. `

“We just couldn’t make a shot,”  Collins said.  “It wasn’t like we weren’t having open shots.”

Indeed, the Sixers had many open shots.  It just didn’t matter.  Spencer Hawes couldn’t get an open jumper to go in.  At times Evan Turner, who already seems like he’s on Collins’ dog house, was out of control.  The same can be said for Jrue Holiday, as he shot 2 for 9. 

After his performance, one must wonder, ‘Could Turner once again be headed back to the bench?’  Based on Saturday’s performance, Collins seems locked and loaded and ready to pull the trigger on the “You’re riding the pine.” gun.

“I’m gonna give that starting unit one more time, and if we start like that again we gotta make a change,'” said Collins.

That starting unit allowed the Magic to open the game with 12-2 run. 

They clawed back in  the game with the help of Jodie Meeks.  Capt. Streaky had 16 points on the night and made it even more tantalizing to recast him as a starter in Turner’s stead.

“The minute we put Jodie out there… Thad (Young)… we got some movement and stuff, all of a sudden the game changed immediately,”  said Collins.

Though, Meeks had some help as the Sixers were very unselfish with ball.  Meeks often had great looks from great passes, especially from Iguodala.  

In all, the Sixers made had 23 assists on 31 made field goals.  If only, the starting unit could have shot better, the assist category would have been off the charts.

It was a Meeks three-ball that gave the Sixers a 38-28 lead in the 2nd quarter.

In the 3rd quarter , the Sixers’ shot selection was horrendous and the Magic took advantage of it.  Glen “Big Baby” Davis started to have his way down low and ended the game with 23 points, leading all scorers. 

In the 4th, Thaddeus Young kept the Sixers afloat. He had a series of possession in which he converted a 3 point play, took a fast break for a jam, and knocked down a huge jumper as the Sixers were trailing, to keep them within striking distance. 

Elton Brand would give them the lead with his normally spot on jumper to make the score 73-72.

The Magic would take over from there.  It was J.J. Redick – yes, seriously – who would score 9 points in a 2 minute span to help pull the Magic away.

Oh, by the way, the Magic have someone named Dwight Howard.  Howard helped close the deal for the Magic.  The strange though, was that he did it with free throws.  Howard was 12 for 18 from the line and made some hug free throws down the stretch to seal the deal. 

Howard had 20 points and 22 big rebounds.

Meanwhile, for the Sixers lone all-star, his late game free throws only brought a chorus of boos. 

The Sixers have some serious work to now, as they head to Boston trailing the Celtics by 2 games in the Atlantic Division standings. 

Do the fans still believe?

The following words from exiting fans might leave a clue.

“Let’s Go Phillies!”


For your enjoyment a video recap as well…



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