Obviously the 76ers have a huge, must win game (literally) tonight and we’ll have plenty to say on that later today.  But for now, we just wanted to lighten the mood a little with this post.

As you may or may not know, sneaker companies frequently hit their NBA endorsers with special edition sneakers for the post season.  A number of the 76ers have been rockin’ new shoes during the playoffs and so far we like what we have seen.  With a little help from our friends at Li-Ning, we’re going to take a look at the kicks Evan Turner (11 & 8.6 a night in this series) has been wearing vs. the hated Boston Celtics. 

After the jump, a sneak peak at the shoes Turner will be wearing tonight in what hopefully will be a big 76ers W ….

For home games, Turner has two options (pictured below) — a solid blue version as well as a solid white model.  Against Boston he’s he’s been wearing the solid white colorway with the blue trim.

The black model below is the shoe is has been wearing for away games.  Hopefully he’ll get to rock them at least one more time this post season — in Boston for Game 7.

Evan was heavily involved in the design process and here are some quotes from him about his shoe and had this to say about the Li-Ning kicks, “Here’s what it means to wear a product not everyone else is wearing; you’re different.  You didn’t follow the trend.  You bring something different to the game and to the world.

Tuner continued, “I’m a refined guy in personality and fashion, and this shoe is clean.  It’s got the suede and patent leather and the higher cut while everyone right now is going for a low cut.  It’s a classy shoe.”

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