Posted by: Steve Toll
07/17/12 8:28 am EST

Nobody in Philadelphia expects a championship in 2012-2013, that’s one thing the Sixers have going for them.  But did you expect the 7-6 to be Lottery bound in 2013?  Sports articles rarely talk about the reality of situations and often boast about the “best case scenario” when that scenario is based on fantasy, rather then the facts of the situation.  This is NOT one of those articles.

The 7-6 won 35 games this past season.  It will be a struggle to win 35 games next year in what will be an 82 game season.  The Sixers have essentially ruined the franchise for the next 5 years by their actions this off-season.  There are so many good sources of basketball stats on the Internet.  While many of my points are generalized a few minutes looking through basketball reference, court vision analytics, basketball value, 82games, wages of wins, the NBA geek and other stat based websites.  All the arguments made below are facts or historically relevant information and not influenced by cognitive bias and other things that betray humans when we make assumptions about players and coaches based on the “eye test”

After the jump, I will review the mistakes by timeline that the 76ers’ front office made this off-season:


#1) Not firing Doug Collins or completely removing him from any basketball related decisions

Doug Collins is not a good basketball coach.  People can say “Doug Collins is a good coach” until the cows come home, that won’t make it true.  Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young were both underplayed by a combined 9 minutes per game.  Jrue Holiday was overplayed by about 9 minutes per game.  If those minutes were properly distributed the Sixers likely win an extra 5+ games this year.  Minutes wise everything else was where it should be, it just happens that 2 of our most effective players had their minutes taken by a guy they were both way more valuable then.

Doug Collins is old and doesn’t understand statistics.  That is a major problem considering everyday the stats behind basketball are getting better and painting a clearer picture of what it is that makes winning basketball.  There is a reason Jodie Meeks sat on the bench in the playoffs while Evan Turner played 38mpg, shot 33% had more turnovers than assists and was historically awful.  It’s because Doug Collins doesn’t understand how to put the statistics behind fundamentally sound basketball into on court production

“We don’t feel like contested two-point field goals will beat you.  At the end of the day, you’ll get beat in the paint, you’ll get beat with fast breaks and you’ll get beat behind the three-point line, but we just don’t feel like teams are going to beat you making contested two-point shots.” – Doug Collins, Head Coach, Philadelphia 76ers

Our 76ers took the most mid-range jumpers and least amount of Free Throws in the NBA this past season.  Add that in to being 25th in 3PAs per game while being the 8th best 3pt shooting team (.362%).  It’s one thing to know what to do, it’s another to implement that onto the court. Doug Collins is not able to properly coach an NBA team on offense.

Now let’s get to defense.  When you never turn the ball over on offense and have the 2nd best wing defender in the League on your team, you are going to have an average defense.  Add in a skilled defensive PF/C in Brand, a group of underrated defenders which is literally everyone on the team not named Andre Iguodala and you have the makings of a very good defense.  Meeks and Williams are actually average NBA defenders and they were considered the worst defenders on the team.  Everyone on the team can run, so transition D is never a problem.  There is a reason that the defense is good, because the guys tried hard and Dre is a mega-elite defender.  Having a mega-elite wing defender makes the team defense a lot better and easier on the other 4 guys.  If you don’t believe, go look at some of Lebron’s Cleveland teams.

#2)  Drafting Arnett Moultrie

Since 1998-1999, 54 players have had seasons where they averaged 10+ rebounds, less than 1 block and less that 1 steal per game.  Quentin Richardson and Reggie Evans are the only 2 guys who have become NBA players.  Q-Rich was a McDonald’s All-American and C-USA player of the year as a freshman when he averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds.  Reggie Evans transferred from a JUCO school to Iowa and proceeded to average 15 pts. and 12 rebounds, Evans led the NCAA in rebounds and free throw attempts per game (9.9) that season.

Moultrie has no business being compared to Q-Rich and realistically has no business being compared to Reggie Evans either.  Evans has put up some historically great rebounding numbers in the NBA which wasn’t expected by anyone even though Evans was a voracious college rebounder.

Since 2009-2010, 82 college players averaged 35+ minutes per game and averaged under 1 block and steal per game.  Only Brandon Knight, who was the 6th ranked HS prospect in the country and 8th overall pick after his freshman season, has become an NBA player or was even a 1st round pick.  History dictates that Arnett Moultrie will have a great career in Poland.  And for that the Sixers gave up a 1st round pick.  While it’s 99.99% likely that the Sixers are in the Lottery next season, the .01 chance Philly makes the playoffs means that the 15th pick in 2013 was traded for the 27th pick in 2012.  That is not winning, according to Charlie Sheen or anyone but the possibly the Tin Man.

#3)  Not Trading Kyle Lowry for Jrue Holiday

Kyle Lowry is an upgrade over Holiday in every way except age. Lowry is owed $12 million the next 2 years while Jrue will be a restricted free agent after this season.  The Sixers wouldn’t take Gary Forbes and a future lottery pick for Jrue Holiday.  That is what Houston got for Lowry.  Getting a Top 10 NBA point guard in Lowry and the addition of Jonas Valuncianus will likely result in the Lottery pick being in the 10-14 area, making that a much less valuable asset than Jrue Holiday.  Even if Philadelphia had to trade Holiday and the 15th pick for Kyle Lowry, that would have been a positive trade for the Sixers. In case anyone is wondering Jrue Holiday, Sam Dalembert, Kevin Martin, Patrick Patterson, Marcus Morris, Chandler Parsons, Chase Budinger plus the 14th, 15th, 16th pick would of been enough to get Dwight Howard + Ryan Anderson + Hedo from Orlando.

#4)  Not Re-signing Lou Williams

Lou Williams was elite on offense this past season.  His combination of TS%, USG, TO%, AST% and FT rate was historically great.  Basically, he scored efficiently, passed the ball, got the line and didn’t turn it over in a way that’s never been done before in the history of the NBA.  There is crazy value in that.  It seems that Atlanta signed him to a 4 year 20 million dollar deal.  He would have stayed in Philadelphia if he was offered a 3yr 20 million dollar deal. If Philadelphia only wanted to sign him to a 1 year deal, the front office would have been perfectly justified to offer a 1 yr 12 million dollar deal.

#5)  Signing Nick Young  / Not Re-Signing Jodie Meeks / Trading for Dorell Wright (Who is better than Nick Young in every way.) 

There is a reason after Nick Young’s best statistical season that he took his $3.7 million dollar qualifying offer from the Wizards.  In Nick Young’s own words “he was gonna make the league pay for not offering him the money he deserved”.  Unfortunately, for Philadelphia we are the team paying.  After regressing in every way imaginable in this past season, our front office gave him 6 million dollars, which is a 2.3 million dollar raise compared to what he made in 2011-2012. Nick Young is worth the league minimum.  Speaking of the League minimum, it’s highly unlikely Jodie Meeks gets paid more than that (which is absurd value).  Jodie Meeks is better than Nick Young.  He is more efficient on offense and a better defender.  The same can be said for Dorell Wright.  Instead of having Jodie Meeks and Dorell Wright for 5 million, the 76ers now have Nick Young and Dorell Wright for $10 million.

