Posted by: Jerry Scherwin
06/04/12 9:42 am EST

There are a couple of keys to making 2012-13 even better than the run our Philadelphia 76ers put on during this crazy, lockout shortened season. 

Adding a power forward who can rebound and shoot would be nice.  Signing or trading for a shot blocking center would also be great.  But right now Philadunkia is focused on one glaring need — signing a shooting guard that can accomplish a few things:

1.)    Start

2.)    Shoot the basketball

3.)    Make the shots

4.)    Play ADEQUATE defense (enough for Doug to have confidence playing him starters minutes)

5.)    BE A GAMER

Look, I understand finding a shooting guard in today’s NBA that can do all of those things is a difficult task, especially in the open market.  I understand that most guys that can do the above either get locked up before they can test the Free Agent waters or get overpaid when they do.  I know it may be difficult this off season as the Sixers are cap strapped, but the 7-6 have two options — either they can trade for one of these types of guys or they sign one this off season.  One of the two needs to happen this summer.  Today I will look at the players the Sixers can sign to fill this hole (We’ll address the PF and shot blocking center issues soon).

Before we get to the available options, lets break down where the Sixers are right now at the position.


For those of you that believe Evan Turner is a starter in this league and should get those starter minutes, I understand your thoughts.  I don’t agree with them, yet.  But I understand them.  Evan Turner COULD be 3-4 of those key things I mentioned above but right now, he hasn’t put it all together yet.  Don’t believe me? In the regular season, ET shot 22% from above the break-3, 24% from the corner-3, 42% from mid-range and only 39% in the paint.  The post season was worse with ET shooting 0% from above the break, 0% from the corner, 36% from mid-range and 29% in the paint.

I know he’s still young and extremely raw as far as NBA standards go, but to push him into the starting line-up without a significantly better/confident jump shot, he is better suited as the next Lou Williams of the Sixers future.

Speaking of Lou Williams, check these abysmal playoff numbers out (you know, just in case you think sweet sweet Lou is the answer): Williams was a killer in the playoffs, because he murdered the Sixers offensive game plan.  He shot 16%, yes 16% on 7-43 shooting from above the break 3-pointers.  He also shot 20% on 1-5 shooting from the corner-3. He completed 39% of his shots in the paint while putting up a slightly lower number in the restricted area at 38%. This may be a stretch, but I would bet LeBron could hit seven half court shots in 43 attempts.  Not the best of performances while holding the “I WANT TO GET PAID AND GET PAID NOW” stance with his upcoming option.

As for Jodie Meeks…I’ll take the high road here and just say that it’s time to move on.

So who is out there that the Sixers can attract with heaps and heaps of dollar bills? 

I’m glad you asked. 

But before we get there, it would be beneficial to know how I am going to break it down.  I will have four categories, each containing a shooting guard or two that could fit the Sixers mold and team needs: The first group consisting of guys that are “Legit Targets” for management this off season. The second group is a list of my personal hopefuls that I think can come in and make a contribution based on their strengths. The third group consists of those players that the Sixers will probably never get because of certain stipulations.  The last group is comprised of my personal “pipe dream” players that I would love to see flying around in a Sixers uni this coming year but management would likely take a pass on.

There was only one technicality for the candidates that made this post.  The player had to be an upcoming Free Agent of Restricted Free Agent so that he could be added simply by signing on with the Sixers. 

So without further ado, I give you:

Oh the Possibilities

DeShawn Stevenson (Unrestricted Free Agent)  – Lets start of slow and cheap. For some strange reason the unique mixture of his throat Abraham Lincoln tattoo, the fact that he has an actual ATM in his house, his defensive prowess is that of legend after last year’s Finals and his loose cannon personality really attracts me to him. What can I say, I’m a sucker for girls with Dragon Tattoos; but that’s beside the point. Stevenson is an unrestricted free agent this summer and though he comes with some baggage, he is a shooting guard that could fill a few roles for Doug Collins.  Before you start commenting, “Hey, idiot, you gave five categories that you want to fill and this guy wouldn’t do any of them,” let me explain. This is a bench signing that I think the Sixers should make regardless of what happens this off season. Stevenson defends.  That’s all he really does and having a guy that can shut down scorers that can come off the bench in a deep East is essential.  Though he’s a little “Metta World Peace-y” at times, Stevenson would add depth, energy and a “I’ve been here before” mind set to an otherwise young team.  There is something to be said for that.

