Posted by: C. Smith
07/19/12 9:56 am EST

On Tuesday my colleague Steve Toll wrote a post that pulled no punches in explaining how he believes the 76ers have truly dropped the ball this off-season and in fact may have ruined the franchise for the next several years.  Based on the reactions in the comments section, it’s obvious that most of you strongly disagree with Steve’s analysis of the Sixers’ recent moves.  Yes, a few of you did agree with Steve, but 90% of you were calling for his head.  To be honest, my analysis of the Sixers off-season falls somewhere in between Steve’s “the sky is falling” post and the glowing comments most of the readers typed up over the last two days. 

Yes, I can read between the lines on the recent deals / moves the Sixers have made and I understand the long range plan the 76ers front office has put together and to me it makes sense — build around a young core; remove parts that cut into those player’s minutes and impede their growth; maintain cap flexibility and avoid the escalating luxury tax.  It’s a smart plan and I like it.  However, I think that long range plan could have been adhered to while at the same time using this off-season to put us in a better position for 2012-13.

After the jump I’ll look at Steve’s points and provide my own analysis…  


 #1) Not Firing Doug Collins and completely removing him from any basketball related decisions

The first part of this statement was a little over the top for my view of the Sixers, but in general I think we can take something from this opinion that could make the Sixers a better franchise.  Doug Collins is a very good coach, but not a great one.  No doubt, he should be commended for the miracle season he pulled off in 2010-11.  There are very few coaches who could have squeezed as much out of that roster as he did.  However, the NBA is a “What have you done for me lately business?” and if you’re totally honest, you would admit that Collins did NOT do a great job in 2011-12 and that can not be ignored. 

His loyalty to Jodie Meeks as a starter was absurd.  The way he toyed with Evan Turner’s minutes was ridiculous and borderline irresponsible to the long term growth of the franchise.  The same can be said for his managing of “Big Nik’s” playing time.  His insistence on going to Dre or Louis when the team needed a big basket was also extremely frustrating (and futile).  Lastly, Collins got schooled by Doc Rivers in the second round of the playoffs.  A playoff series that the Sixers should have taken from a tired, old and injury depleted Celtics team.  Yes, Doug Collins is a good head coach, but he doesn’t walk on water as many of you have suggested and there certainly is room for improvement in 2012-13.  If he doesn’t do a better job in 2012-13 one could argue that it may be time for the Sixers to find a new head coach.

However, the second part of Steve’s statement regarding “basketball related decisions” is spot on and need’s to be addressed by the Sixers ownership group.  It’s clear that Rod Thorn is a lame duck GM and that Doug Collins is calling the player personnel shots and that fact needs to change.  Take a look at the last five NBA Champions – Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles (2X), Boston and San Antonio – and you’ll see there is a clear and established division in those franchises between the position of the head coach and that of the GM / President.  You’ll also see those franchises have a different people handling each of those jobs.  It’s rare in the modern history of the League to find a head coach who has successfully handled both of those roles and winning an NBA title while juggling both jobs is impossible.  In short, Collins needs to either officially be moved up the position GM / President or the 76ers brass need to find someone to officially take over that job from Thorn.  Continuing down the current dual-role path for Collins is unacceptable.

 #2) Drafting Arnett Moultrie

I love the fact that the 76ers were able to add Moultire to the roster at the 2012 Draft, but I am not pleased with the way they went about it.  Unless the plan is to move Iguodala this summer or before the 2013 trade deadline, selecting Harkless at #15 made no sense to me.  Having seen Harkless play numerous times, I agree with many of you that he is a solid wing player who excelled in the chaos that was St. John’s last year.  However, he’s at least two years away from having an impact at the NBA level, as of now has no true position in the League and he’s a repetitive part (‘tweener wing player) for this team.  But this isn’t about Harkless.

If Moultrie was a guy you liked a lot and “a top 10” talent as our lame duck GM stated, then why not simply select the kid at #15?  Numerous “experts” predicted the Sixers would do just that in order to make the team more athletic and help solve our rebounding issues.  Merely taking Moultire at #15 would have been a respectable move that would have drawn solid reviews.

Or if the draft room intel Doug and Rod were receiving indicated that Moultrie would fall into the 20’s somewhere, then why not trade out of the 15th spot?  The Sixers could have dropped into the 20’s, grabbed Moultire and picked up an asset (player or pick) along the way.  Instead they gave up a 2nd round pick and a lottery protected 1st round selection in 2013 to grab the 27th pick in this year’s draft.  Again I don’t believe grabbing Moultrie was criminal, but the method they used to obtain the kid certainly wasn’t the smartest draft night move I’ve ever seen.  