#6)  Amnestying Elton Brand

Elton Brand was one of the 40 most valuable players this past season. He shot nearly 50% from the field, averaged 7+ rebounds a game,while having a 4:1 ratio of Assists+Steals+Blocks : Turnovers, while often defending the opposing teams best post player.  That is an extremely valuable skill set.  Yes, he is overpaid but Brand was an expiring contract.  There is a lot of value in a big expiring contract, especially for a team like that Sixers that could use get a lot of talent back for Brand’s 18.2 million.  For example, the Clippers might offer DeAndre Jordan + Lamar Odom (expiring) + 2013 1st rd pick for Brand, so they can make a run at Dwight Howard or Bynum in free agency in the 2013 off season.  That would give the Sixers a starting center for the next few years and keep cap space to make a run at an all star type PF in 2013.  Worse case scenario, Philly keeps Brand and he plays the season out before leaving in free agency to play for a contender.

#7)  Resigning Spencer Hawes to a 2-year deal

In a vacuum, this was a decent signing by the front office.  Hawes is better than he is given credit for and won’t be at his peak as a player age 27-30.  Hawes turned 24 back in late April.  4 years from now he will likely be at his peak as a player and the NBA playoffs will be starting.  If the 7-6 thought he was worth 2 years 13 million, he is certainly worth a 4 year 30 million dollar deal that goes 6,7,8,9 with the last year being a team option.  The only redeeming factor in this trade is that a 2 year 13 million dollar deal is great value for a player like Spencer Hawes.  What’s crazy is Philadelphia’s front office values Nick Young the same (and apparently OJ Mayo less) as they do Spencer Hawes as a player next season. 

#8)  Not Hiring Stan Van Gundy or Jeff Van Gundy

There is a reason SVH or JVG aren’t the coach of this team.  It’s because the front office tried to tell them of their off-season plans but the brothers hung up when “nick young and 6 million dollars” managed to end up in the same sentence.

#9)  Kwame Brown

A 31 year old who has always been terrible and is coming off a major upper body injury.  For you…2-years and $6 million.


This is the 2012-2013 Philadelphia 76ers’ roster: 


Andre Iguodala

Thaddeus Young

Jrue Holiday

Spencer Hawes

Evan Turner

Lavoy Allen

Nick Young

Dorell Wright

Nik Vucevic

Arnett Moultrie

Maurice Harkless

Kwame Brown


In conclusion, at least we are bringing back Malik Rose.



  1. Jake
    17. July 2012 at 08:38

    Hopefully they bring Matt cord back too so we don’t sleep through the games

  2. Evan
    17. July 2012 at 08:42

    What a short-sighted article. The Sixers clearly have a larger plan at work. There’s a reason that they’ve only offered 1 and 2 year deals this offseason. They are not doling out ridiculous long term contracts to mediocre players that won’t help them win a championship. What they need to do is give the young guys minutes and let them develop. No one on this team is a star, but there are good young pieces to a contending team.

  3. Sloetry
    17. July 2012 at 08:55

    I have patiently read this website for the last 2 seasons. I have taken informative articles and enjoyed them along with negative articles that really frustrate me, as the authors opinion get in the way of being objective, or perhaps behind the team… no I don’t want positive propaganda just cos we love the Sixers, but neither do I want to see popularist negativity for the sake of being different. There is a balance, and this website doesn’t get it. I told myself, it’s not important in the scheme of things… people are who they are, and other teams are luckier to have more informative websites about them… but this article is so deconstructive, it devalues any opinion within it that might be worthy of merit.
    Sorry to be so blunt. Get your act together. You are recognised by ESPN as being the go to website for the Sixers. Start acting like it.

  4. dan
    17. July 2012 at 08:59

    whoever wrote this article….most no absolutely nothing about basketball or is just plain brain dead…fire doug collins!!!!ARE YOU INSANE! going through this article i was thinking to myself saying this article has got to be a joke. whoevr wrote this should quite their writing career!

  5. Phil
    17. July 2012 at 10:14

    I only left Google Reader to come here and say what my previous posters already said. This article is flawed on so many levels (eg. not playing Jrue is stupid on so many levels. The kid wont develop without playing time (HE IS YOUNG and we still don’t know his ceiling). If you saw ET play in the playoffs, you’d know that he earned his minutes and the 33% were no problem…).

    Now I re-checked and saw that the blog has many writers, so it will stay in my reader for now … but boy.

  6. Jon
    17. July 2012 at 10:47

    You are very close to losing a daily reader with this post.

    I moved from Philly a few years ago to live elsewhere but I see the same outrageous and destructive attitudes still exist when it comes to sports in Philly. Lottery team? Really? We have the same starting lineup (minus Brand who should have been benched) as the team that took the Celtics to a game seven in the second round of the playoffs last year. Now we’re a lottery pick?

    Stop over reacting. We’ve kept essentially the same young core of players and now they’ll get even more playing time. We’ve added some shooters, which we desperately needed. But fire Doug Collins? Are you a thirteen year old kid that called up WIP in his parents basement?

    Yes, I would have kept Lou Williams. And no, I’d never sign Kwame Brown to anything longer than a one year deal. I agree, that was a painful thing to read. You should have spent all your anger just addressing that.

  7. Chris
    17. July 2012 at 10:48

    I am sorry, but I have to agree with Sloetry and Evan on this one. While I appreciate the author’s honesty, at times I thought that he might just be joking, but realized he was trying to make a valid point. Really the Clips would take Brand for Odom AND Jordan (who will probably be the new D-Howard in about 2-3 years)? Aside from that this author, who I think like a lot of Sixers fans, doesn’t realize is that the core of this team HAS to be blown up! What is the definition of insanity? Exactly. While I agree about Brown, and to a lesser extent Hawes, I don’t see how someone could look at the current line up and tell me that it is significantly worse than last year. I know that there won’t be a parade on Broad st next year, but that’s why these contracts are so short. I think the Sixers are planning not for 2013, but 2014. Hell we have waited this long…

  8. Daniel
    17. July 2012 at 11:00

    I’m tired of these articles being written before the off-season even ends! Wait until the starting 5 and rotations become more clear. I dont feel like this article is necessarily indicative of the site as a whole, but it is biased. This biased/negative combo comes across as amateur, not something expected of a high caliber website. It’s clear that the writer is emotionally invested in the team which is great. Unfortunately he takes to black and white statements that are mostly opinion. Saying dorrell wright is a better player in every way than nick young is one example. Also not giving the front office credit for the trade that brought wright in if he’s so good seems contradictory and adds to the extreme negative mood of the article. The extreme, totally fantasy like number of the team having 99.9% chance of being a lottery team is something an impassioned adolescent might say. The trade conjecture is sort of foolish bc there is little proof of the legitimacy of them.

  9. Alan McGlone
    17. July 2012 at 11:05

    I cant believe this clown called Lou Williams “elite”. When they got rid of him I was so happy. He came up empty in the playoffs and was anything but efficient. I agree that Collins is a very overrated coach and should be held partly accountable for their playoff offensive woes. At one point in the playoffs Lavoy scored 8 straight points against the Celtics in 4 mins of play. And what does Coach Collins do? Calls a timeout and takes lavoy out. KEEP THE HOT SHOOTER IN THE GAME! Moving Spence to PF and picking up Kwame Brown is a horrible move. Nicky Young and Dorell Wright are both solid players that I think will contribute next year and be much better than Lou Will and an undersized jodie meeks. The problem is, Why do we have Wright, Iggy, Thad, Harkless, Moultrie, Hawes, Allen alll battling for 2 spots?? way too many wing players, and no backup point guard? Pullen should make the team and backup, but the sixers should really start getting their act together.

