I know in the entertainment world the saying is, “Always leave them wanting more.”  Based on the number of sequels and then prequels that get pumped out of Hollywood, it seems that line of thinking is highly successful for the television and movie business.

However, I have to say that mantra does not work well for NBA franchises and their dedicated fans.   

To say that I was disappointed in the 76ers Game 7 loss to the Boston Celtics is an understatement.  To be honest, I was downright pissed off.  I threw things and yelled at the dog for no reason.  It’s been a long time since I was that angry over the Sixers (Which I guess is a good thing — but that’s a different post for another day.).  I was not ready for the Sixers season to end.  I wanted more!!

I thought my disappointment would subside over the long weekend, but it didn’t.  Now I know the 7-6 had a very interesting and all together solid season in 2011-12 and that many of you will say that I should be happy that pro basketball is relevant again in the City of Brotherly Love.  I hear you.  Still, three days after Phialdunkia’s home team was eliminated in an ‘win or make tee times’ Game 7, I am left wanting more.    

Of course watching the old, injured and not that good Boston Celtics get destroyed by the Miami Heat last night did not help my yearning for more 76ers basketball.  However, even before I viewed that Miami win I was going to write this post. 

I am left wanting more Sixers basketball because I believe the Sixers should still be playing in the 2012 post season.  I honestly think they should have beaten the heavily favored Celtics and when I review the latest playoff series vs. our hated rivals from Boston, I am further convinced they had numerous opportunities to do so.

Game 1:  Arguably the most frustrating loss by the 7-6 in this series as Collins & Co. had an opportunity to steal the first game of the series and deliver a huge blow to the C’s.  Leading by 8 points with a little over nine minutes remaining in the contest, the Sixers gaeve up a 20-5 run to close out the game and suffered a 92-91 loss.  But the killer in this loss was really that if the Sixers could have gotten better production out of either Holiday (3-12 on FGAs), Thad (1-4 on FGAs / 3-6 on FTAs) or Louis (4-11 on FGAs / 1-4 on 3PAs), they could have won Game 1 despite the C’s big 4th quarter run.

Game 5:  Here at Philadunkia going forward we will simply refer to this one as the “Brandon Bass Game”.  The Celtics forward had 18 points in the 3rd quarter to key another Boston second-half comeback that produced a 101-85 win for the Celtics.  But the Sixers were their own worst enemy in this one.  They committed 5 tunrovers in 6 possessions in that 3rd quarter which led to a 10-0 Boston run that gave them the lead in this one.  Their shooting also left a lot to be desired.  LW’s 2-9 night, ET’s 5-13 shooting and Dre’s disappearing act (3-10 on FGAs / 1-4 FTAs) did not help stave off the C’s comeback.  Also of note was that Lavoy was 6-6 in this game but only received 18 minutes of run in the game.  Some more burn for Lavoy could have benefited the Sixers.  A few less turnovers and some more buckets during Boston’s comeback in the 3rd Q could have meant a different result in this one.

Game 7:  Yes, we all know Rondo had a ridiculous 4th quarter that led Boston to victory and a 4-3 series win and for that we tip our cap to Boston’s #8.  However, even before Rondo took over in this one, the Sixers gift wrapped Game 7 for Boston.  Eight first half turnovers (15 total).  Scoring only 13 points in the 2nd quarter.  Limited minutes (16+) for KG killer and red-hot shooting Lavoy Allen.  Missed FT’s (14-20).  A very off night by Holiday (5-17 on FGAs).  Little production from “The Night Shift”.  Outside of Brand and Iguodala not much else went right for the 7-6 and they still only lost by 10.  Unreal.


Many of you will say I am whining.  The haters out there will say the 76ers simply weren’t good enough to beat Boston.  But if you have watched this team all year (as I did) you know the Sixers were good enough to beat Boston — especially the banged up version we saw in this series — so I can’t help but look at the above items and this series in general and be angry that the Sixers are not playing in the Eastern Conference Finals. 

In short, I am left wanting more.

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