Posted by: Jerry Scherwin
05/31/12 1:51 pm EST

Yesterday in Part I of this post I looked at just how bad the the 76ers shooting woes were in 2011-12 (regular & post season).  Today I am going to look at a few solutions for the 7-6’s inability to put the ball in the basket.

For starters, the Sixers as a franchise need to decide who they are and what style of basketball they are going to play from this year forward.  As of right now they are comprised of athletic guards and slow big men.  Because of the two front court starter’s inability to move, well, gracefully, Philly has to slow down the offense to get them involved; often using Spencer Hawes in a side pick-and-roll to get him open for an open 15-foot jump shot (his only bread and butter).  When Hawes and Elton Brand are off the court, the team seems to be geared toward a faster paced type of game; suiting for an athletic and youthful lineup but difficult to maintain and continue running if you sub in one of the slower/older big men.

Which one suits the Sixers better?  That’s what this franchise needs to decide and stick by it. 

If management sees Brand and Hawes (both of which have been cut, traded, unsigned, or amnestied in a million hypothetical ways already just by me) in the team’s future plans, the Sixers need to add and build accordingly.  That means switching the offense to a pure inside-outside attack and bringing in players that fit that offensive scheme. 

If not, Collins might have to loosen the grip a little bit on his young guns when the ball is in their hands and let them roam freely.

Personally, I would like to see the offense work directly through Jrue Holiday more.  I think the most beneficial thing the team could do at this point, would be to commit early to using more high pick-and-rolls with Jrue and either Dre, Turner or Thad; which will directly open up the rest of the court later in the game. 

I am a big believer in letting your point guard make the offensive decisions; to me, that’s what he’s supposed to do.

With Jrue, you have a point guard capable of passing, scoring and beating the double team consistently.  He has shown impeccable decision making skills and can easily run a read and react offense; think Oregon Ducks if you will.  With his natural ability to get to the rim and finish, committing to this style of game early will open up the inside out options later for his teammates. 

Consider this: Jrue begins the possession at the top of the key. He receives a ball screen from Evan Turner / Thad Young, who eventually slip then cut.  Jrue, reading the defensive pressure either takes off to the rim, hits the open screener cutting to the rack after the switching defender tries to stop the ball, or kicks out to Meeks / Dre who can each judge and react with the flow of the offense from there.  Add in a future, undisclosed but hopefully forthcoming “knock down” shooter and a physical offensive post player and you have yourself an offensive set with multiple scoring options.

Speaking of a hopeful, forthcoming “knock down” shooter, it must be Josh Harris and company’s prime goal to add that player this offseason.  When you enter an arena and have shooters that are threats to score whether they are sitting on the bench or running the floor, the offensive spacing and opportunities become larger.  The Sixers don’t have that guy as of today (the stats, as already discussed are indicative of that) and if they want to challenge the Eastern Conference contenders for years to come, they need to find that guy; be it by trade, free agency, or draft. 

Just look at the Bulls as prime examples of the necessity of a pure shooter that needs to be accounted for at all times (Keith Bogans/Rip Hamilton/Kyle Korver during the playoffs weren’t it).

It can’t be denied what the likes of Ray Allen, Rudy Gay, Kevin Durant, Tony Parker, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Eric Gordon and others bring to the table on the offensive side of the ball.  These guys knock down jumpers in big time moments.  They are known for their abilities to hit shot after impossible shot. On the white board before every game they always have a “Stick Like Glue”, “Don’t let him touch the ball”, “Don’t let him get hot”, “Stay on his hip all game” label next to their name. They open up the floor for their teammates to “do what they do”. They are good for a plethora of wins by themselves. The Sixers don’t have that guy.

The Sixers need that guy.

Let’s play a quick game. Ask this question to any person knowledgeable of the 76ers current roster and offensive identity and see what they say: “There are five seconds left in the game, the Sixers, who are on the road, are down by two points.  Who do you have take the last shot for the win?”

I guarantee you will get three or four different answers or three or four different scenarios as to what would be best for the team. 

That’s a problem my friends!  Do you think anyone in Los Angeles (both for the Clippers and Lakers) has anyone but Kobe and CP3 in mind?