  10. Ragan
    17. July 2012 at 11:17

    I realize this is a blog and is meant to be opinionated, and I’m not in love with the Sixers’ offseason either, but this is pretty harsh…

    Item #1 not firing Doug Collins? Collins is the best coach we’ve had at least since LB and has done absolutely nothing to deserve getting canned. Perhaps there are available coaches you like better, and I wouldn’t disagree really, but there has never been a case of a coach in a similar situation (taking the team further than it’s gotten in years with a decidedly below average roster) getting fired. Ever.

    Also, how did they “ruin the franchise for the next 5 years” when literally nobody on this team is signed for more than 2 years from now except Thad?

    I don’t love this offseason either but you just sound spiteful, dude.

  11. Josh
    17. July 2012 at 11:25

    I completely and strongly disagree with everything but kwame brown. We are a mid market in the NBA in which players believe the sixers cannot contend for an NBA championship. We are not big winners ever in FA. Number 2: Doug Collins should be fired????? He has been are best coach since Larry brown and Iverson. The point on Doug Collins is very shortsighted. Number 3: Jodie Meeks is not a good defender. Every time he was in the game guarding jj redick redick would light the floor up. Plus Jodie is way streaker and much less efficient than Wright and Young from 3. I’m sorry, but I do not think this article is very productive at all. The Hawes signing was not good because he cannot defend the paint period. He hangs out on the perimeter, forces contested shots, and shows lack of physicality.

  12. Ragan
    17. July 2012 at 11:30

    p.s. This sounds way more like a long message board post than it does an article/blog that is tied to TrueHoop or ESPN. Who let you write such an emotionally disgruntled piece? Even if it is meant to be opinionated, you are crushing the Sixers for not making specific moves when you have absolutely no idea whether or not they are or ever were realistic possibilities (i.e. Kyle Lowry, DeAndre Jordan, JVG/SVG, etc.). If we want random, speculatory thoughts on who they could or should target in trades or free agency, we can get that on any Sixers message board. We don’t want that here, we want information and insights we can’t get elsewhere. “They should trade X for Y” is useless, unless there is insight or a reason to believe that they are actually looking into such a trade.

    My 2 cents, anyway.

  13. John
    17. July 2012 at 12:00

    Not a fan of the article some of the points don’t even make sense. Like how the authors upset that we got moultrie for our pick next year because the sixers will probably be in the lottery. However, the sixers pick next year is lottery protected. Come on now

  14. bart
    17. July 2012 at 12:05

    What sloery, dan and evan said ….
    the 76ers should be very exciting this year !
    Steve …. are you from New York ?

  15. bob
    17. July 2012 at 12:06

    Wow. I can tell by reading this article that you know absolutely nothing about the game of basketball. Lou Will is one of the most inefficient players ever, he is constantly taking awful shots which is a waste of a possesion and that is inefficient. However that is not in the stats and you actually have to watch the game, rather than the box score to understand it… They got Harkless, Moultrie, Wright, Young and lost Brand and Lou. I will admit, thats not a good trade-off but it clears up mor than enough cap space for the 2013 offseason so that they can sign a STAR OR TWO!!! They will finaly get a batman (star) to go along with robin (Iggy). Plus Jrue is 21, he’s not even close to reaching his potential and when he does, he will be better than Lowry. It is clear to me that you know nothing about the game of basketball, you just embarass yourself with this article.

  16. jon
    17. July 2012 at 12:09

    This may be the most poorly constructed editorial I have ever read. I can’t even tell what you are arguing? Are you saying the defense is good, or bad? Wasn’t this to support your argument that Collins is a bad coach??? Plus, if you think the sixers are 99.99% likely to make the lottery, then you should love those odds and be happy with the fact they traded next years pick for him, when it is lottery protected. I think it is you my friend that doesn’t understand statistics. 🙂 Also, how does any of this have anything to do with the next 5 years? Elton Brand only had 1 year left, what does his amnesty have to do with years 2-5???I could go on and on, but I do actually have better things to do then critique the writing of someone who is no more skilled than my 10 year old son.

  17. Chris
    17. July 2012 at 12:13

    There comes a point in time where our younger players absolutely need to be held accountable, and get valuable reps to determine their worth. Keeping Elton and bringing the band back together for another year of frustrating 7th or 8th seed basketball isn’t going to cut it for this fan base.

    Jrue, Evan, and Thad (And Lavoy as a 2nd year player) need to be given responsibility. They’ve gotten more time, it’s time to see if they can shoulder a winning culture. I understand that Elton brings a lot more to the table than all of these guys in the short term. But it’s at the expense of not being able to develop a core group of young guys who have potential and enjoy playing together.

    I understand we’re probably going to be worse this year, but that’s what happens when you are trying to evaluate your position with young talent.

    There have been some head-scratchers this offseason, and some scary rumors (Like Hugs saying he wants to move Spencer to the 4 and start Kwame Brown: YIKES), but overall we are doing SOMETHING. I’m just hopeful that when the season starts, all of these interesting pieces can be put together cogently.

  18. Sean
    17. July 2012 at 12:54

    Lets be totally clear. You’re not entirely wrong. But you are insane for writing this rag. First, address issues that actually COULD have gone either way this offseason. Nobody expected Doug Collins to get fired. While some of us think he is a sub-par coach, we just had our best year since Iverson (which is pretty sad). We have bigger fish to fry than the coach.

    As for Moultrie and Jrue Holiday, you need to learn a few things about this thing called PLAYER DEVELOPMENT. They tend to mature in their early 20’s into the players they will be for the duration of their careers. You cant judge a player based entirely on stats until then (too small of a sample).

    I will agree we shouldn’t have amnestied Brand, absolutely shouldn’t have signed nick young, and whoever thought Kwame Brown was a good idea should be flogged with a fish.

    Perhaps consider the whole picture before you start writing next time.

  19. Bob Koca
    17. July 2012 at 13:19

    ” Jrue Holiday was overplayed by about 9 minutes per game. If those minutes were properly distributed the Sixers likely wins an extra 5+ games this year. ”

    That seems like an great exageration. Could you give some statistical backing for that estimate please?

  20. Steve Toll
    17. July 2012 at 13:37


    I understand your feeling about the article being about the present and not looking towards the future. Unfortunately, the 2012-2013 season is upon us and nothing can be written about the future seasons that is anything other than fortune telling. This article identifies the off season moves and point by point shows the errors in Philadelphia’s ways.
    Iguodala who is an Allstar, Olympian and All NBA defender (whether he is given the distinction or not) is the glue that keeps the team together. His minutes should not be limited unless Lebron or Kevin Durant is on the bench.

    Holiday, Turner, and Thad have are all very much near the Apex of their on court production as NBA players. Turner and Thaddeus could conceivably develop an ability to shoot 3’s effectively and Holiday could start shooting way more 3’s per game. Other than that and improving defense there isn’t much room for growth from these 3.

    Hawes, Lavoy, Vucevic were quality NBA bigs last season. Vucevic was nearly average in production and Spencer+Lavoy were both well above average in regards to on court production. Bigs in the NBA usually improve their game and peak around 28-30 years old.

