iggytwit-copyIIThe newest generation of basketball players is in and to go along with their blogs and twitter feeds is now UStream. UStream is a site just like Skype that is used for video chats, but it is becoming hotter by the day among young NBA players. Kevin Durant, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard, Jason Thompson, Stephon Marbury, J.R. Smith, and Eddy Curry have all been users of the site as well as two very familiar faces to Philadunkia nation: Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams. I caught up with Andre Iguodala and Lou on their UStream broadcasts a couple nights ago. It was pretty entertaining and they were able to answer most of their fans questions as well as mine that were fed through the chat section of the video stream.

As I opened up Iguodala’s stream he indicated that he was in Chicago visiting his cousins and he was about to start a game of Tiger Woods golf on PS3 with his cousin Chucky. I felt the need to ask Andre if he plays golf other than in video games, Iguodala responded, “yea I play from time to time but not on a regular basis”.

As the broadcast continued, I found myself thinking just how strange these broadcasts are. I’m basically in a chat-room watching a few guys hanging out and playing video games while 70 people pump questions through a chat feed fighting for a response from Andre Iguodala. The golf question was luckily answered on my first post, yet I found out as the broadcast went on that you have to keep pasting your questions over and over again in order for the athletes to give you a response and especially if they are concentrating on a video game at the same time.

So here are a few tidbits of information that Andre was able to give me about various topics:

Iguodala’s favorite game winner:  His “tre piece” as he calls it he hit last season against the Lakers to win at the buzzer. The thing he likes about the game winner was that apparently Tony Dileo wanted to go for a two. I guess in order to be called clutch you have to show you can hit the big shots at some point.

Kobe or Lebron:  Iguodala’s feels like Kobe is the best player right now, but by the time Lebron retires he will be one of the top 5 players of all-time.

Iguodala’s favorite dunk:  The one he did on Yao Ming last season.

The deal with Iguodala’s arm sleeve:  The arm sleeve is just part of his style. I personally think the arm sleeve is a nice touch to a players outfit. I guess that may be because I grew up watching Iverson wear the sleeve as part of his attire for so long.

Igoudala’s newest purchase:  A $200 watch with fake diamond studs in it but in Iguodala’s words, “nobody would know the difference”.

Messiest guy in the locker room:  After a long analysis he came to the conclusion that everyone on the team was pretty clean although he wasn’t too sure about Marreese Speights.

Funniest guy in the locker room:  Iguodala believes that Lou is probably the funniest guy besides himself of course. He pointed out that Lou has his moments but will not constantly make you laugh. He also said that Sammy D is just funny to listen to since he can’t speak English too well.

Coolest guy in the NBA:  Surprisingly Iguodala thinks Ron Artest. To me Ron Artest is crazy, but maybe crazy is the new cool? It doesn’t make sense to me. The guys broken TV cameras, started brawls, created rap albums, gone to practice in a bath robe, been arrested for domestic abuse, had his dog seized for mistreatment, given his number out to the public, and been traded to his third team in a little over two years. Iguodala if you want to know my opinion, “that ain’t cool”.

So Iguodala gave a good amount of information about himself in the time I was able to watch his broadcast and he had his grand finale to end it. One of the chatters for the broadcast asked Iguodala if he could prank a teammate. He decided to try his luck on Lou Williams not knowing that Lou had a UStream of his own up at the time that was full of snitches. So the basis of the prank was that Iguodala just got word from Ed Stefanski that he got traded to Utah for Andre Kirilenko, than Kirilenko got shipped to Phoenix for Jason Richardson, who got shipped to Philadelphia in a three-team deal. Sounds believable enough but like I mentioned earlier somebody in the chat snitched before Iguodala could try his luck pranking the newest starting point guard.

Since Lou didn’t work, Iguodala with help from fans decided that his mom was the next best suitor for the prank. He called up his mom Linda Shankin who was about to tuck herself into bed when Iguodala comes out and says, “I’m packing my bag’s for Utah, I just got word that I was traded.” He went over the details, but his mom needed some extra convincing that the story was indeed true. So Iguodala claims that he told his brother Frank the details of the trade and will put him on three-way so she can hear it from him. Little did Linda know that Iguodala put her on hold to tell Frank the news, and when the three-way call was set up Iguodala pulled an Ashton Kutcher and got his mom good. Frank of course took credit for his good acting, but overall it was a solid performance by Iguodala. It’s that type of team work that I want to see next season out of the Sixers.

LOU_WILL_TWITTERIIWhen I caught word of Lou’s UStream, I thought why not? I turned it on to see Lou sitting in front of his computer and putting on a new pair of sunglasses that he got for free. My first thought when Lou put them on was, “is that Kareem Rush behind those”? Sadly my search on Google couldn’t bring up any images of Kareem Rush in sunglasses, but if you look at this picture: Lou compared to this picture: Kareemand than imagine them both with sunglasses on I guarantee you there’s a good resemblance. In any case Lou seemed to like one viewer’s opinion who said he looked like Hancock, but in reality Lou and his 6’2” 175 pound frame has a lot of work to get to Will Smiths 6’2” 220 pound frame. Lou you better start hitting the gym.

The information I could really gather from the rest of the broadcast were limited, but I was able to find out a few important things from the man. Apparently Lou has been working out with Jameer Nelson a lot lately to prepare for his new role as the starting point guard for the Sixers. He has been working out with Jameer at both the PCOM Center off of City Line Avenue and Haverford College where Jameer is hosting several Magic players this week such as Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis, and Dwight Howard. He also noted that current Sixer Jason Smith and local product and current Rockets point guard Kyle Lowry took part in the practices as well.

For all of the fans of Philadunkia nation, also note that Lou is all about calling you on his broadcast to talk if you simply just type your phone number into the chat. He called several people during the time I watched the feed and even suggested to one local New Jersey resident to “stay out of Camden if you want to make it to Christmas this year”. Is it just me or do the Sixers have a lot of love for Christmas? They came out with a videolast Christmas to wish fans a happy holidays and they have Temple University’s Dionte Christmas on the summer league roster who might take one of the team’s final roster spots. In any case, if you catch Lou’s next UStream, maybe he’ll give you a call.

The only other thing I found interesting during the broadcast was when Lou said that he buys all his cars from a dealership in Cleveland, Ohio which is the same place that Lebron James gets his cars. I didn’t catch a name of the place, but apparently it is a popular spot for NBA players to pick up a new ride.  I know that currently West Coast Customs (Cali.), Dreamworks Motors (NC) and No Limit (Baltimore, MD) are said to be tops in the business, but apparently there’s some new competition in the custom car accessory world.

With the click of a mouse Lou ended his broadcast and both Iguodala and Lou were finished for the night. It was an interesting experience to say the least, but was a sorry way to feed someone’s ego. Just when I thought that celebrities and athletes got enough attention, the Internet gave us twitter and UStream and it is only a matter of time before something else comes along. For the new generation of NBA players however, don’t look at these trends dying anytime soon.

In my opinion they will only get stronger.

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