#3)  Not Trading Kyle Lowry for Jrue Holiday

This is where Steve and I absolutely disagree.  I understand the attraction in dealing for Lowry (14.3; 6.6 & 4.6 per night last year) as he ranks among the Top 10-12 rated point guards in this League.  He has a unique ability to get to the rim for a bucket or to drop an assist (something the Sixers need more of) and he’s on an inexpensive contract ($12mil over next two years).  So I get the Lowry fascination. 

However, I don’t see Lowry playing any better then he did in 2011-12.  Thus I would not be ready to send the “Jruth” (13.5; 4.5 & 3.3 per last year) packing anytime soon as his “upside” has a much higher ceiling.  I honestly think that Jrue has just scratched the surface of his skills and the best is ahead of us.  Jrue is also a far superior defender than Lowry.  To be honest, it’s not even close.  Lowry is a turnstile.  You win championships with defense.  Finally, Jrue is taller (6-4 vs. 6-0), younger (22 vs. 26) and has significantly less miles on his body.     

4)  Not Re-signing Lou Williams

It’s ironic that Louis Williams has become nearly as polarizing among the members of Philadunkia nation as his mentor Allen Iverson.  Just like Bubba Chuck, people either really love or strongly detest LW.  I’ll be the first to tell that I am not a big fan of LW’s.  Still I recognize that the year he put up in 2011-12 as the 6th man for the 76ers was one for the record books and that he was a very valuable member of the team last season.  And for that I tip my cap to him. However I also recall that his poor shot selection, inability to recognize when he was having an “off night” and sub-par defense absolutely killed the Sixers at various times in 2011-12.  I also remember that he went MIA when we needed him the most — in Games 5 (9 pts.), 6 (11 pts.) and 7 (7 pts.) vs. Boston.  Because of the inconsistencies in his game, there was no way I wanted the Sixers committing to Louis for anything more then 2 years. 

Still, it really doesn’t matter what I or the Sixers wanted when it comes to LW, because Louis did not want to be in Philadelphia anymore.  Collins loves LW and if LW wanted to stay, Doug would have made it happen with a one or two year deal.  Additionally, it could not have worked out better for LW that the Hawks wanted him as badly as he wanted out of Philly.  Louis is from Atlanta, his family and off-season home are in Atlanta and his rap “career” is based in Atlanta, so when the Hawks put a long term deal and a chance to compete for a starting join in front of Louis, he was gone.    

But I am  okay with Louis leaving, because Collins replaced Louis with a 6-4, poor man’s version of #23 by signing Nick Young.  Then he doubled covered his ass by trading for Dorell Wright, who really is a shooting guard masquerading as a 6-9 small forward.  He’s also better on defense then Louis.  So in reality, we did retain LW’s skill set, we just didn’t actually keep Louis. 

#5) Signing Nick Young  / Not Re-Signing Jodie Meeks / Trading for Dorell Wright who is better than Nick Young in every way..

For me this three analysis points in one statement breaks down as follows…

Signing Nick Young was not a good move because in theory they could have had OJ Mayo (Mavs — 1 yr. $4mil with player option for 2nd yr) who is only 24, appears to be getting better, actually plays defense and can give you some decent minutes at point guard.  Those are four things you can’t say about Young.

Jodie Meeks had to go.  I don’t care if he is more efficient then Nick Young and a better defender — by the way that’s not saying much – sometimes a player and a team simply need to go their separate ways and this was one of those situations.  I’m just happy that with Meeks gone the walls at my house will need less spackling work this coming season.

I like the trade for Dorell Wright a lot.  He’s a 6-foot-9 three-point shooter who plays solid defense and comes with only one-year remaining on his contract.  If he can return to his 2010-11 form (16.4 ppg.) this will be a steal for the Sixers. 

#6) Amnestying Elton Brand

I loved this move until Collins used most of the $18million in cap space they created by letting Brand go to sign Nick Young ($6mil) and Kwame Brown ($6+mil).  The latter move made me throw up in my mouth (just a little).  To be honest I now wish that they had just kept EB along with his solid interior defense and leadership rather then simply give away money to Brown and Young.  Had the Sixers used their newly found cap space to sign a legit big who could improve their interior defense I would have been much happier with the amnestying of Brand.