    Arnett Moultrie is a 1/100 shot to be a journeyman NBA player. He doesn’t need to play.
    Maurice Harkless will benefit more playing against Iguodala everyday than he will from the 5 minutes a game he gets in blowouts
    Nick Young is terrible and should be amnestied, he is 27
    Dorell Wright, who will be 27 in December, should take up every minute Lou Williams and Jodie Meeks play this past season but Dorell Wright won’t be very effective playing 51 minutes per game, he is no Wilt Chamberlain

    Nothing done this offseason has or will limit the playing time of Philadelphia’s young players. The bigs will get their increase in minutes while the smaller guys will play the same and give out the same production they have the past few seasons.

  21. Geoff
    17. July 2012 at 13:49

    I agree with Dan. whoever wrote this article can’t be a basketball player. I dont agree on any of the draft picks made this year. we passed on two great players fab melo who has a ton of potential as a player to grow and also joseph from the cuse went late who has a NBA body that size we should have never passed on. Coach doug collins has done a great job making these young players understand hard work and the NBA game good luck finding other coaches that can get the best out of players

  22. Steve Toll
    17. July 2012 at 14:02

    Sloetry and Dan

    There is certainly room for disagreement in this article. The 1st paragraphs made it quite clear that this team isn’t going to be graded like a Chad Ford article where most teams get a B offseason grade with a few A’s and C’s mixed in, topped off with 1 incomplete and an F for the Orlando Magic.

    I am open to criticism and hope that it will make my articles of better value as well as more concise in the future. In order for that to happen, I would appreciate if you picked a point or points in the article you disagree with and why. It will give me an understanding of how you see things and may show me the errors in my ways.

    Being told that a deconstruction of offseason moves in 9 paragraphs is so overdone that it devalues any opinion and being called insane for calling for the removal of a coach who can’t properly put into play what he preaches is not what I’m referring to.

    I’m more interested in what part of my deconstruction was overdone and what it is you think makes Doug Collins a good coach.

    I look forward to hearing from you, as always I appreciate you reading Philadunkia and hope to continue creating topics of conversation for fans

  23. Salis
    17. July 2012 at 14:24

    This is the,worst article I’ve read on here…You make no sense what so ever…Basicaly your saying keep everybody we had last year its dumb…Moultrie is a good solid player athletic and,is an upgrade over Lavoy and Nik,Nick Young is a upgrade over Lou who shot 40 percent and just stunk it up for 3 STRAIGHT PLAYOFF SERIES MIA,CHI,BOS DWright is better then Jodie..ET shot 33 percent who cares he’ll get better…This team is better then last years team but last years team wasnt great either started.off 20-9 won 35 games? Stop It we’re not a great team anyway these were good moves to make Jrue nd ET the main players this is what every fan wanted to see these guys reach,there full potentials …Plus.Iggy has to go but nobody wants him…

  24. hk
    17. July 2012 at 14:28

    I have two questions for the author about the contention that Jrue played 9 minutes too many and that Thad and Lou Will combined to play 9 minutes too few. They are:

    1. Since there are 240 minutes played each game (48 minutes by 5 players), being off by ~9 minutes seems as though Collins did a pretty good job of maximizing his personnel. Were most other coaches off by < 9 minutes?

    2. Is there a place in the argument for the fact that, since Jrue was a starter and Thad and Lou generally came off the bench, Jrue may have been less effective because he was playing against better players and Thad and Lou may have been more effective because they were playing against bench players? In other words, if Doug actually gave Lou and Thad 4.5 more minutes each and those minutes came against starting level players, isn't it possible that their effectiveness might have suffered?

    I am not trying to be a dick about this, I just don't know or have the time to read much about advanced statistics and the websites that calculate them.

  25. Salis
    17. July 2012 at 14:35


  26. evan
    17. July 2012 at 14:55

    I agree with dan^. Listem author your information is really dumb. The one and only thing I don’t feel to thrilled about with the sixers is the amount of small forwards we have and not back up point guard. but besides that I approve. And they are going to have a lot of caproom very soon.

    Doug Collins fired for a van gundy? no comment enough said on that lol.

    You seriously need to delete this joke of a story your embarassing yourself

  27. ken
    17. July 2012 at 15:09

    clearly this isnt the usual guy that usually puts up sixers posts on the philadunkia bc the usual guy doesnt like jodie meeks and this new guy loves jodie meeks please for all the viewers that are here and read this dont let this guy post again before you lose all readers he knows nothing about the sixers

  28. dave
    17. July 2012 at 15:19


  29. marco
    17. July 2012 at 15:35

    Well, it’s not a typical supporting article… Above all, it’s very unfair. Maybe the Sixers are regressing a little bit, but the new acquisitions are not that bad. I find thet Lou Williams and Elton Brand roles in the last season are a little bit overstated. Basically, next season it’s all about the “next level” that should be reached by Jrue and Evan. And it’s a gamble, of corse, but the only one possible. It’s worth the risk. After that, a new free agency season will come, better than this one. Ps: Collins is a good coach. Not a great one, maybe, but he’s really a good old school basketball coach. I don’t see any genius hanging around the NBA (Gregg Popovich id definitely unavailable…)

  30. Mike
    17. July 2012 at 15:59

    Lost you completely at point 1. Doug Collins is not a good coach? I’m sorry, how many games would you have liked him to win with this team? Want to bring back Eddie Jordan? Stupid article.

  31. JT's Hoops Blog
    17. July 2012 at 16:06

    I don’t know wtf u r talking about saying that Doug Collins is not a good coach. he took a team that was considered lottery bound to two straight playoff appearances. The Sixers were just one game away from reaching the conference Finals and that’s rather impressive considering that Philly has very few players that can consistently put the ball in the basket. I can’t believe he got snubbed for the second straight time for COY. This guy is probably one of the most underrated coaches in the league.

  32. JC
    17. July 2012 at 16:19

    This is not a very objective article. Jodie Meeks has not been signed by anyone yet, he is not as valuable as Nick Young. Lou Williams was anything but an efficient and elite player, and I have no issues with letting him go. You say that Collins is a poor coach because our team took few three’s last year, yet in the same article, you say that signing Nick Young (who is a better three point shooter than Meeks) was a mistake. Poorly researched, stats were used to make the predetermined point, rather than looking at the big picture and seeing being objective from there. You say this offseason will ruin the team for the next 5 years, yet in a comment say that you can only write about present tense. I got about halfway through this article, and could only hope it was satire, since that was the only logical explanation.

  33. T. Martin
    17. July 2012 at 16:32

    Steve are you a Knicks fan? I disagree with you the most about Doug Collins, Arnett Moultrie and Jrue Holiday. I disagree with you second most about the value (or the antivalue) of Lou “Traffic Cone D” Williams and Jodie “the Earth May Be Inherited but an NBA Court won’t be by” Meeks vs. Nick Young and Dorrell Wright. I’m disappointed that the Sixers didn’t make more of the opportunity when they amnestied Brand but if he can’t make it through the 66 games of last year, it’d be really hard to trade him when he gets hurt during the 82 game slate next year. About the only things we can agree on are that Kwame Brown and Royal Ivey are a gross waste of space (I’m taking the liberty of speaking for you with regard to Ivey who signed after you posted this article). The only truly regrettable things the Sixers have done/not done this season are signing Aaron Brooks as the backup PG and trading Igoudala for Al Horford.

    It seems that they are banking heavily on winning a FA lottery next season when the goal should be to trade for a legit All Star that’s either signed long term or can be convinced to stay rather than trying to outbid the field.