If the Celtics showed the Sixers one thing in Game 7, it was that they had guys that can hit an open shot and Philadelphia didn’t.  They showed that they had guys that can hit difficult shots in difficult moments.  They showed that they had guys that were capable of stepping up and saying, “you know what, I’ll take over from here”. They showed that the Sixers don’t have a go to guy.  They showed that defense, in this case, isn’t enough.  They showed that them that they just aren’t ready to go to the dance quite yet.  They showed them that until they land a few more offensive weapons (mainly a leading scorer that doesn’t come off the bench), they are going to continuously be denied of what they truly want: that final dance with the girl everyone wants to be with in the end.

That one girl, of course, being named Larry O’Brien.


24 Responses to “WANTED: A SHOOTER (PART II)”

  1. ken
    31. May 2012 at 18:42

    i have 2 scenarios and would like either one if they happened and believe both are definitely doable. first one is amnesty brand,trade turner/holiday for eric gordon, trade iguodala for gay, and sign humphries. the other one is amnesty brand, trade williams/holiday for eric gordon, trade iguodala for al jefferson, and sign humphries. number one gives us 2 20+ scoring options at sg and sf and a rebounding pf and all thats left is to get a center from the draft like a fab melo. number 2 gives us 2 20+ scoring options at sg and c and a rebounding pf and all thats left is to get a pg in the draft if you want turner at the sf or a sf if you want turner at the pg. respond back with any opinions you have about my thoughts.

  2. matt.G
    31. May 2012 at 20:47

    My scenario is trade thad young, nik vucevic for Paul millsap. Let brand excercise his early termination option and sign him for 2 years on.the midlevel contract . Keep iggy ! && draft terrence Jones to replace thad young resign Lou will . Let spence walk if he’s asking for too much if not resign him to a reasonable contract and try to sign dalembert!!
    We’d be pretty deep in the front court ..


    Bench. Lou will, elton brand, jodie meeks, terrence Jones lavoy Allen

  3. hunter
    31. May 2012 at 20:48

    ken: the good news is that the sixers dont need to trade turner or holiday for eric gordon. they just need to outbid the hornets and other suitorsa because he is an rfa. i agree signing him is their best possible option. the money gained amnestying brand would open up this option easily. i would prefer trying to get andrew bynum for iguodala (and probably another player…vuc?). then at pf they could sign humphries or get a player like henson in the draft. they could easily rotate around thad, humphries, allen, etc at pf. so the starting lineup would be bynum, thad/humphries, turner, holiday, and gordon. i would love their chances if this could happen

  4. matt.G
    31. May 2012 at 20:49

    Then we work on getting a shooter

  5. way off ken
    31. May 2012 at 21:18

    ken, you are way off with tour trade scenerios. Memphis would never trade gay for iggy, and it’s tough to see turner or holiday being traded for gorden, a proven scorer with a lot of potential compared to two players who’s potential is still untapped.

  6. George
    31. May 2012 at 22:35

    I like trading for Jefferson, but I wouldn’t take Gordon… too injury prone. I don’t understand amnestying brand…. When did an expiring 18 million contract become a detriment? If someone was to be amnestied, why wouldn’t you go for a contract that would hinder you? We waited all this time with elton, and I actually liked him a lot, just to trip at the finish line? I am all for humphries too, but could he take the crowd? The only prayer have is that management stays as far as possible from amare stoudamire. I hope we can land a center/forward or 2 before a knockdown shooter personally

  7. George
    31. May 2012 at 22:46

    For forwards, going by what I saw as available free agents…ersan Ilyasova from the bucks, Jason Thompson from the kings, jj hickson, Ivan Johnson. Just thoughts on players that wouldn’t break the bank. But I say we bring back Sam young and lavoy allen definately. If we finally trade iggy ( personally hope we don’t ) then Thad goes to the 3 and Sam backs him up. Daniel orton from the magic or robin lopez from the suns are what centers I would pick, but if not then a shot blocker like thabeet or Camby or even Greg oden has my vote.

  8. George
    31. May 2012 at 22:53

    Last thought, what about trying to get bargiani (seriously sorry on that spelling attempt ). A 4 that spreads the floor and would draw a big man from the paint to allow our slashers to do what they do. Thinking out loud, I love reading the columns here and see the mindset of getting a shooter, just love the Evan/Jrue and either Thad or Iggy combo at the 1 2 and 3

  9. Philadunkia
    1. June 2012 at 10:10

    Like one of you said, to amnesty Brand at this point wouldn’t be the most logical move. He is an expiring contract which is one of the most integral and intriguing pieces for any NBA franchise needing and willing to make a deal. Brand is probably the Sixers best piece at this point, so using their amnesty clause would be somewhat idiotic. Sure he’s owed a lot of money, but that is a lot of money that will soon be coming off the books. Brand was surprisingly healthy this year and put up good numbers for the Sixers, so paying his salary up until the trade deadline wouldn’t be that bad. If they can’t move the PF, they honestly need his veteran machismo anyway; which he is the only source of on the young Sixers team.

