Posted by: C. Smith
06/05/12 7:11 am EST

Yesterday we looked at a list of NBA shooting guards from which Rod Thorn and Doug Collins could choose to add a scorer to the 76ers roster this summer via the free agent signing route.  Today here at Philadunkia we will examine the crop of college prospects who appear to have the game and mental makeup to step into the Sixers shooting guard spot and really contribute in 2012-13.

The two elite, elite shooting guard prospects in this Draft — Bradley Beal (Florida) and Jeremy Lamb (UConn) — will not be around when the 7-6 select at #15 in June.  However, if the Sixers decide to go with a shooting guard who can score at #15, there will be some big-time college players still on the board (like Washington Huskie Terrence Ross pictured above) when the Sixers get placed “on the clock”.  On paper, any one of these kids we’ll look at today could help fill the glaring hole at SG on the Sixers roster.

Obviously the key for Thorn and Collins is to sort through all the information out there as well as the game tapes and grab the best mid-first round shooting guard available.

After the jump you’ll learn that will not be an easy decision.


Terrence Ross (6-6; 200) – If you didn’t stay up “late nite” to catch a lot of Pac-12 hoops action this past winter, then you missed the opportunity to watch one of the most exciting players in the nation.  Simply put, the kid can fill it up, which is exactly what the Sixers need.  Last year at Washington, Ross hit for 16.4 ppg. and 6.4 rpg. He shot 45% from the field and 37% on 3PAs.  He doesn’t get to the tin all that frequently, so he’ll need some work in that department, but if you leave this kid open, even slightly, he will kill you all night.  In short, Terrence is a NBS – Natural Born Shooter.  As a bonus, Ross also has a lot of personality which is something the Sixers also desperately need.

Joe Treutlin of writes, “Ross is at his best knocking down shots with his feet set, having very good accuracy in space and not needing much time or room to get his shot off due to his high and quick release. He’s also very dangerous and confident with his pull-up jumper, though is less consistent with this area of his game depending on the situation. Due to his limited ball-handling, Ross operates in this area almost strictly on quick one or two-dribble pull-ups, but is excellent when he’s able to keep his balance…” Insider Chad Ford writes, “Ross has potential star power — he is a great athlete, has good size and can really stroke the basketball.”

Video courtesy of Mike Schmitz from ValleyoftheSuns and Draft Express



Dion Waiters (6-4, 215) – The Syracuse guard (12.6 ppg. last year) was bred right here on the streets of Philadelphia and attended the basketball factory school known as Life Center Academy.  Selecting Waiters would be a big hit with Philadunkia nation and as a bonus, he could really help the Sixers.  Waiters is a solid defensive player which Collins will like.  He can get out on the break as the lead guard or as a lane filler, which fits the Sixers current style of play.  He converts baskets at a high clip (47% on FGAs) – which the Sixers need.  Lastly, thanks to solid ball handling skills, the ability to be physical and the fact he is a strong finisher, Waiters is more then capable of creating his own shot in the half-court.  How great would it be if a hometown kid came in and solved the Sixers offensive woes?  Like “Rocky” level great.

Joe Treutlin of writes, “A physically gifted player with an excellent frame and terrific instincts, Waiters’ aggressive defense definitely fuels this area of his game by creating opportunities, but he does a very good job keeping his head up and attacking when his team has a numbers advantage. He’s very crafty with the ball in his hands and does a good job of using his shiftiness going to the basket, switching the ball between hands and showing a very good feel for weaving through defenses. While not exceptionally quick or fast, Waiters has perhaps helped himself most here by showing a good commitment to using his well-built frame to go hard to the basket, frequently finishing with power and playing with a real mean streak on the break… struggled to consistently perform at a high level in most other areas of offense this season, most notably showing troubles consistently contributing in the half court against top competition.” Insider Chad Ford writes,a tough player who can get to the basket and get his own shot at the end of games…a true scorer…Dion Waiters is there right now. The fact that Waiters can also play some point guard is a bonus.”