  34. Steve Toll
    17. July 2012 at 17:01

    Ladies and Gentleman,

    Please allow me to end the Nick Young and Jodie Meeks argument



    Jodie Meeks

    Nick Young

    Here is a box score I’m sure everyone will appreciate

    Nick Young shot 19-42 (2-10 3pt) with 10 rebs, 3 asts, 1 stl, 1 blk, 6 TO’s against Philly this season in 95 minutes

    Jodie Meeks shot 17-33 (10-22 3pt) with 13 Rebs, 9 Asts, 5 stl, 0 Turnovers against Washington in 111 minutes.

    Conclusion: Jodie Meeks is way better than Nick Young

  35. Sean
    17. July 2012 at 17:37

    This article is a complete waste of time! Almost everything written is a hateful opinionated spin with little to no facts supporting it. Fire Collins…ABSOLUTELY ABSURD! Many times making small to medium types of moves is far better than paying for overpriced FA that mess of your cap for the next 4 years, limit the moves one can make in the future, and don’t equal an improved product on the floor. If Philly could not make a big SMART move, than it’s better not to tie your hands for the future, which is what they did. As well as, we’ll see how these players play on the court together before u dismiss them. Philly has things set up to make a move in FA next year or a potential trade with expiring contracts. Plus, if the guys they signed to one year deals pan out, then they have their bird rights to control them if they want to. Terrible article!

  36. dan
    17. July 2012 at 17:43

    i dont agree with all your writing but this off season has been terrible. we got freaking kwame brown now, just awful. why didnt they even try for chris kamen or oj mayo? also why do we have so many small forwards on this roster there is like 5 or 6 of them. no real back ups at the point or shooting guard. ive been saying it for a while fire ROD THORN and get ED stefanski out of the front office to. they both came from the new jersey nets organization and our past GM billy king is now there with the brooklyn nets and is actually making moves. rod thorn has done nothing since he came to philly but to collect a big fat paycheck. I do believe collins is a good coach but hasnt had much to work with, i dont know if we will be a lottery team after next season but i do see us taking a big step back. especially with a stronger competetion in the east and the atlantic devision. we need a superstar first and they havent even tried to get one since iverson left. brand was a waste for the 4 years he was with us. remember on the sixers web site elton brand career 20 points and 10 rebounds per game and we got nothing close to that. the team is a joke really no direction and a ton of small forwards who cant shoot or handle the ball. collins might just step down either half way through the season or at the end because looking at this roster who wants to coach this trash of a team.

  37. wtf
    17. July 2012 at 19:10

    I second most people’s criticisms. I’ve been reading this site for a while and I’m just fed up with it. It’s one thing for me to disagree with your points, but another for me to be seriously considering if this was some kind of April fool’s joke.

    I’m done with this website for a while.

    For the record, I think the Sixers have had a GREAT off-season. There was no big free agent within our reach that I would have wanted to commit a bunch of money to (maybe Ersan Ilyasova. We had no shot at Deron Williams) So they left themselves with future salary cap and flexibility while still fulfilling some needs. I’m very happy with the following prospects for the following season.

    1) Young guys- Jrue and Evan continuing to grow and us fans finally figuring out what they are. (I still don’t know for sure). Vucevic getting better. Harkless showing some flashes (supposedly has legit star potential, can’t say that about anyone else on the team except maybe Jrue)

    2) Proven shooters!!! FINALLY. We haven’t had that since Kyle Korver. I think Nick Young is the best natural scorer to play for the Sixers since Iverson. Granted a knucklehead and suspect defender, but nonetheless he will get buckets. Wright is also a proven shooter. Don’t know about his defense. Both guys however are good athletes and can be groomed into decent defenders in our system I believe.

    3) A good post defender in Kwame Brown… This is me just being blindly optimistic. Who am I kidding? There’s nothing exciting about Kwame Brown. But Moultrie I think is a good pick. When is the last time we drafted an athletic big man??? Speights maybe… ahead of Javalee McGee, Deandre Jordan, Hibbert (ok maybe not an athlete but hes very tall). My philosophy on big men…. Always draft the athlete!

    So basically I’m excited for the young guys to improve and watching a more balanced team. I think they’re a lock for a 6,7,8 seed. Probably lose in the first round (unless jrue or evan make THE leap and Hawes becomes Hawes from the first 20 games of last year) but I love watching young guys get better and the core of our team is great character guys who play their hearts out. GO SIXERS!

  38. Kevin
    17. July 2012 at 19:21

    This is definitely the worst article I have ever read at this site. The sixers clearly have other things in mind whether they work out or not and that is not being recognized in the slightest. What are they to do? Bring back certain players, still stand no chance to win the or compete for the Finals and also have no shot at acquiring anyone who can improve the team next year? That seems logical…. The sixers truthfully aren’t too much of a different team between this year and last, minus the veteran leadership and composure of Elton Brand. Other than that the team is very similar.I also dont care about the statistics for a player such as Moultrie, the Sixers took a chance and grabbed someone they liked a lot. I applaud them for that. If statistics meant everything there would be many more HOF players. But the fact of the matter is statistics are made to be broken otherwise you wouldn’t need scouts to work year around preparing for one night.

  39. Joe
    17. July 2012 at 20:22

    Is this an article or just a rant from a fan?? Pretty bad…

  40. JerseeJerry
    17. July 2012 at 21:07

    To quote Ralph Kramden of The Honeymooners, “You sir are an idiot”. Do you have any idea about basketball, or the Sixers in general? Let’s look at the facts. The Sixers amnestied Elton Brand taking $18.1 mil off of the books. Got rid of the following contacts: Lou Williams, Jodie Meeks, Tony Battie, Sam Young. Have brought in 1 year deals in Nick Young, & Dorell Wright (for a scrub European no name player), resigned Hawes, and brought in a backup center in Kwame Brown. BTW Brown is a lot better than what we had last year Battie/Elson. Drafted Mo Harkless, and Arnett Moultrie (who from everything I’ve seen in video is a beast). The bottom line is that you want to get younger. Collins can’t coach??? Really. He not only has brought respectability, AND stability back to this team. After failed experiments in Tony DiLeo, and Eddie Jordan, Collins is the best thing to happen to this team. Watch them this year I firmly believe that this is the year we make the big move towards the top of the division. Fire Collins, nah bro try again. Not trading Holiday for Kyle Lowry? Really?? Do you proofread things before submission??? That is a downright bad idea. I think Jrue has only scratched the surface of his ability as a pro. In actuality I think Turner should be the PG, and Jrue moves to the 2. It would be an upgrade. Additionally Mr. Wizard not resigning Meeks, or Williams??? Wow I am surprised you didn’t suggest bringing back Korver, Royal Ivey, or Speedy Claxton. As a matter of fact why not go even further and suggest bringing back C Webb, Stackhouse, or Derrick Coleman while you were at it. Williams proved to be an average player especially during the playoffs, and while I liked Jodie personally, it was his time to go as well. The bottom line is this. The team had a good year last year, and will only get better regardless of what useless dribble you are feeding us. I think this team is good for about 45 wins this year. Well enjoy your evening. Hopefully you wake up tomorrow and what you wrote in the above article is just a bad dream. G’night.