    I don’t want to completely dive into what moves I think the Sixers could make because I will be doing a weekly post with trade ideas and such starting here in the coming weeks. What I will say in regards to some of the ideas above, as much as I would love it to happen, getting Andrew Bynum will not happen; especially with Dwight Howard STILL on the open market. The idea of trading ET or Jrue or both for E-Gorgon doesn’t make any sense either when you can sign him this summer with a good chunk of change. Even if they Sixers amnestied Brand and threw money at Gordon, that offer sheet would more than likely be matched by the Hornets who can ill afford to lose him at this point, considering they will be pairing him up with one of the best young athletes in Anthony Davis and a brand new owner needing anything possible to get NOL minds off of BountyGate.

    With that said, I’m all about Kris Kardash, er, Humphries and I think it would be a huge sign for the Sixers; immediately improving their rebounding and inside defense. Also, his ability to knock down a jumper off a pick-and-roll makes him even more attractive (48.1 FG%).

    Oh and Rudy Gay… that ain’t happenin.

    Thank you all for reading and keep the comments coming!

    — Jerry

  10. Sloetry
    1. June 2012 at 10:54

    What’s your take on Thad’s contract after his less than impressive post season. Is he now valued too high if we wanted to trade him (not that I think we should)?

    Critical the Sixers don’t resign Hawes at an overprice. Lavoy is the future centre/PF with Vuc.

    AI may be over priced and certainly some teams would love him…. we have to accept the gaping hole on D that would be left if he was traded though, but then defensive oriented players are there to be found cheaper, although they might need some time to get to his standard.

    Any takers for Pau Gasol? I’m happy to be quashed on this point, but I ask the question again, because I think he’d fit with Collins and this team. Price….too much, age… becoming an issue. But…. watch him play HIS game and not 3rd string in the Olympics and be reminded how good a player he can be. AI to the Lakers perhaps. Don’t know how the money would work out though.

    Have to keep players… ET (please get a jump shot), Holiday, Lavoy. Maybe Thad. Vuc should grow without Hawes but he’s still tradable for the right piece.

    As a team, we need players who are good decision makers. I think this is where AI and Lou fall down. Sure ET forces it sometimes, but at the moment I side with his zeal to take control when others shy away.

  11. Hank
    1. June 2012 at 12:51

    We already offered Iguodala for Gay, and they turned it down without much thought. A post on espn outlined why the deal would make sense for both sides (and I’d certainly be in favor) but the Grizz aren’t going to go for that. I would also love to get Eric Gordon, but as said above I don’t see any scenario in which New Orleans let’s him go.

    I would love to let Hawes walk and go after Humphries. Much better rebounder, and with him, Lavoy, and Vucevic (provided Collins lets him out of the dog house) we’d have three solid pick and roll/pop options that are strong rebounders.

    I really hope we don’t go after Gasol. Seems like a short term panic move to me to make a young team better now (though not good enough to win the ship) but sacrificing the growth of our young bigs.

    I think we should try to move up in the draft and snag Terrence Ross. A bit frail, but he could be an absolute stud, and he’s got a great jump shot. Not sure what it would take to go from 15 to ~10-12, though. Thoughts?

  12. Salis
    1. June 2012 at 16:18

    Iggy gotta go ,Lou gotta go and Thad gotta go….Iggy cant shoot nothing but a wideopen 3 but he’s a great defender… Lou takes dumb shots because he has the “green light” cant defend and thad cant dribble cant shoot and is too small to play the 4 we’ve seen him get exposed to years straight in the playoffs by heat,bulls,andceltics….Rebuild for next year see what ET nd Jrue can do as the main handlers then next summer sign the free agents and make a run….

  13. Jake
    1. June 2012 at 17:32

    The lakers are looking to get rid of bynum or gasol and i say we take that for iggy (leaning towards bynum more)

  14. hank
    1. June 2012 at 21:10

    Yea, ill take bynum for iguodala. Maybe we can add Lavoy so they’ll throw in kobe as well?

