Let’s take a journey through the magical land of the NBA off-season. 

In a special place where the Notorious BIG and Lil Kim once reigned supreme, there lived a “HOV” named Jay-Z.  This HOV and his majority owner friend from a continent far far away loved their basketball team so much that they gave Deron Williams $100 million, plus new toys to play with like Joe Johnson, and Gerald Wallace. 

Meanwhile, in  Hollywood, where the land of make believe truly exists (thanks in part to the abundance of dutiful plastic surgeons) Kobe Bryant was given the renewed dream of championship grandeur with the gift of an artful, mystical, point guard named Steve Nash.

And all across the valley of the NBA, hope was spreading as the principalities and powers brought Jason Terry to Boston, Jeremy Lin to Houston (unless the NYK match the offer sheet), Jamal Crawford to the Clippers, and Jason Kidd to New York.

Yes, even King James, who firmly sits on his championship throne, wants to delight in even more glee by recruiting Ray Allen (perhaps), the best marksman in the history of the land. 

But the greatest story of them all was the wondrous and glorious extension given to Spencer Hawes by the majestic power that is the Philadelphia 76ers front office.


Oh, and this is certainly no fairy tale for Sixers’ fans.


While the rest of the League is desperately equipping themselves for the difficult task of trying to somehow take down the super power that is the Miami Heat, the Sixers have extended a center that is serviceable at best.  After all he is a better mid-range shooter, than he is a low post threat.

It’s mediocrity at it’s finest.

It represents exactly what the 2012-2013 season will be about.  The Sixers will battle for the 8th, 7th, or 6th seed in the Eastern Conference.  They will get smoked by an conference power in the playoffs.  They will get a mid- first round draft pick (which Miami will then receive) and this same conversation will be had next year.

The two year deal for Hawes, reportedly worth $13 million for Hawes isn’t outlandish by any stretch of the imagination.  After all, he will certainly be more productive then Jason Kapono was for a similar contract. 

Though, the problem is that this extension shows what the Sixers won’t be doing and how nothing will change competitively and  that they once again know that they have absolutely no chance to win an NBA Championship.

The signing highlights the huge blunder that the NBA draft was for this front office.  It now seems that Maurice Harkless will be just another wing player that the Sixers didn’t need.  At first thought, it was believable that Andre Iguodala would be featured in a trade that  would score the Sixers a big man that they sorely need. 

The Hawes deal changed that dramatically. 

The Steve Nash deal also didn’t help matters much.  The Lakers now have no need to move Pau Gasol.  Thus, squashing the option for Iguodala heading west in a trade. 

The Hawes re-up also shows that they have no plan on rebuilding. 

On the other hand, the Suns knew exactly what they were doing with the Nash sign-in trade.  They know that they were in basketball purgatory with an aging superstar, in a stacked Western Conference.  So, getting something in return for Nash to  begin the refreshing of the franchise was the absolute golden move.

Yet, in Philadelphia the front office just doesn’t seem to get it.  They are still devoid of a good shooter, a game changing star, or a big men who can battle in the post.  This is the description of a middle of the road team that’s going nowhere fast. 

Meanwhile, the entire Atlantic Division has improved around them.  The Knicks, Celtics, and Nets have all improved themselves with dramatic and bold moves.  What’s the common theme here?  They were all tremendously terrible and began to rebuild.  They also have aggressive front offices.  Meanwhile, the Hawes signing for the Sixers keeps them good enough to be not good enough. 

Hey, even the Raptors tried to get Steve Nash!

None of this is to say that the Sixers don’t want to win, because we all know they do.  However, they don’t have that gusto and fortitude to take a risk needed to get to the championship level.  The Hawes signing shows that.

It was the safe predictable play. 

It’s a move that keeps the Sixers sojourning in the land  of  the ringless and the mediocre. 

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