It’s been a while since we have heard anything out of former 76ers big man Matt Geiger.

As we all know, Geiger stole a ton of cash from the 76ers and built a 28,000 square foot pad down in Florida.  After his “retirement” from the NBA, he raised some buffalo and cattle on his propertry and dabbled in the real estate speculation.

We can only assume that things in the herding and real estate business did not go so well for Geiger because back in 2007, MattyG had to put his dream home up for sale.  The price — $20 million.  Four years later, the palace finally sold at the deeply discounted price of $8 million.  Then #52 kind of fell of the grid.

Well, last night Geiger surfaced at the Tampa Bay Rays game and as usual, he embarrassed himself.

Video after the jump

Matt Geiger messed up again last night.  Well done sir…



Of course Geiger had an explanation for his actions.  He told channel 10 in St. Petersburg, FL “I thought I was 5 or 10 feet in, easily.  I couldn’t judge it, but I thought I was that far… Then getting a bead on the ball, I totally lost track of where I was… When I put my hands out to get it, all of a sudden Carlos hands were in my chest… The ball hit me in the wrists… My hands hit his glove… Then I realized what happened, and I felt terrible… He could have made that play.”

You can catch the video of that interview here.

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