  41. Spiro
    17. July 2012 at 21:39

    The author of this article really needs to stop writing period. Dude, were you drunk when you wrote this? In what world is Collins a bad coach? Fire him? And get who? The Van Dumassses? Eddie Jordan? Who? How stupid can you be?

    Jodie Meeks should of been resigned? You are a complete moron.

    Williams? Yes I will miss him, but guess what. He is not that good you moron. You are putting up some stupid statistics like he is Bryant or Jordan. You could’nt of been serious when you wrote this article now that I am thinking about this. You must of had some alterior motive.

    Van Gundies? Dude, are you serious?

  42. Greg
    17. July 2012 at 22:00

    This article is unreal, a friend told me to read this because he didn’t think I would believe him that someone felt this way…

    1.) doug collins – good coach not great but you don’t know young and williams would be able to put up the same stats they did by playing more time throughout the game and williams is statistically a horrible defender so the opposite team would score more with him on the floor and young looked lost in playoffs

    2. ) Arnett Moultrie hasn’t even played 1 game yet so shut up and wait until he suits up and plays, did anyone think Tom Brady was going to be good….

    3.) kyle lowry stats: well hasn’t played a full season since
    2008 but anyway: averages for his career
    10.4 pts,1.1 STL 4.8 ASTS
    jrue stats: 11.9 pts(wins)1.4 STL(wins)5.0 AST(wins)

    Jrue wins

    4.) Lou not resigning, doesn’t deserve the money and wasn’t even offered what he wanted from Atlanta, can’t play defense

    5.) Jodie Meeks over Nick Young… might be the dumbest comment I have ever read… Nick young’s worst season is better then Jodie’s best and both Wright/Young will be off the books and free up cap space soon

    6.) Keeping Brand is retarded because he shouldn’t have been there for that much in the first place. They should have gone after Josh Smith years ago. Did you watch Elton play this year? My grandfather is quicker

    7.) Signing Spencer Hawes – only smart comment you made no argument

    8.) Hiring the Van Gundy brothers – No because they can’t keep their team in order or else Stan wouldn’t have been bullied out of Orlando

    9.) Kwame Brown was just available and they need a guy to
    get in three or four good hard fouls a game… better than tony battie

    Do us all a favor and do not write again.

  43. hmmmm
    17. July 2012 at 23:12

    this is a mistake filled blog

  44. George
    17. July 2012 at 23:38

    So anyone else hoping we get a big man? Either Daniel Orton or Hassan Whiteside? I’m okay with signing either Pullen or Holiday the elder… But whichever should get a stint in the d league. We need another big man if they don’t have faith in Nik, and spence is our 4. I’m not sure I agree with the article, but the smashing this fella got more than handles any feelings I have.

  45. Mike
    18. July 2012 at 01:27

    By the way, what are you? Jodie Meeks mother? I have never seen a someone defend him the way you have.

  46. scott
    18. July 2012 at 02:53

    This guy is allowed to write about basketball? The fact that he thinks Dwight “Cry Baby” Howard would ever play in Philadelphia is laughable. Jodie Meeks is a better defender than the 6’7 Nick Young? I didn’t disagree with everything he said…but almost everything. The writing style is bland, the grammatical errors plentiful. Philadunkia if you want an actual intelligent writer drop me a line I’ll do it for half.
    P.S. Malik Rose is awful.

  47. Jack Kerfoot
    18. July 2012 at 03:09

    Will the writer quit his job, if the 76’s make the playoffs and aren’t a lottery pick? I doubt it!

  48. Jon
    18. July 2012 at 05:21

    Do you even watch the Sixers? The only thing I agree with you on is that we gave Kwame too much money. Seriously, you wanted Hawes for 4 more years when he hsn’t proven much at all? Meeks is not that good. Basically, all he could do for us was shoot 3s, and he did’t have consistency at all. Nick Young is not that overpaid a $6 million. This team needed to get rid of Lou Williams because you cant ave two bench guys making a ton of money (Thad). It looks like you just looked at the Sixers stats from last season and wrote this piece based on that. Brand would not have gotten us much value in return if we would’ve kept him. Doug Collins isn’t the best, but I’d rather have him coaching our team than the guys you mentioned. In conclusion, you were totally off the mark with this one. There are many reasons to be displeased with this offseason but you missed just about all of them.

  49. jajaka
    18. July 2012 at 05:34

    Steve, you are a fool. Fire collins? Once I read that I thought that you were kidding. Do u forget the coaches that we have had since larry brown? Although cheeks was ok, everyone else was a joke. If lou williams was so good why was his deal smaller than lin’s who only played good ball for a little over a month? There are other free agents who’s names we hardly know that got better deals than williams. The obvious plan the sixers have by doing these 1 and 2 year contracts is to go after better Free agents next year. Dude, I’m sorry but the sixers have a better future than nyc or brooklyn, especially the knicks. Wake up.

  50. jajaka
    18. July 2012 at 05:41

    This is the poorest article on bball I have read in a while. While the rest of the nba consistently compliments collins as a coach, you want to fire him? Van gundy, both of them, are not in the same sphere with collins as far as coaches. They both had superior players and got nowhere.

  51. Paul
    18. July 2012 at 07:51

    This Steve Toll character clearly has a beginner’s understanding of the NBA and the Sixers organization. The Sixers have not made any mistakes this off-season. In fact, this is the best Sixers off-season since the early 1980’s when they brought in Moses Malone. Harkless is just 19 and with the right tutelage will blossom into very solid player. He will probably be an All-Star by the time he turns 23. Moultrie, while probably not a future All-Star, was one of the steals of the Draft. He may even have a better year in 2012-2013 than Elton Brand, who I guarantee will get injured and miss thirty or forty games.

    I cannot believe that this Steve Toll clown would trade Jrue Holliday for Lowry. Lowry will score points but he does not play defense and cannot distribute the ball. Meanwhile, any NBA executive, player or expert will tell you that Jrue Holliday is one of the best young, true point guards in the league. He is a leader who does not turn the ball over very often and is arguably the best player on the team. He is still in his early 20’s and will only improve and could have a break-out year in 2012-2013.

    Dorell Wright was a fantastic pickup. He can shoot from anywhere on the floor and can finish at the hoop with the best of them. He played well in his time at Golden State, which is not so easy because that is historically mismanaged and improperly coached. Don Nelson is the only decent coach they’ve had in the last thirty years.

    While I agree that Wright is superior to Nick Young, Young is an excellent scorer/shooter who will probably play the ever-important Sixth Man role that Lou Williams played this past season (with similar numbers).

    Kwame Brown is a decent pickup as well. While he should have not been picked in the Lottery, much less with the Overall No. 1, he will give you seven or eight rebounds and ten or eleven points per game.

    Once Iguodala has been showcased at the Olympics, he will be traded to the highest bidder. Hopefully we will get a decent big man out of the deal. Next off-seaon the Sixers will have a ton of cap-room to work with. Turner, Holliday, Young , Vucevic, Harkless, Allen and Moultrie are a nice core to build around. They will have a ton of money to spend on one or two big free agents next year. I’d give them an A- for this off-season.

    Steve Toll you’re wrong, you’re misinformed and, like most of the Philly Media, you’re a HATER.

  52. Victor
    18. July 2012 at 10:11

    First time reading this site, definitely very opinionated.

    Quoting a lot of stats and I’m assuming they are true, for example Lou Williams’ percentages etc. However stats do not make up 100% of the game of basketball.

