thadyogaJameer Nelson and a number of other Orlando Magic players — including Vince, Rashard & JJ Redick — were in Philly this week for their annual “summer bonding camp” which is hosted by Nelson who as we all know is a Chester native. Some of the Sixers have been taking part in the conditioning workouts over at Summit Sports Training in Bryn Mawr with Nelson and his Orlando teammates. At left is a picture of Thaddeus Young gettin’ his yoga on with Nelson and the O-town crew.

In addition to the conditioning workouts this week, Louis Williams, Jason Smith and Thad have been teaming up with a host of other area NBA ballers (Hakim Warrick and Kyle Lowery to name two) and scrimmaging daily over at Haverford College vs. the Magic players in town for Nelson’s week long event. Another pic after the jump. 


The Sixers Dancers are in china and you can follow the lovely ladies on their trip via their Twitter account

Louis Williams hosted several UStreams this week

Iggy posted this Twitpic of forward Bobby Simmons and his new shoes

Royal Ivey is home in his neighborhood of Hollis, Queens (NY) to host his basketball clinic

thadathaverfordAt left is a pciture of Thad (all black practice uni & hands on hips) running with the Magic at Haverford College

Dime magazine asks “Who’s better Andre Iguodala or Rudy Gay?”  We disagree with their decision but they do bring up some interesting points. lists the fastest players in the NBA and Louis Williams garnered honorable mention honors. presents 25 things they miss in basketball. On the list is D. J’s ABA afro!

On the Iverson employment watch…Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports says that AI is fading from relevance and sums up his employment problems nicely when he writes, “If your team’s a contender, Iverson proved with the Pistons that he wants no part of fitting into a system. If you’re a bad team trying to develop young players, he’ll stunt growth.”Also not helping A.I.’s job search is the fact that Larry Brown says there are “major” obstacles to the Bobcats signing “The Answer”. Let’s hope for Allen’s sake that Larry’s quotes are  just a smoke screen.

Sean Deveney of lists 5 players who are ready for a breakout year. On the list is former Sixer John Salmons

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