As we all know, tonight the 2012 NBA Draft takes place up the turnpike in Newark, NJ.  Our 76ers are coming off of a solid season that few of us predicted, or could have.  Still, as we have discussed at length, this team needs to help in several areas and the 2012 Draft could provide the perfect opportunity for this front office to make some serious moves and improve this team drastically.

Earlier this week, our lame-duck General Manager made a statement that the Sixers will NOT be looking to move up in tonight’s Draft.  But what if that quote is a smoke screen?  What if the Sixers new ownership group and Doug Collins are looking to make a big splash tonight and shake up this roster?   

Let’s imagine for a minute that is the case.  Then the question becomes, Does the Sixers front office make moves to in hopes of winning now or later?

After the jump we look at both options…


Here are some win now trades:

Evan Turner + #15 pick to Houston for Samuel Dalembert and Kevin Martin

Now, I know that yesterday Sammy got dealt to Milwaukee, so this deal is not going to happen, but humor me for a minute and I think you’ll enjoy reading what could have been for the Sixers…

Simply, Houston does this to free up cap space and get another asset in their quest for Dwight Howard

Yeah, that’s right, I said it – bring “Big Sam” back.  52% from the field. He ranks tenth in block percentage and 12th in rebound percentage, all time. To put that in perspective, only Dikembe Mutumbo and Marcus Camby are ahead of him on both lists.

Camby and Mutumbo have 5 DPOY awards between them.

I’m not saying that Sammy D is the savior, but a new owner and Doug Collins make this reunion quite feasible. Sammy D is only a 1 year rental but a 6.7 mil, that’s a pretty good deal for a starting center on a playoff team.

Evan Turner needs a change of scenery and Houston needs another $5 million in cap space plus a young player who might develop into something.  The Sixers can’t afford to wait for Evan Turner, instead they get martin, a legit SG who is another 1 year rental and who in the right system could return to the 20-point scorer who is a League leader in free throw attempts 

The Win share projection over 4 years for the 15th pick is 9.4 win shares total over an 82 games season  

Dalembert produced 4.1 win shares in 2012, playing 22 minutes a game in a 66 game season. Martin produced 3.3 in 40 games at 32 mpg

Estimated Wins Added: 4

Elton Brand + Thaddeus Young  +  Nik Vucevic to Utah for Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap

67 additional minutes a night that Jefferson and Millsap used, are up for grabs between Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter, Elton Brand and Nik Vucevic.  Brand will also be a better teacher to Favors and Kanter then previous teammates, Jefferson and Millsap. Thaddeus Young will get the lion’s share of minutes at SF with some PF mixed in.  30+ million in cap space for Utah in 2013 and this is a slam dunk for the Jazz. 

How bout them 76ers?  Well, Jefferson and Millsap are both borderline elite players

Last year Jefferson and Millsap combined in 67 total minutes per game for 36pts (FG% 50), 18.5 reb., 4.5 ast., 2.6 stls. and 2.5 blocks.  This past year, Thaddeus and Brand on a projected 36 minute basis each  : 30pts (FG% 50), 15.5 reb., 3.5 ast., 2.5 stls. and 2.8 blocks

I have my doubts that Brand and Thaddeus would keep their efficiency with an extra 15 minutes a night total, as they only played 57 minutes combined a game this year. They are already getting an extra 5 minutes in their projections and they are soundly beaten by Millsap and Jefferson.

Millsap is a PF, Jefferson is a PF/C, add that to Sam Dalembert and that’s the best 1-2-3 PF/C combo in the league.

Estimated Wins Added: 7

Jrue, Martin, Dre, Millsap, Jefferson, Dalembert.  That’s $60 million in salary with a projected 2012-13 cap of $60 million.

The Sixers will still have the 15th pick, their mid level exception and can fill the roster with a few min salary guys to round out the team. This team would be battling for the #2 seed in the conference next season and would be projected to win 55+ games. Regardless of how the 2012-2013 season played out, the 76er’s would still be in a great position for the 2013 off season.  Martin, Millsap, Dalembert, Jefferson unless we agree to an extension, are all unrestricted free agents

Win Later Trades

Andre Iguodala + Jrue Holiday + 15th pick to Portland for the 6th and 11th pick and Portland’s 2013 1st rd pick

Portland does this because they have an All-Star big man and don’t want to waste 3 years in the Lottery. Portland is a tough place to sign free agents, so this makes a ton of sense. Holiday + Matthews + Dre + Aldridge, take up $36 million in cap space in 2012-2013.  That is well below the League average for 4 starters, 2 of which are All-Stars.

What does this do for our 76ers?  Well, it gives Evan Turner the chance to play PG and this is something that must be done.  This is a make or break year for ET, there’s not much else to say.  Secondly, our front office gets a ton of flexibility. Which I’ll now show you how the 76ers front office can use it.

Assuming that both MKG and Barnes are gone at #6, the Sixers call up Houston to offer #6 + Portland’s 2013 1st round pick for Houston’s 14th, 16th and 18th pick.

Philly calls up Boston and offers Thaddeus Young + 45th and 54th picks for #21+#22

The Draft is over.  Dre + Holiday + Thaddeus + 15th have been turned into a team that looks like this:

Without MKG or Barnes…

Evan Turner, Nik Vucevic, (11) Meyers Leonard, (14) Perry Jones, (16) Moe Harkless, (18) Jeremy Lamb, (21) Tony Wroten, (22) Royce White

We keep Elton Brand to help teach the big guys and now you’ve got a team this is built for the future. 

With MKG or Barnes…

If either Barnes or MKG is available at #6 then the team looks like this, we draft MKG or Barnes and still do this trade: 

Philly calls up Boston and offers Thaddeus Young + 45th and 54th picks. for #21+#22 

Brand is amnestied, we have Turner, Nik Vucevic, (6) MKG/Barnes, (11) Perry Jones, (21) Royce White and (22)Tony Wroten. The 76ers then have about over 43 million in cap space, a bunch of young talent as well as quite a decent shot at the #1 pick in 2013.

Winning is the answer.  Now or later is the question

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