Nick Young (Unrestricted Free Agent) – Nick Young is 27 years old and is arguably entering the prime of his career. Since joining the league, when he has had the opportunity to play more than 22 minutes a game, Young has averaged 14.1 points. When playing more than 30, his points per contest average jumps to 17.  Not bad for a guy who has been on a perennially bad Wizard teams.  What impressed me most recently was his shooting from “Ray Allen” range in the playoffs. He was 8-17, good for 47% from above the break-3 point land and 9-16 for 56% from the corner.  Do the math, that’s 51.5% from three. IN. THE. PLAYOFFS.  Throw money at this kid. Do it, DO IT!

Lock them DOWN

Leandro Barbosa (Unrestricted Free Agent)  –  The Brazilian Avatar has had an extremely consistent career in the NBA and coaches now know exactly how to use him. Predicting 12-15 points per game, 2-3 assists, a rebound here and there, good shooting efficiency, a quality free throw percentages and strong defense is like predicting the sky will be blue tomorrow; it’s as much of a guarantee as anything.  I like to call that a “Doug Collins Deluxe” or a “DCD”.  He shot a respectable 38.2% from three in the regular season as well as notching a 50% field goal percentage in the clutch (player performance in the last 5 minutes of games when the score margin is within 5 points) as well.  Good shooting, better defense, can start but doesn’t have too, tremendous glue guy while converting under pressure? Sign me up for a little Captain Barbosa.

O.J. Mayo (Restricted Free Agent)  –  You are going to have to throw money at this 24-year old as he’s sure to be a target to any team not namedMemphis. With the summer focus on signing Eric Gordon away from New Orleans, O.J. is the next best option at two-position. So what do we know about O.J. Mayo after four years in the league?  We know that he’s one of those “need to start to get in a rhythm” kind of guys. Take a look at this, when averaging 38 minutes per game in his first two seasons as a starter, Mayo was good for around 18 points on 44.8 FG%, 3.1-assists and 3.7-rebounds.  AfterMemphis decreased his minutes dramatically (about 12 per game) and took away his starting spot in the lineup, he averaged 11.9 a game on 40.7 FG%, 2.3-assists, and 2.8-rebounds.  That is a significant drop off. Mayo needs a change of scenery andPhiladelphia should be that place. He fits in with the mantra of the team with his young, athletic, dynamic and extremely gifted offensive capabilities. Imagine the options that could happen around Jrue, Turner and Mayo! Give him the farm and give him the minutes. But most importantly, give him confidence that you, as a franchise, believe in him as a future All-Star and he will rise to the occasion. He’s too good not to. 

Maybe in an alternative world:

Chauncey Billups (Unrestricted Free Agent)  –  He will probably be shelved for the first two months of next year’s season with the Achilles injury but that doesn’t mean the old timer can’t help the Sixers out in some capacity on and off the court.  His veteran presence, big shot/big moment ability, the ring on his finger and willingness to still prove he’s got something left in the tank is intriguing. Intriguing doesn’t mean smart, but for the right price my ears would be open.

Eric Gordon (Restricted Free Agent) –  Before the injury, this is what Gordon was doing: 21% from Above the Break-3, 100% from the corner-3, 41% from mid-range, 43% in the paint and 63% in the restricted area. That was good for 20.6 PPG with a 45 FG% (good for 7th among all shooting guards had he kept that percentage up).  He looked like he was ready to join LeBron James and Kevin Durant (and forcibly Kobe Bryant) in the competition for the scoring title as he was the only real threat to score inNew Orleans and was ready to make everyone in LA regret ever trading him. Eric Gordon can be an elite talent and will get paid like one this summer… by the Hornets.  I have a hard time thinking he will leaveNew Orleans now that they have won the “David Stern Lottery” twice. I think the picks and the addition of a new owner and a bunch of cap space makes Eric stay.  If it doesn’t, I’m not sure the Sixers have enough to get him to sign that sheet of paper anyways.

I Have a Dream

Jason Terry (Unrestricted Free Agent) –  When you think of instant offense in the League, The Jet has to be at the top of that list. He averaged 15.1 points this year making 138 three-pointers for the Dallas Mavericks; shooting his highest 3P% since the 06-07 season. At 34, Terry has seen brighter, less tiresome days but what he can still do undoubtedly is shoot. The one time 6th Man of the Year may be leavingDallas a bench player but could easily step into the right team and start. Could it be Philly? It surely wouldn’t be the worst move in the world.



