In a move that actually makes sense, the 76ers have acquired (pending League approval) the draft rights to Mississippi State big man Arnett Moultire from the Miami Heat.  In exchange for Moultrie, the Sixers sent their 45th pick and a future 1st rounder to Miami.

How Moultrie slipped to 27th in the Draft is a mystery.  Every “expert” we researched had the kid inside the Top 20 in the 2012 NBA Draft.’s Chad Ford predicted Moultire would be selected 18th by the Rockets and forecasted that the near 7-footer would go at #15 to our Sixers. 

With his tenacity, athleticism, 7-2 wingspan and 37 inch vertical leap Moultrie could instantly cure the Sixers rebounding problems at both ends of the floor.  Moultrie thrives by scoring (16.4 ppg.) off the offensive glass — put back dunks are his preferred method – as well as off the alley-oop.  These high percentage looks helped Moultrie shoot 54.9% from the field last season at Mississippi State. One scout I talked with compared him to a young Jermaine O’Neal, which if you can remember back to when O’Neal was healthy and could actually play, you would know that is a great compliment.  One thing you realize about Moutltrie after only a few minutes of watching the kid play is that he is explosive on the interior because he is so quick and athletic that he grabs boards and puts the ball back up before the defense even know what hit them.  The same can be said for his post game, as Moultire receives the ball and does not hesitate to go to work on a defender.  He just has a unique gift that allows him to score in the paint in a fast and fluid motion.  Still the gift is a little raw and in need of development, so it will be interesting to see how well this natural ability translates to the NBA.

After the jump, some “expert” opinions and video on Moultrie…

Matt Kamalsky of writes, “On the offensive end, Moultrie is clearly at his best when he can utilize his excellent tools off the ball, attacking the basket on cuts and offensive rebounds. His length and leaping ability make him an alley-oop machine in the halfcourt, frequently getting open around the rim and throwing down any pass that comes his way. On more contested opportunities, Moultrie is a strong finisher around the rim, usually relying on finesse a little more than he probably should, but showing good touch and ability to use his length to get shots off… Moultrie actually looks at his best in the post when he’s able to play more of a power game, taking advantage of his size and length to finish over the opposition or drawing contact and getting to the free throw line. Against higher caliber opponents, there is less opportunity for him to do this effectively, and it would be even harder in the NBA, so this area of his game still needs plenty of work.” Insider Chad Ford writes, “Moultrie made the head-scratching decision to sit out the draft combine drills. He would’ve looked great in that setting, but instead saw several players leapfrog him on the draft board. I doubt he slips much past the Nuggets or Celtics, though. His length, athletic ability and shooting touch should all come in handy… Moultrie is a long, bouncy, athletic big man who could stretch the floor…”

Video courtesy of swishscout


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