As a basketball fan, and a human being who likes to see decent, hardworking, people succeed, I’m crestfallen by the Derrick Rose injury. The NBA Playoffs is, to a unique extent, a space where the very best in the world compete. And to see that competition reduced is a loss.

In the interest of honesty though, I should also acknowledge this: I’m a Sixers fan. And the fact that this injury significantly improves my team’s odds of continuing to play on in this tournament is a silver lining I can’t help but see and feel.

So, ambivalence deep set, I turned to the Internet to help clarify my feelings on the biggest playoff injury of my lifetime.

  •’s 5-on-5 crew sorts through the carnage and gives us a sense of how the injury changes the NBA title picture. Surprisingly, or maybe not so much, none of the quintet seems to think the landscape’s been profoundly altered. “Cold as it sounds,” wrote Marc Stein in a representative line, “Chicago’s misfortune doesn’t change my thinking much. I had already downgraded the Bulls’ odds of winning it all.”
  • Over at Truehoop proper, Nick Flynt takes twitter’s temperature at the moment of the injury. The mood was, as you’d expect, dour.
  • Also from the World Wide Leader, we get a classic The Bulls Are Done…Or Are They? story pairing with pieces from Bradford Doolittle, who says stick a fork in them, and the ESPN Stats and Info folks, who say they still have a chance…for now. The Bulls went 18-9 without their MVP this season, but were 32-7 when he suited up. They score less often, and efficiently, without Rose.
  • Over at the Point Forward, the inimitable Zach Lowe broods on the Rose injury and issues this verdict: “This is still a very, very good team, if a dispirited one, and Chicago could well be playing in the Eastern Conference finals a month or so from now.” He does go on to admit that Miami’s path to the playoffs became a lot easier.
  • Via Deadspin, Adam Schefter, NFL reporter, breaks the bad news about Rose.
  • The tireless fellas at Liberty Ballers evaluate the Sixers chances in wake of the death of Rose’s left knee. They’ve concluded, uncontroversially, that their chances have improved.
  • At the Inquirer’s Inside the Sixers blog, they deem that the window for the Sixers has opened a touch wider.

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