  1. matt.G
    4. June 2012 at 16:23

    I’d take oj mayo over everybody listed above . Obviously Eric gordan is the best one but he’s injury prone and we dont need that in our lives Lol

  2. Steve
    4. June 2012 at 17:53

    Philadelphia needs a SG who can get to the rack and hit 3’s. None of those guys do both of those.

    Nick Young is a blackhole on offense and terrible on defense. He shot %50 from downtown in the playoffs and under 40% from everywhere else, that is called variance. His net PER at SG was -4.5 in the regular season. Nick Young has averaged 2x TO’s+Fouls than Assists, Steals, Blocks Combined in his career.
    Offer: 2 Years – 7 million

    Leando Barbosa’s Career Playoff Percentages are 42/32/76 while averaging 2reb and 2 ast in 23 minutes per game. He is going to be 30 years old at the start of next season. Need I say more?
    Offer 1 year – 4 million

    OJ Mayo has been terrible in the playoffs and regressed since his first 2 years in the league when here averaged 18/4/3 while playing 38mpg with decent %’s. He has been terrible offensively in the playoffs, which is scary considering he was often the 3rd or worse option on offense.
    Offer: 2 Years – 10 Million

    Chauncey Billups wants to win, as does Jason Terry. They won’t be coming here.

    Eric Gordon wants the most money he can get and will not be coming here.

    Here is a comparison of LOU WILLIAMS, Evan Turner, OJ MAY0, Nick Young, JET, and Leandro Barbosa

    What it says: Lou WIlliams is head and shoulders above those other players. Next is OJ Mayo, then JET, Barbosa, Nick Young and our very favorite D-League Player Evan Turner.

    The answer: Resign Lou Williams to a 4 year-32 Millon Dollar Deal

    Here is more Lou Awesomeness
    Nobody in NBA History has played 25mpg had a TS% over 52, a USG% over 27, AST% over 22 and a TO% under 8

  3. Ronnie G
    4. June 2012 at 22:40

    OJ Mayo sounds great and so does Chauncey & Jason Terry. But the later two will not be around for long. Terry may want to much money to come to Philly.

  4. Vitaliy
    5. June 2012 at 09:09

    I say try to move ET to start at SG permanently and trade Iggy + vucevic for gay if possible. U would get a go to scorer instantly. I’d retain Meeks as he is a potentially good shooter and knows the system. I’d draft a shot blocker like Henson if possible. If not I’d even trade down a bit and get a guy like fab Melo or Kyle oquinn. With the two 2nd round picks id take a chance on some great shooters and hope they show up like lavoy Allen did for us.
    Dangle Elton brands gigantic expiring at teams looking for cap relief and see what u can get in return value wise. If that comes up empty then keep him this season and use the cap crater left next season to sign players which will be available such as Dwight etc.
    Main goal is to get a go to scorer. Everything else will fall in place. Turner should not be expected to lead the team in points. ESP at this stage in his career. He is a glue guy that defends well and rebounds the hell out of the ball. I’d def trade Iggy while his stock is up. Just don’t give him up for old people like pau or kaman

  5. Charles
    5. June 2012 at 11:46

    He’s also tied for 3rd worst true shooting % for someone in the top 20 in Usage Rate. So basically the offense stops and he jacks up a poor a shot.

    But hey, he’s in the 40-50 range in Estimated Wins. Just like the stellar Kris Humpries.

    Stats can be manipulated. You pan Mayo for his playoff performance but ignore Lou’s horrid shooting. 8 million a year for a the next Willie Green.

  6. Steve
    5. June 2012 at 14:46

    What about the fact that Lou had the 5th best Assist to Turnover Ratio in the NBA?
    Lou was 35th in the NBA in FTA per gm and had one of the highest FTA per 48 min.
    He had the highest assist % on the sixers this year.
    Go look at his per min numbers compared to Allen Iverson at the same age.

    8 million a year for a guy who can create his own shot, get to the rack, pass the ball and avoid turnovers is extremely valuable in the NBA. Lou Williams did that combination of things in a way never before done in the history of the nba.

