It was a tough end to the Orland Pro Summer League for the 76ers, who lost their fourth game of the week to the Detroit Pistons 71-67 this afternoon.

The Sixers were once again led by big man Devin Searcy who recorded his second straight double-double with 10 points and 12 rebounds.

It was a total team effort early on for the 7-6, with seven different players scoring in a first quarter that had the Sixers leading 24-18.  The full effort was epitomized by coach Aaron McKie’s five-man rotation.

“We just wanted to even the minutes out,” McKie said.  “I wasn’t going to sit over there and wreck my brain.  Towards the end of the week guys start to get tired, and they try to tell you they’re good but I can see out on the floor they’re not.”

Lavoy Allen got off to a nice start for the Sixers and finished with six points and four rebounds.  Justin Holiday only had two points in the first half and finished with five for the game on a tough 1-8 shooting performance.  It was clear that some players were losing their legs a bit.

After a wonderful performance yesterday Searcy once again made his best pitch for the 76ers roster.  The former Dayton Flyer not only recorded a double-double but added three blocks while playing good defense against Andre Drummond, the ninth overall pick in this year’s Draft.


Solomon Jones put together a nice final day, giving everything he has to make this team.  Jones finished with six points and seven rebounds.  He was physical and strong under the basket, even taking charges, and he put together a few good moves offensively, but struggled to finish.

Chris Johnson looked the part again for the Sixers, despite an iffy stat sheet.  He struggled to connect from the outside, shooting 1-7 from beyond the arc, but added four rebounds and three assists.  His long athletic frame, constant motor and good bounce make an impression, even if the box score isn’t as glamorous.  

Early in the third quarter Casper Ware and Xavier Silas collided on a Ware drive.  Both players went down, Silas was noticeably in a lot of pain.  There is no official word on what the injury is at this point, but Silas was taken to the hospital.

As the second half progressed the Sixers seemed to lose their legs more and more.  Fewer shots were falling, and often times hitting the front of the rim.  The Pistons were just too much and despite a couple late threes from Holiday and Rosen, the Sixers couldn’t take back control.

Despite going 1-4 on the week McKie is pleased with the teams effort.  You must remember that Lavoy Allen, Jacob Pullen, Nikola Vucevic, Maurice Harkless and Arnett Moultire all missed some, if not all, of the league’s action.

“I thought it went great, I thought our guys gave us everything that they had,” McKie said.  “I told those guys in the locker room that we may not have gotten the results we wanted in terms of wins, but as far as executing plays offensively and defensively they did all of that.”

With the week over we can do nothing but speculate on who will be invited to training camp, who will head overseas and who will join another team.  Pullen and Holiday made strong cases early in the week and Searcy, Johnson and Jones made pushes later in the competition.  Silas was a good bet to make the roster, but with his head injury things are still way up in the air.



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