Video courtesy of NBA Insider


Austin Rivers (6-4; 200) – Duke was on TV enough this year for you to know that Rivers can stroke the jumper and has ice water in his veins.  Obviously we also know that he has the DNA to be solid NBA player and that he played under Coach K, so his basketball pedigree is about as good as it gets.  What grabs me about Rivers is just how many tricks he has in his scoring bag.  Cross-overs, hesitation moves, ball fakes, head fakes, etc…you name it and Rivers has it in his arsenal.  He also possess a scorer’s mentality, so he won’t be afraid to step into that role for the Sixers (Unlike Dre).  He plays very good defense and if Collins needs, Rivers can play the point for stretches as well.  The one concern for me with Rivers is that he’s damn thin looking, so I wonder if he can hold up under the nightly pounding in the NBA.

Matt Kamalsky of writes, “A crafty ball-handler with no shortage of shifty hesitation moves or blistering cross-overs, Rivers showed the ability to create separation from his defender in one-on-one situations and turn the corner to get into the paint on the pick and roll, even splitting the defense in impressive fashion on occasion. Extremely confident and aggressive…” Insider Chad Ford writes, “He can really shoot the basketball and has a killer crossover. He’s going to have to get comfortable playing off the ball”

Video courtesy of BSCeltics


Evan Fournier (6-7; 205) – Most “experts” have this Euro-baller who currently plays in France being selected somewhere in picks 20-29 at the 2012 NBA Draft, so he is a long shot to be taken by the Sixers.  However Euros always seem to skyrocket up the board as we get closer to the Draft, so we’ll include him here.  He won’t be at the NBA Combine because of an ankle injury but does plan to work out for individual teams.  However, there are rumors that he will spend at least one more year in Europe as he is only 19 years old.  Having never seen Fournier play live, we’ll just go right to the “expert” opinions.

Jonathan Givony of writes, “He possesses ideal physical attributes for a NBA wing at 6-7 with a strong frame, and has the ability to create his own shot very effectively thanks to his excellent size, strength, and ball-handling skills. Despite his height, he’s able to get very low with his dribble, showing terrific footwork and body control driving into the lane, often using crafty change of speed moves, spins and hesitations.” Insider Chad Ford writes, “Fournier, a scoring wing from France, is the best European prospect on the board (1st round)”




  1. Steve
    5. June 2012 at 12:19

    Terrence Ross is certainly the 2nd best guard prospect on his own team behind Tony Wroten and might even be behind CJ Wilcox (stayed in school). He played in the worst major conference in college basketball and wasn’t dominant. Wroten was better at attacking the basket, making plays and getting offensive rebounds (offensive rebounding is the true indicator of rebounding ability) and he was a freshman. Wroten can’t shoot a lick from 3, but he did take 7.5 FTA per game compared to 2.7 FTA per game by Ross. CJ Wilcox played 4 less minutes than Terrence Rosse per game. He shot more 3’s per game, hit at a over 40% compared to 37% from Ross. Wilcox was better at attacking the basket as well but Ross rebounds and passes better though not by a significant margin. Any team who drafts Terrence Ross will be getting a player who resembles Nick Young except Ross is a more capable defender. Tony Wroten is the steal of this draft and I’d be ecstatic to have him drafted. He was 5th in the nation in FTA, is a 6’5 guard and compared favorably to Russell Westbrooks sophomore campaign. Austin Rivers is a player I like. He is made for the NBA and will be a instant upgrade over Evan Turner. He has everything going for him. He is a lot like Eric Gordon except he is a better passer and less of a scorer