    I look forward to your well researched response. BTW, OJ Mayo was a hugely negative player in the playoffs the last 2 years

  7. dan
    5. June 2012 at 17:35

    personally ive been a fan of Nick young for some time. he will just be hitting his prime and he is a very good shooter. go back and watch the wizards vs sixers games ealier this year before he got traded and he killed us from the field he scored 27 points aginst us in january. he was averaging nearly 17 points a game is washington before the trade. i dont like deshawn, terry , barbosa or billups only because they are all known players but not what they used to be and kinda old at this point. they only other guy we could try to get is mayo. but he is very inconsistent and the problem with gordon is be has been injury prone lately we dont want to waste money on someone who is going to be in street clothes all season long.

  8. ken
    5. June 2012 at 18:02

    so true charles as much as lou gets to the line and scores in the 4th quarter i dont want a player on my team that takes 13-16 shots a game and shoots barely 40% thats just a offense killer

  9. Steve
    5. June 2012 at 22:10

    Dan, Nick Young’s career shooting numbers are 43/38/83, which are respectable. The problem is that he averages more turnovers than assist, doesn’t rebound and is ineffective on defense. In his short time with the Clippers, a good nba team, he had the worst defensive rating on the team and only had a better offensive rating than Eric Bledsoe and Kenyan Martin. At this point in their careers, Mayo > Young in TS%, AST:TO Ratio, Rebound % and Defense

  10. hunter
    5. June 2012 at 22:56

    i would personally go after gordon. in the nba you need star players to attract other star players. if they sign gordon this year, it opens up the possibility of signing a BIG name the next year. my second choice for starter would be mayo (they need one of those two to come). id take young or barbosa as backups for depth. i still dont trust turner who gets the job done and if they trade iguodala for a center, hes going to have to play sf

  11. Salis
    6. June 2012 at 01:37

    Lou cant create seperation like ET can problem is ET cant shoot as of right now…We’ve seen Lou get locked up for 3 playoff series straight…Last year against the heat this,year against the bulls and celtics….Lou does not have elit speed ,he’s too small,not strong,and jacks too much….On any other team he wouldnt be jacking like he does on the sixers and thats a fact….What we need is a 3 that can be a knockdown shooter and create his own shot and play D..Are backcourt is set ….Its the frontcourt that needs the changes

  12. NastyNate
    6. June 2012 at 08:43

    Ray Allen anyone? Before you smirk and suck your teeth at the option consider this. If your able to trade Iggy for Gay straight up, let the threesome of Jodie “the Glue”/Sweet Lou/Spencer and amnesty EB, you have a lot of flexibility to work with. Why would signing Ray Allen and Kris Humphries be totally out of the picture? Ray can play 30 mpg either starting or he could flat-out star in Lou’s role and be the knockdown shooting killer we need.

  13. Hank
    6. June 2012 at 10:47

    Nick Young is a high volume, low efficiency scorer who is a poor defender. I do not want him on our team. I’d prefer we take a stab at giving Turner a full year of starter’s minutes (despite his terrible metrics) than sign Nick Young. OJ Mayo is the only attianable person on this list that is intriguing to me, and that is only because of his stellar rookie campaign. No one can be sure, but it’s definitely possible that his performance since has been hindered by Rudy Gay and Mike Conley, both of which are young, talented, and also frequently have the ball in their hands. A change of scenery might help him, but it might not. While it could be worth a shot, it’s gotta be for the right price.

    I like Lou, but I’m not sure he can play the defense that’s required to earn starter’s minutes under Collins. However, I’ll certainly take him over everyone on that list that we would have a chance of signing. At this point, I’m hoping the Sixers don’t panic with their cap room, only make a move if it makes sense, and draft someone with star potential (in my opinion, Terrence Ross).

  14. Brian
    7. June 2012 at 20:53

    I may be off but from what i see from the young man…. I really think that we try to draft austin rivers. He seems to fit a scorer,defended,clutch play role. and we at worse need to swap with golden state and give an insert big man here, or cash for him…..

    Next use our money and get younger moving bigs.Jason thompson jumps out as a guy that is low risk high reward and he will be eager to prove that he is not a bust. Lastly throw a littler money at a younger pf like earl clark, and lavoy allen (hint hint) or ryan anderson or jordan hill. Any big willing to run will fit us better.

    Also even though we have no chance to get them, throw some money at Gordon, throw some at JaVale McGee, throw some at Nick Young and Jason Terry better to try and miss out and let your fans know that you are trying then to sit on the side line and not get asked to the Prom.

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