sixers04-15ii2As the Sixers and the Celtics took the floor for the opening tip last night, we were discussing how the Celtics would lineup with KG and Ray Allen both back in Boston. As the players  readied for the tip last night a discussion broke out amongst the Philadunkia staff that even though the Boston was missing two All-Star starters last night, that the C’s still had a better first-five then the 76ers put out on the floor. Upon further examination, it unfortunately seems to be a true statement which is pretty depressing.


So you understand how we came to our conclusions, you should know that we graded the match ups on current skill levels, stats and play ONLY, not on long range potential or how a player is developing or “ifs”. Basically the question was, “Who would you rather have in your lineup right now?” Here’s a look at our answers.




F :        Andre Iguodala            vs.        Paul Pierce

F :        Thaddeus Young          vs.        Leon Powe

C :        Samuel Dalembert       vs.        Kendrick Perkins

SG :     Willie Green                 vs.        Tony Allen,

PG :     Andre Miller                 vs.        Rajon Rondo               



Philadunkia Picks:


F :        Pierce

F :        Young

C :        Perkins

SG :     Allen

PG :     DRAW (But leaning towards Rondo)



The Sixers only won a single match up outright and that was Young over Powe. You also could have switched the forward match ups (Iggy vs. Powe & Young vs. Pierce) and the Sixers still would have won only the match up with Powe.


The biggest debate came in Rondo vs. Miller in the PG category and with no answer in sight even at the end of last night’s game, we decided on a draw. Both are very good point guards, arguably both are in the Top 10 in the League. But they’re also very different point men, so who you feel is a better floor general really depends on the style of ball you choose to play.


That being said, if you put us in a “gun to your head” situation, we’re taking Rondo. He’s quicker, more tenacious on the defensive end, less prone to turnovers and shoots better from the field.   


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