  15. Steve
    1. June 2012 at 23:52

    You just mentioned Rudy Gay and Eric Gordon in the same sentence as CP3, Kobe, KG and Ray Allen. Thought that needed to be pointed out. Secondly, Jrue Holiday is neither a good passer or good finisher. He has below avg ast% for a pg and FTA per 48. Also, Jrue is almost never double teamed. The sixers need to cut Evan turner, he is a DLeague player by every metric. Keep Elton Brand and go after free agents in the 2013 offseason. Thaddeus needs to be traded for someone like Josh Smith. The 15th pick this years needs to be the best player available. Rudy Gay for Iggy makes 0 sense. Iggy has a higher Ts% on a worse offensive team, a better Ast%, similar rebounding stats and he is a supremely better defender. Also Rudy gay has a terrible contract. If he was getting paid the same as Thaddeus young then it makes sense for the sixers to consider. Eric Gordon isn’t getting traded to us because he is a free agent. Gasoline or Bynum isn’t getting traded to us. Humphries has value when he is placed next to a shot blocking, good defensive center. H’d be a waste until he could be matched with someone like that. Trading Al Jefferson for Iggy doesn’t work. Jefferson isn’t a good defender and is expiring. Iggy is super valuable on offense and defense. If we has a scorer on offense people would recognize Iggy’s value.

  16. Steve
    2. June 2012 at 01:17

    Here is what the sixers off season gameplan should be in a perfect world. Doug Collins retires and we hire SVG. Iggy (2yrs-31mil), Jrue (1yr-2.7mil then RFA), ET (2yr-12mil, 1yr GTD),the 15th pick in this years draft and 2013-2014 1st rd pick (top 3 protected) which becomes unprotected in 2014-2015 are traded for Derrick Rose (5yr-90mil) and Ronnie Brewer (1yr-4.3mil). Thaddeus Young (4yr-36mil) and Ronnie Brewer (1yr-4.3mil) are then traded for Josh Smith (1yr-13.2mil). The Sixers have Rose, Smith, Brand and Vucivec on the roster. They take up nearly 49mil in cap space. Fill the roster with 1 years deals and play out the season. The sixers will have one of the worst teams in basketball. Going into the 2013-2014 offseason the sixers will have Derrick Rose one year from ACL surgery and would be 24 months removed from injury if the sixers make the playoffs his 1st season back. Vucevic, a 23 year old 6’10 average who was average by advanced stats as a rookie and will likely ply 30 minutes a game his 2nd year. They will also most likely have a 25% shot at the number one pick in the 2013-2014 nba draft. Our 2013-2014 Sixers could be Derrick Rose, Nikola Vucevic and the 2013 #1 pick. Rose and Vucevic will take up 18.5 mil in cap space. We should have about 38mil+million in cap space as well as the mid level and bi annual exceptions to use and still be able to sign our 1st rd pick. The list of top free agents that offseason will be: Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Andrew Bymum, Josh Smith, Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, David West, Samuel Dalembert, Tony Allen and Kevin Martin. We could go from worst team in the league next year to NBA Champs the year after.

  17. joe blanchard
    2. June 2012 at 11:43

    I would like to see the Sixers come out right now, and say we are going after Dwight Howard, and no matter what it takes, we will get him..That will open up a lot of things..get rid of Mr. Softee, spencer hawes. I do believe that Iggy did step up during the playoffs and Jrue also stepped up and hit big shots..I think everything else is in place. Lavoy Allen now at power forward.So what about a starting lineup of …Superman,Iggy,Lavoy,ET, and Jrue..there may not be a better lineup in the league. Lets foreget everything else and go after Dwight…

  18. Steve
    2. June 2012 at 15:19

    Here is a good Iggy and Thaddeus trade. Iggy (2yr/30mil) and Thaddeus Young (4yr-35mil), cap number of 22.75mil 2012-2013 and the 15th pick in this years draft Cleveland: Luke Walton (1yr-6mil), Dan Gibson (1yr-4.7mil), Omri Casspi (1yr-2.3mil), the #4 pick in this years draft and Cleveland’s 2013 1st rd pick Thoughts? Please give explanation on thoughts. For example, Clevland gets a starting 3 in Iggy. Thaddeus can play the 3 when Iggy is on the bench and the 4 with Anderson varajeo or Tristan Thompson at the 5. Cleveland has Kyrie Irving, Thaddeus, Iggy, Varajeo, Tristan Thompson, the 15th pick in this years draft and 20 million in cap space. Philly gets the #4 pick this year, a high lottery pick in 2013 by virtue of being terrible and Cleveland’s pick in 2013. Going into 2013-2014 offseason the sixers only have money locked in The #4 pick this year, Vucevic and whoever they draft with their 2 picks in the 2013 draft.

