Posted by: C. Smith
06/28/12 9:24 pm EST

…in the 2012 NBA Draft our Philadelphia 76ers selected Maurice Harkless from St. John’s. 

Wait.  What????  Say that again.

That’s right, 19-year old Maurice Harkless (6-8; 207) is the latest “tweener” forward to join the Sixers roster and to be honest the selection is a bit of surprise, especially considering that Terrence Jones of Kentucky and Arnett Moultire were / are still on the board.  Not one of the online “experts” we researched nor a single scout that I talked with prior to the draft predicted the Sixers would go in this direction, but according to Rod Thorn everyone in the Sixers front office was “on board” with the pick. 

Chad Ford of ESPN.com had Harkless (15.3 ppg. & 8.6 rpg.) going 16th to Houston, while draftexpress.com predicted Harkless would be selected at number 19 by the Magic.

After the jump some reviews on and video of Harkless…  

ESPN.com’s Chad Ford writes the following on Harkless…”Lots of teams have shown interest in Harkless. He’s young, he’s athletic, he has great upside and he can defend multiple positions. He’s sort of a young Trevor Ariza.”

Kyle Nelson of draftexpress.com writes, ”

“Harkless definitely looks the part of a NBA player from a physical standpoint. Standing somewhere around 6’8 with an excellent wingspan and a wiry frame, he has ideal size for the NBA small forward position. He must continue to get stronger, but should have no problem doing so in time as he matures and his body fills out. He is a very good athlete as well, looking fluid and explosive around the basket, and showing a solid first step and excellent quickness in transition. Furthermore, Harkless is a scrappy player, with solid energy and aggressiveness, which allows him to capitalize on his athletic potential. Though he is a very raw player in terms of his skill-set, Harkless has managed to have a very productive freshman season, playing nearly 36 minutes per game, tops amongst all freshmen prospects. St. John’s has little depth in their frontcourt, so Harkless has had games where he hasn’t seen even a second of rest on the bench….”

Video courtesy of Mike Schmitz at draftexpress.com and Valleyofthesuns.com




13 Responses to “WITH THE 15th PICK…”

  1. KRS1
    28. June 2012 at 21:57

    i wouldve taken the risk on perry jones iggy for josh smith or else i give up on this team

  2. Gary
    28. June 2012 at 21:58

    Completely angry with this.
    Checked his Bio and he can’t shoot.
    Shot 21 percent behind the arc.
    So the team goes out and gets another 6’8 small forward who probably won’t help for another 2 or 3 years.

    What is going on here?
    3 or 4 power forwards/ centers were on the boards.

  3. matt.G
    28. June 2012 at 21:59

    Wtf . Why not get zeller then trade him for the 24th ,33rd 34th and draft Perry Jones at 24 then improvise from there wow . there better be a GOOD reason for this . I like moe but we do NOT need another tweener smh

  4. Joe
    28. June 2012 at 22:21

    I’m confused. Did we just draft a poor-man’s Igoudala? Harkness can’t shoot and isn’t the defender Iggy is. I don’t get this pick at all, UNLESS Thorn is about to trade Iggy. Then it makes sense. Almost.

  5. matt.G
    28. June 2012 at 22:42

    Okay i guess with the addition of moultrie I feel much better . But we still have to make some moves .. I’d rather keep iggy over thad tho.

  6. Lawrence
    29. June 2012 at 01:42

    76ers should have taken Terrance Jones

  7. T. Martin
    29. June 2012 at 02:06

    Good lord that scouting video was depressing. dribbling the ball off his foot, getting half his shots down low sent back into his face, etc.

    I want everybody to bow their heads and pray with me, PRAY, that Harkless is the SF being traded. Otherwise we, as fans of this team, are all COMPLETELY screwed.

    God what a turd in the punch bowl. I’ve been looking forward to seeing who they’d pick for weeks although I did text my buddy last night and jokingly told him to keep an eye on Harkless because he was most likely to be the youngest player on the board when the Sixers would go on the clock. For whatever reason this team is COMPLETELY obsessed with grabbing the youngest players possible going all the way back to Larry Hughes, Lou Williams, Thaddeus, Jrue, and now Schmoe…. I mean Moe.

