jason smithFrom we have a video interview with Jason Smith who looks good at workouts and says he feels great especially with the new “smaller” brace he is rocking. However there are still no comments from Smith on his famous 2008 encounter with adult film star Mary Carey .

Andre Iguodala speaks on the team’s new Princeton offense  and wanting to play more point guard

As we all know, the Sixers officially brought by wingman Rodney Carney this week and Carney is excited to be back in Philly saying, “This is an excellent team on paper..”  By the way, first the Sixers bring back Carney. Then the Eagles bring back Jeff Garcia. Things always happen threes, so we can only assume that either Lenny Dykstra or Bob Clarke will be coming out of retirement very soon. 


thadnai9drphilOn Twitter we learn that Thad and AI9 are taping an episode of the “Dr. Phil” show (on set picture at left) that will air on Friday at 5pm. Apparently they got Dr. Phil to do the “stanky leg” dance which should be hilarious.

Brian Hendrickson of wonders if Iverson can reinvent himself in Memphis.

On Marvin Williams of the Hawks says the East will be tough this year because everyone has gotten better and cites the Sixers specifically.

Randy Hill of lists the underrated moves of this past NBA off-season. The Blazers getting Andre Miller is on the list …Randy, we could have told you that one.

A little over a week ago Philadunkia’s Michael Kaskey-Blomain wrote a piece in disbelief of the fact that former Sixer scoring machines Allen Iverson and Jerry Stackhouse were still unemployed. We all know that Iverson now has a job with Memphis. Stackhouse remains unemployed and now Dime magazine has jumped on ol’ #42’s bandwagon and says “Jerry Stackhouse Can’t Go out Like This” .

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