  2. Philadunkia
    5. June 2012 at 12:40


    I don’t disagree with you that Wroten may in fact be a better player then Ross. I also agree with you that he is a steal in this Draft, especially if he slips into the 20’s which a lot of “experts” are predicting. The problem with Wroten (for this post) was that the research I did, including talking to 3 NBA scouts indicated that his potential position in the NBA is leaning heavily towards the PG spot. Obviously scouts opinions differ, but again all 3 scouts I spoke with had the same opinion as to Wroten’s natural NBA position. Thus I left him out of this post.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    – C. Smith

  3. dan
    5. June 2012 at 17:51

    well after watching and reading id say we should just go with ross, if they compare him to nick young and j.r. smith those guys can score and shoot the lights out plus if we get ross we wouldnt have to get nick young as a free agent. also nick young in washington picked up bad habits not playing defense because frankly they didnt most of his time their. where collins will preach defense to ross which they said he already is a good defender and rebounder at college they should draft him if he is still available then.

  4. ken
    5. June 2012 at 17:55

    im a fan of rivers i feel like he can be a true star in this league and would love him on this team. the only problem then is if you draft him you have 3 players that arent really pgs or sgs but combo guards so what do you do with that situation.

  5. Salis
    5. June 2012 at 19:19

    Oh so you guys are just kicking evan turner out the backcourt?? What happen to tgem being the backcourt of the future??Insiders keep saying he’ll (E.T) will start at the 2 for years to come… I do like Waiters though he can play and Ross but the other dudes need the rock in there hands to be effective…

  6. Juice
    5. June 2012 at 22:37

    It has to be Rivers. We don’t have many guys who can create their own shot off the dribble. A lot of guys who can dribble but none who can seriously create their own shot. I thought Jrue took a big step up in that situation but I believe Evan has a lot to learn. I liked the fact that he was taking it to the rim but he was constantly stripped and bad passes as he made his way to the basket. I think over time Evan will be figure it out.

    The great thing about Rivers is you wouldn’t have to over pay Lou to come back because I think he could fill Lou’s role off the bench as well. Maybe if they end up trading Dre he could fill the two guard and still have Lou come off the bench. I think he fits well with this team.

    I doubt we will be sitting at Pick 15 with both Rivers and Ross sitting their available. I would take Rivers first though but I’m praying that a big like John Henson or even a tweener in Perry Jones III. I would even take Terrence Jones over any shooting guards besides Bradley Beal, Jeremy Lamb or Austin Rivers.

  7. KRS1
    6. June 2012 at 01:48

    #15 picks are always tough and this one isn’t exactly a predictable pick for the 7-6. wouldn’t william buford (former teammate of ET) later in the draft make a little more sense? perhaps go after a another big man in this draft with the first pick? Buford would definitely be an upgrade, i feel, over meeks but that isnt exactly hard to overcome. Meeks is bigger, more reliable on defense and can hit that open jumper that “captain Streaky” always makes you cringe when he misses. Again i think is a tough pick for the sixers this year. I thought last year kenneth faried was a no brainer at our pick, and i still believe will regret that and while we went the vucevic route but i think vuc will be a solid pro. Hopefully we make a pick that really adds to the core. imo that moultrie guy if he falls would add more athleticism and could be a steal. However if ross is what that video says he is, hitting an open jump shot on this team? skys the limit Agreed however with the idea that tony wroten is the steal of the draft whoever steals him.

  8. ColtOn
    7. June 2012 at 00:32

    I think the sixers should take Austin rivers if they r going point I’m a big duke fan so is seen a lot of him I think he would be a great fit for the sixers he fits well with the fast pace we play at and he is a good three point shooter which we need and he can also get to the rim and to the line

  9. Michael
    7. June 2012 at 21:41

    Sixers should take Arnett Moultrie with 15th pick. He has great size at 6’11”, so he can play PF and C. He adds great athleticism to the frontcourt. I think he can contribute to our fastbreak game and be a solid starter for years. he has low post potential and a smooth jump shot that extends to the 3. His ceiling is Kevin Garnett minus the high release and attitude, but he can definitely be a major contributor right away

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