Posted by: Jerry Scherwin
06/11/12 9:21 am EST

Elton Brand. 

That name can do a lot of thing for different people.  It can make you cringe because of the contract, make you weep at his age, make you smile because of his veteran leadership, or make you shrug your shoulders with indifference.  That in itself is a grade for the veteran forward; at this point in his career he’s simply, well, mediocre at best.  But because this is a “report card” post and is supposed to be a spot to dissect the imperfections of a team that was more hot and cold than a Katy Perry song, allow me to embellish.

As of this minute, Brand is sitting at the tender age of 33 and has been playing in the League since he was 20 years old.  In that time he’s played in 860 regular season games and 30 post season games. That’s good for 33,374 career minutes.  During that time, EB has ruptured an Achilles and had shoulder surgery among other bumps and bruises.  He is an undersized, Charles Barkley-esque power forward type who is quickly losing the athleticism that befriended his wide base in his younger years.


Take a look at the numbers: 

This season EB averaged career lows in minutes played (28.9 per game), field goals made and attempted (EB attempted 581 shots this season; converting 287 of them.  Again, let me repeat.  He only shot 581 times in 60 regular season games!   For comparison purposes, in 2008-2009, Brand played in 29 games due to having major shoulder surgery.  He got off 365 shots.  365 in an injury plagued season!), free throws made and attempted (1.4-1.9) and points (11.0).

He ranked 16th among power forward’s with 7.2 rebounds per game (Ryan Anderson averaged 7.7), 22nd in rebounds per 48 minutes played with 11.9 and was tied for 21st with 11 double doubles (Anderson Varejao had 14 in 25 games, not sure how I should take that).

As a result of the accumulation of those statistics, it seemed as though Brand became a part time player for the Sixers in 2011-2012; whose front office reps seemingly agreed that the best option for the future of the franchise was to slowly phase the veteran out, awarding more minutes to their valuable youngsters.

So what grade do I give Brand this season?

I have to go with a “C”.

He offered valuable leadership (which I am a huge proponent of) and decent numbers that the Sixers desperately needed.  Still, his numbers are getting worse, his minutes are decreasing and the Sixers are going in a different direction.  Would I like to see the veteran stay along with the 7-6’s future plans for a few more years?  Absolutely, good teams always need a quality veteran big.  But if we could get a few studs for his expiring contract, only to bring him back for the veteran’s minimum in 2014, I’d like it even more.



  1. Steve
    11. June 2012 at 11:47

    43 Players produced over 6 Win Shares in the 2012-2013 NBA Season.
    Elton Brand was one of those 43.

    Also in that group was Ryan Anderson (who in 400 less minutes, had more offensive rebounds that Blake Griffin and outrebounded Lamarcus Aldridge in less minutes)

    Comparing Brand to Anderson is a disservice to both players, as Randerson, was an elite offensive rebounder and played next to the guy who grabbed the most defensive rebound in the NBA, thus skewing Ryan Anderson’s Total Rebound Numbers.

    Ryan Anderson’s rebound numbers were 224 offensive and 247 defensive. Nobody in that list of 43 had such unique rebounding numbers. The closest comparison is Thaddeus Young who had, 137 offensive and 188 defensive

    Back to Brand, there is incredible value in a player who as a PF/C has a 4:1 ratio of AST+STL+BLKS : TO, interestingly enough, Iggy and Lou Williams both fit into that 4:1 Ratio. Thaddeus was 3:1

    What made the sixers so good in the regular season was turnovers. Of the 43 guys on that list this is how the sixers look on total turnovers: Thaddeus (1), Elton Brand (4), Lou Williams (5), Iggy (15) (btw Ryan Anderson was number 2)

    Elton Brand is another underrated player on the Philadelphia 76ers

    Yes, he took the least shots and got the least amount of rebounds on that list. He also is 3rd on that list in Blocks and 2nd in Total Turnovers. Only Al Jefferson had a better ratio of AST+STL+BLK : TO on that list. And yes, all those guys on the list are better than Elton Brand, but he still held alot of value this season. 18 million or not.

  2. hunter
    11. June 2012 at 17:46

    yeah i agree that brand is a good player, but he is simply paid way too high. he did contribute, but id pay him half (or less than half) of the 18 million hes making now. elton definitly contributes and i would be happy if they could keep him through restructuring his contract or amnesty then sign him for a small deal. but i dont think either of these will happen which will be why he leaves this offseason

  3. matt.G
    11. June 2012 at 18:05

    I would love to keep brand but on a reduced role maybe 18-24 minutes off the bench .. hoping we get a younger, better 4

  4. KRS1
    11. June 2012 at 23:10

    thought the signing of brand was a dumb one when it occured. Joshsmith was ready to be a 7-6 but cant really look back at that anymore. I want to keep elton for next year for trade deadline purposes, we might be able to steal a good player with that contract when teams are selling to gain cap room, just a thought. Amnesty him and watch him go to the celtics lakers or knicks for dirt cheap? idk about that. I say we swallow the pill we chose and just run with him. Have a good draft, keep this team intact for the most part otherwise youre going to have to blow it up somehow. With our three picks, if we can draft players that could somehow convince howard we have a talented squad to win with, who wouldnt like that? Oh yeah josh smith will be available that summer too..

  5. Hank
    12. June 2012 at 15:10

    How was Josh Smith ready to be a sixer? He was a RFA, and the Hawks would have matched any and all offers any team made to sign him.

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