  8. KRS1
    29. June 2012 at 02:20

    the moultrie pick totally redeemed this draft and actually looks brilliant. Iggy might be on his way out of town but honestly anything less than Gasol or josh smith would be foolish. Still think Gasol could be as productive as Garnett, maybe not defensively but fits in better with what this team is trying to do. Thad at the 3 anyone? Keep elton till the trade deadline. This team could be exciting again, just need more shooters! Im all for signing william buford to the summer league team and still keeping meeks. Anyone watch the finals? lebron had 3 options to pass to for three point shooters. we could do a lot worse than meeks and buford in various scenarios. This is definitely going to be an intriguing and exciting summer for the 7-6 lets just hope we get what we need and that this young team has a proper offseason to achieve some sort of unity

  9. RYN_JAY
    29. June 2012 at 04:02

    I like it. He has tons of potential. Could be Iggy’s replacement. I don’t think we’re trading Iggy though, unless we get alot in return.

  10. Salis
    29. June 2012 at 12:51

    DID ANYBODY SEE HIM PLAY IN A COLLEGIATE BASKETBALL GAME?? I have seen plenty of St. Johns games he can hoop played out of position because his team only played with 6 freshman who.were really small… He has alot of potential has to work on his 3 but his mid range is good…..But please dont read an article and start forming opinions its not good…

  11. Philadunkia
    29. June 2012 at 13:50


    I saw him play at St. John’s a lot as well and while I have nothing against Harkless as a player — he seems like a solid prospect who by all accounts has good upside –, for me the problem is that the Sixers didn’t need another “tweener” forward who struggles with his jump shot. They have 3 of those already. So unless Thad or Dre or Turner is being moved, this pick really makes no sense as Harkles is yet another repetitive part on the roster.

    Additionally, the Sixers needed a player that can help out (off the bench) next year. Harkless is 19 and not ready to contribute on an NBA team in 2012-13.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    — C. Smith

  12. Ransom
    29. June 2012 at 14:55

    Ok whoever said we should have grabbed Zeller should not be allowed to use the English language anymore.

    The reason we didn’t pick up Perry Jones is because he has a damaged knee that might need surgery before the season even starts (same reason everyone else passed on the 2nd most physically talented from the past 2 years).

    I like Harkless as a prospect, he just doesn’t fill a need…yet. But, has a huge upside. And getting Moultrie for that little is a steal, at the very least he’ll run the floor, catch lobs, rebound well and hit some 15-footers (what team doesn’t need that?)

    However, I am baffled and annoyed that we didn’t move up to take Drummond. Reports are both Toronto and Golden State called us offering their picks (7th or 8th) for Igyy straight up. That means we could have had the most physically talented pick since dwight howard. Oh, and he’s only 18. Oh, and his stats look worse because he played on a ridiculously dysfunctional college team that he only showed up on last minute. Oh, and by all accounts he’s a great kid who works hard and wants to be good just doesn’t know how to yet. Oh, and we happen to have one of the best “young guy, motivational, helping hand” coaches in the entire league…

  13. dan
    29. June 2012 at 15:36

    what is with the sixers and drafting small forwards? i mean think about it iggy is a small forward, then they drafted rodney carney, then thad young, then evan turner who they tried to make into a shooting guard but he cant shoot so he is pretty much a small forward, and now this clown. rod thorn hasnt done anything since he came to the team, and the new owners havent really made a splash with this draft. everyone knows we needed a big man and there was plenty available with the 15th pick and they go and get another small forward, what a joke. lets have a whole team of small forwards who cant shoot. terrible scouting, terrible GM, terrible pick. i mean this would be alright if this guys potential was like tracy mcgrady or danny granger but they said his highest potential is trevor ariza, ariza isnt that good and has been traded from team to team. they better do something when free agency hits because as a fan this just leaves a bad taste in your mouth and please fire rod thorn i mean this guy is a money pit he just gets paid to sit there and make bad decisions all day.

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