    Doug Collins has helped revive the 76er culture and that is no small feat. However I do agree that he was not very flexible with his roster/lineups. We’ve got so much youth and talent, we need to explore that talent and see where it leads us. Turner, Holiday, Vucevic, Moultrie, Harkless, Allen…none of them have reached their ‘ceiling’ whereas guys like Brand, Iguodala, maybe even Hawes already have. I would place Meeks in the same category as Brand and Iguodala, he’s an inconsistent shooter at best and his game is very one dimensional – shooting, probably not going to expand his game much. However it seems like the players respect Collins and are willing to learn from him, that’s big coming from such a young group.

    Moultrie looks decent to me, I think he could be a good player in this league. Not sure about Harkless but he could be good as well. Speculating about the pick we gave up for Moultrie is an unknown. The draft is crazy, you never really know what you are going to get… look at Kwame Brown =)

    Trading Holiday to get Lowry – Lowry is great PG. He’s in his prime and pretty close to his ceiling. Holiday is younger, not even in his prime yet, his ceiling is still unknown, and he’s already not too far behind Lowry in terms of skill. I’m not sold on Holiday being our PG of the future but trading for Lowry would not have been a long term upgrade.

    Lou Williams = Nick Young. We didn’t lose and we didn’t gain, we got a shorter contract for a guy that can put up points just as easily as Lou.

    Lou Williams + Jodie Meeks vs Nick Young + Dorell Wright…I’m definitely taking Young + Wright.

    Amnestying Brand was a toss up, I don’t like the fact that we are still paying him a bunch of money and then we essentially replace him with Kwame Brown. Collins better wake up and realize that the sixers would be better off exploring their young talent and play Moultrie, Vucevic and Allen. You know exactly what you get with Hawes and Kwame and that’s not much. However…you should realize that nobody in their right mind was going to offer up anything remotely good for Brand’s expiring contract. Why in the world would the Clippers offer DeAndre Jordan now and a 1st round pick for Brand when they have no guarantee of a Howard signing next year. If anything changes between now and next year in terms of Howard, they could be left without Jordan and without Howard, lose lose situation.

    I’m hopeful for Philly. This draft was a very talented one in my opinion, not sure if we picked up the right ones in Harkless and Moultrie but I’m hopeful for them. I’m also hopeful that Collins will play the youngsters instead of wasting precious court time on Kwame and Spencer. We have lots of talent and we are continuing to stockpile more, I’m curious to see what happens with Iggy in terms of trades.

  53. Mike D
    18. July 2012 at 11:53

    Ok, let’s not go overboard here. I’d like to thank Steve for an interesting and provocative article – and encourage him to write more posts. His tone and dire outlook might have been a little over the top, but come on people, management has just completed a serious of befuddling moves, with no apparent plan, most of which could be expected to make the team worse.

    Could some of the draft picks or signings turn out to be awesome, but that would probably be the result of lucky breaks, not effective planning.

    I’d love to see this blog become a place to wrestle with what advanced stats AND scouting can tell us about the Sixers. My guess is that some of both will turn out to be less than useful, but that should be the discussion. Not knee-jerk attacks on authors backed up with the same old hoary focus on scoring numbers and eyeballs.

    Finally, how can ownership let Rod Thorn, trade away future draft picks when he’s scheduled to depart this year? The incentives just don’t line up.

  54. Hank
    18. July 2012 at 11:56

    I’ll second that this article was overly harsh, and was actually off on a number of its points. However, some of the comments are equally ridiculous on the other end of the spectrum. Any one who is saying Kwame Brown is a decent pickup is high. Kwame Brown has been a laughing stock of the NBA for a number of years, and somehow we ended up giving him a player option. Arnett Moultrie is NOT an upgrade over Lavoy Allen, nor will he put up better numbers than Brand did last year. At first I thought the Nick Young move was a solid one, but that was when I assumed Lou Will would be getting seriously overpaid. After the Hawks contract was announced, I thought it was pretty clear that we made a huge mistake. I’d rather have Lou Will back than Nick Young (and it’s not even close).

    However, Steve missed a major point in this article. Did we take a step back? Yes. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the step back is a mistake, though. We should be giving serious minutes and responsibility to Jrue, ET, Nik, Lavoy, Thad, and Spencer this season. I also like Dorrell Wright and think he could be a long term piece. We need to develop as many of these players as possible (provided they are showing growth) and prepare for 2013/2014 when many of our contracts expire to take a run at free agency looking for a high efficiency scorer (Wish James Harden was a possibility.)

    You almost always have to take a step back to take a large step forward in the nba, and it’s possible that that’s what’s happening now. I also think we should be shopping Iguodala for nothing less than a potential superstar (again, Harden, which would never happen) or several draft choices. Iguodala is a star in the nba, we just can’t utilize his skill set as much as a contending team could.

  55. steve
    18. July 2012 at 17:08

    this is such a poorly thought out article that I am shocked a “professional writer” actually wrote this and not some random fan. I have coached and played basketball for over thirty years and I am a diehard sixers fan who watched most of their gamnes last year. Lou Williams is a high volume shooter who does not play any defense and is a terrible passer who shot 11% from the three point line in his last playoff series. Doug Collins is one of the best coaches in the league who gets his guys to hustle and play defense-and he teaches his players to not turn the ball over–the number one statistic of a great coach. “Evan Turner and Jrue Holliday will not get better”. They are young players who have been in the league two and three years respectively—they will most likely improve! How do you know they have reached thier potential? and listing Elton brand as a top 40 player is a joke–he is a very good Back-up PF and Allen outplayed him in the playoffs! And by the way, how can you be upset with Moultrie if he hasnt even played a game—are you going to tell me you predicited Allen would be a valuable role player?? This was the worst article i have ever read about the NBA!

  56. G
    18. July 2012 at 17:50

    wow, this is usually a pretty good blog in my opinion, but i stopped reading this after point #1. Doug Collins doesn’t understand statistics? since when did statistics ever win anybody a basketball game? but anyway, here’s a statistic for you. before Doug got here, the Sixers won 27 games. in the next 2 years, they won 41 and then 35/66 (~43 in a 82 game season). improvement without any very significant roster upgrades is not any reason to fire a coach.

  57. JerseeJerry
    18. July 2012 at 22:03

    I think Steve Toll should start writing under an assumed name. I.M.A. Jackass may do the trick.

  58. Ryan
    18. July 2012 at 23:14

    I actually thought it was going to be revealed as a joke article..

  59. Sean
    19. July 2012 at 01:03

    I usually like this websites post but this was very disappointing. Fire Doug? are you serious. he has done nothing up to this point to deserve that. and was trading holiday for lowry even an option. i feel like you just made that up out of no where. signing kwame was the only thing that made sense and even that wasnt that bad because you knew they were gonna replace battie. and you really though meeks should have gotten in during the playoffs? what a terrible opinion. everyone knew amnestying brand was coming. and you make it seem like moultrie is a bum, wen most websites had him projected as a lottery pick. and you cant even put not hiring either van gundy as a mistake because they didnt need to fire doug so the van gundy thing is irrelevant before you started typing that sentence. i really really like this website but this is an absolute joke. someone should seriously get fired for this, either steve or the editor who said “yeah thats a good article.” i rarely comment on this website, but this was too ridiculous to let go. i really hope the next article is better, and an apology to all the readers would not be a bad idea. get your shit together philadunkia.