  19. George
    2. June 2012 at 20:52

    I want to keep this young talent. Why do we always go after the name? Thad HAS developed, so have some of the young guys. I would LOVE josh smith, but let some young talent develop. Seriously has that worked for NY? If we have to lose pieces I understand, but no reason to scrap years of good drafts

  20. ken
    3. June 2012 at 03:21

    i know my trade ideas werent very thought out i was just in the moment thinking and decided to try them out i promise ill come back once the seasons over and all of the possible players are out there for the pickin with better trade ideas lol i completely understand why ppl wouldnt want to amnesty brand and i agree the only reason he should be amnestied is if we are able to get a superstar from a team and if so we def should then bring him back on a much smaller contract for his veteran leadership.

  21. Steve Myers
    3. June 2012 at 11:29

    Saying the Sixers need a shooter is obvious. And the easy fix. The problem is … who can they get? The only real option available right now is Eric Gordon. Their better option would probably be to try and trade up in the draft and get Cleveland or Sacramento’s pick and get a guy like Bradley Beal or Jeremy Lamb. The more realistic option that they’ll do is give Jrue and/or Evan another year to get better at shooting and look toward the 2013 Free Agency market, where they’ll have more cap space and a better chance to address the long term future of both Jrue and Evan.

  22. KRS1
    3. June 2012 at 13:39

    we just need a solid draft i think william buford wold be a great pickup in the 2nd rd we just need to let things go smoothly and realize ET and Jayrue are our future

  23. dan
    5. June 2012 at 17:18

    well the sixers arent going to be raising any championship banners anytime soon thats for shure. simple fact we have no superstar, we have no shooters and we have no defensive presence in the paint that can rebound the ball and block shots. i have to say i liked the team more when we had andre miller at point a few years ago under cheeks we got out and ran more, but under collins he tries to slow everything down too much. getting brand 5 years ago was such a waste of money he has nothing left in the tank a liability on defense and offense at this point. i like iggy and he would be a pippen like player if we had that main guy he could play off of. i dont like jrue holiday he is a solid player but he will get taken to school by elite athletic point guards like chris paul, derrick rose and russell westbrook and the list gos on. i dont believe that jrue, evan or thad will get drastically better year by year and thats the problem. plus we cant win games in the playoffs with our leading scorer lou williams struggling. also i dont like the fact that our teams leading scorer is lou off the bench at only 14.9 ppg thats pathetic. this team has so many questions marks going forward. this team needs a shake up and a new direction we need a franchise player to start with. look at OKC’S platform for success they got rid of allen and lewis first drafted duarnt the first year with the number 2 pick, the next year got westbrook then got harden then they had there big three. and they had some losing seasons to start out but let their players grow and get better now they have one of the top teams in the league. id rather have the sixers loose big and rebuild then to have these 40 win seasons make the playoffs and get kicked out in the first or second round by top teams like miami, chicago and the improving indiana. lets hope that the new owners will mix it up, but rod thorn is just a money pit he has done nohing since he came to the team frm new jersey.

  24. Aufklarung
    21. July 2012 at 03:23

    Happy New Year Kate! The Turner/Iguodala situation is soenthimg I think most Sixers fans were questioning going into the season. We were told they could play together and it has yet to be seen if that is true. This was the issue when you drafted Turner when you already had a player at that position who was also your highest paid player (and maybe one of the many moves that has landed Ed Stefanski in another town). Cousins or Favors probably would have made more sense for this franchise, but that didn’t happen so what does the team do? Let’s hope they mesh like they showed they could do in the Miami season, but if not then you would have to think one of these pieces will be moved either at the deadline or after the season. Not jumping of the bus, but definitely frustrated that the inability to finish games is still there when it was preached that our continuity would benefit us early in the season. Hoping for a win in GSW tonight and a win in New Orleans.

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