  60. louis
    19. July 2012 at 06:53

    How can you criticize Moultrie….HE WAS A STEAL AT WHAT HE GOT HIM FOR…. NEXT YEARS DRAFT IS TRASH…SOME OF THE TOP TEN PLAYERS FOR NEXT YEAR WOULD BE 2nd ROUNDERS THIS PAST YEAR…ALSO Jrue is better than kyle lowry and I do not even like Jrue Holiday that much….seriously dude….been reading this site for a while you are making an embarrassment out of this site that i have loved to read for 2 years……

  61. Adam
    19. July 2012 at 12:54

    I dont think anyone likes lou williams as much ad this writer does.

    Lou williams was a black hole all season who flat out lost us multiple games. Including a playoff game vs boston.

  62. Shah
    20. July 2012 at 05:02

    Great article. Rod Thorn deserves plenty of criticism for these moves along with Doug Collins and I’m glad someone has pointed this out. One point you mentioned that i didn’t think of was the Hawes contract. If he can near the production he was at before the foot injury then we have a solid 7 ft Starting Center, which is rare for 6 million per year in the nba. That is a solid risk to take. The problem is if(to me when) he reaches his ceiling the Sixers will have to pay him entering prime years! His contract should have been back loaded with team options, I agree with you 110%. If you readers disagree then see Lavoy Allen! who went from earning rookie minimum to making 6 million a year all because the Sixers didn’t lock him in long term with team option! Worse case he sits on the bench like Tony Battie or goes back and forth threw the D-League.

    Nick Young’s best case scenario to help the Sixers is to never ever dribble the basketball and only shoot when he’s open of of screen. Reminds me of a guy we just let go… I won’t bother with the Kwame Brown wow everybody still wants to be like Mike… The draft was atrocious, I don’t like either players game and I’ve seen them both.. EB’s contract would have been attractive to teams not in the playoff hunt near the deadline looking to dump contracts for what should be a good FA year., this was a dumb move which could be a blessing in disguise. 

    The only bright spots(which was likely accidental) is D Wright. He was drafted as a PG and played SG and SF pretty well in GS. He can bring flexibility off the bench that we haven’t seen since Aaron McKie, and even start. Another is Vuc and Voy can jump into the PF/C rotation for significant minutes. 

    Thad Young and Harkless would have been sent packing for Lowry. There are too many SF on the team and Lowry was an all-start to me last year, he’s all the Sixers have been missing to go along with Iggy. Here’s to hoping this all works out! Smh

  63. Shah
    20. July 2012 at 13:10

    Just another note Lou Williams was not historically great, you might want to check your work there. And both Van Gundy brothers announce they were not going to coach this year. Collins played the most productive players and that’s all you can ask of a coach. His disciplinarian tactics may die off soon but I’d take the stability over the controversy.

  64. Roc
    20. July 2012 at 20:09

    good views i like da fact Doug cant coach i 100% support his facts period blow da team up alots empty seat due 2 front office mess up

  65. Derker
    26. July 2012 at 19:39

    HAHAHAHA – Congrats Steve this is the most comments I have ever seen on a Philadunkia post! If that was the intention then consider the article a success! Perhaps you could have set up the highly opinionated and speculative nature of the piece a little bit better in the opening paragraph but oh well…

    I dunno why everyone is having a cow over this, I guess they don’t ever read the comments on philly.com where this type of criticism would be hailed as the voice of reason…

    Some issues:

    #1 – Firing Doug Collins would have been the worst PR move the Sixers could have possibly done this summer. Like many have mentioned, the sixers had their best year since Iverson left and had been on a coaching carousel for so long and stunk so bad that people were just generally excited to have a reasonably exciting and athletic team with some continuity. Fire DC and whammo, all the recently built goodwill of the fanbase is once again shattered. Does DC’s offense have some problems, uh YES! But like everyone always says the NBA is a business and firing Doug Collins would have been the BIGGEST MISTAKE the Sixers could have made this summer.

    #2- Your completely biased & unsupported speculation on Moultrie’s career future reeks of a disgruntled fan & is woefully short on any data/perspective to back up yer claims… And if yer counting that strange stat you dropped about rebounds/steals and blocks, well sir you need to reread your rhetoric 101… That’s 2 strikes against, zero pros…

    #3 – Lowry/Holiday trade – again this comes across as more fan rant trade-bait speculation… was there any rumors or information to report that this was actually a possibility? Even if you are merely daydreaming about it your power to persuade is once again lacking. Holding up an imagined failed season’s draft order and a go fish Howard trade scenario are not reasons enough to convince any serious fans to trade away one of the teams most exciting young players for another new player coming off an injury. Support your argument with insight and perspective not what-ifs draft orders and daydream trade scenarios. 3 strikes.

    #4 – Finally I agree with you. Sixers should have resigned Lou… we’ll see. Con 3 – Pro 1

    #5 – making a big stink about Meeks seems desperate. But you make a good point about value and I like the idea of continuity besides I am not sold on N. Young or Wright either… I have a sinking feeling you may be right about this one too… Cons 3 – Pros 2

    #6 – Keeping Brand – Again agree. He was the heart and soul of this team. With their new front line of Brown, Hawes, Vucevic, Allen & Moultrie this team could raise the bar in terms of softness and sad sack woe is me body language… The SeventySofters… Way to get up off the mat Steve! 3-3.

    #7 – Resigning Hawes – You blatantly contradict yourself and subvert your own argument by saying “a 2 year 13 million dollar deal is great value for a player like Spencer Hawes.” Doh! Cons 4 – Pros 3

    #8 – Hiring JVG or SVH. SVH? Did you mean SVG? Or am I missing something, some hilarious nickname, like Stan Van Helsing? SSDD… more claptrap fan baiting speculation, scandalous and obnoxious, maybe they should go after Obama if he loses the election… back to boards troll! Cons 5 – Pros 3… and that’s a match.

    #9 – Kwame. Cheap, cheap, cheap shot. My 91 year old grandma beat you to this one…

    In closing, I think it’s fair to say that the last thing any sober Sixer’s fans want to see or hear on this blog is more unsupported Negadelphia babblin bullsh*t rants like this one. We can chat up our neighbors for that kind of punishment. Sorry Charlie, but the proof is in the puddin’.

    Maybe a little more objectivity, insight and actually building/supporting your argument/perspective with some quality information would be a good place to start. By relying mostly on your apparent frustration, daydreams & off-the-wall stats you come across like just another dumb fan, rather than the voice of Sixer Nation!

    You’ve been warned…
    The Derker

  66. Debrina
    23. August 2012 at 05:33

    Oh yeah, no arguments here, this Sixers team isn’t wininng a title this year. BUT, they have shown an ability to compete with/beat elite teams at any time. Yes, we did lose to Chicago by 45 or something ridiculous but came back and beat them when they visited Philly. And I am still not sure how good Jrue Holiday can be, he’s only 20 years old and I think could be an elite PG in a few years. And we’ve barely scratched the surface with Turner, he doesn’t get a ton of time, but I really like what I see in terms of rebounding and if he can keep that kind of energy on the boards he could be a productive player for us. I’m not saying we’ll be wininng a championship this or next year, but I don’t think we are as far away as a lot of people think. We have about $10M coming off the books this offseason wth Kapono and Songalia so we have a little wiggle room but moving Iggy’s contract could put us in great shape.

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