#7) Resigning Spencer Hawes to a 2 year deal

I’m fine with this move if Hawes is going to come off the bench as he did in the playoffs several times successfully.  I mean who doesn’t want a 7-1, 250 pound guy with a nice jumper coming off your bench.  It would be a nice change up to throw at defenses if we had signed a 5-man with an interior game for the starting lineup. 

However, it’s not a smart deal if Hawes is penciled in as your starting center.  It’s becomes even harder to swallow after I hear they plan to move Hawes to the starting power forward spot.  Simply put Hawes is not a starting caliber player in this League.  Given the recent quotes from Collins on Hawes and his new role, this now looks like a bad deal to me.

8)  Not Hiring Stan Van Gundy or Jeff Van Gundy

Assuming Doug Collins willingly moved up to the GM / President job and Phil Jackson was not available to take over the head coaching duties, I could live with one of the Van Gundy’s running this team.  Neither Jeff nor Stan would be my first choice, but we could do worse.

9)  Kwame Brown

I don’t care how the Sixers attempt to spin this signing (1 yr. @ $6mil), it was a mistake.  Brown is not a starting center in this League — period.  Yes he is not a total scrub as many believe.  And yes, he is physical.  And yes he could make the Sixers tougher on the interior (FYI…That’s not saying much).  However, Kris Kaman (Mavs – 1 yr. $8mil) would have done these same things and as a bonus provided 13 points, 8 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per night (47 games in 2011-12).  


— In short, I think the Sixers could have been much smarter with the moves they made for 2011-12 and it’s possible that we could take a step back next season.  But I like the long range plan and I think we are set up very nicely for the future — especially when the luxury tax starts escalating – so I am very optimistic about the next 5 years for this franchise.

Ohh yeah, I like that they’re bringing back Malik Rose.


22 Responses to “A SO-SO SUMMER”

  1. Chris
    19. July 2012 at 11:42

    Taking nothing away from Steve, but I felt this was a great follow-up. I know that people don’t want to “show up” their counterpart, but I think that Steve could learn from this quasi-reply. While this off-season hasn’t set the world on fire, it also has not been doom and gloom (except for K. Brown). At some point you have to tear things down and start all over again (Lou, Elton, Jodie…and hopefully, in my humble opinion, Iggy).

  2. sean
    19. July 2012 at 11:44

    This is much better than that junk from Mr. Steve Toll. I agree with most of points made in this one. I am very excited for next years Sixers season.

  3. Chris
    19. July 2012 at 12:32

    To me, I think the point that both of you missed on was Lavoy Allen/Thaddeus Young and the emphasis the Sixers should put on them this offseason.

    If this is part of the core the FO believes in, play them and give them responsibility. Don’t just bury them and hope the 12-22 minutes a game they get will help them evolve magically over the next two to three years.

    With the way Lavoy played in the playoffs, he could absolutely make up for Elton’s offensive production (from last season). The defense would suffer, but the kid is athletic and young and can learn. Also, tell Thaddeus and the rest of us what you want from him.

    I’m happy with Dorrell Wright and Nick Young because they can score and that’s something we needed to address. But this offseason was about front court planning. After Brand was let go, I felt that Thad and Lavoy would be given a potential starting role and I was excited for it. Now, we have Kwame Brown and Spencer Hawes going into training camp as our starting 5 and 4.

    I understand what the front office is doing, and I like the direction we are headed. But we shouldn’t jeopardize our long term by sitting guys who need development for a handful of more wins this coming season.

  4. Philadunkia
    19. July 2012 at 13:10


    I don’t think I missed that point on Lavoy / Thad at all. While I did not mention them by name, when I stated in my open that I understood the plan, “build around a young core; remove parts that cut into those player’s minutes and impede their growth”, I was referring to guys like Lavoy, Nik, Thad and ET.

    We need to find out what these kids can do and whether or not we can put the future of the team in their hands. Thus in one respect it made sense for guys like EB and Louis to go so their minutes could go to the kids listed above.

    That’s another reason I don’t fully agree with the Hawes signing. If he starts / plays at PF, he’s taking minutes from Thad and Lavoy. If he starts / plays at center he’s cutting into Nik’s / Lavoy’s tick. We know what Hawes is capable of and if his production is coming off the bench, I’m okay with retaining him. However if the plan was / is to start him or give him major minutes, then I would have rather seen the Sixers let him go, sign an impact big to play the 4/5 and then divide Hawes’ mins. among Thad, Lavoy and Nik.

    As always thanks for reading and commenting.

    — C. Smith

  5. Russ99
    19. July 2012 at 13:39

    I wonder if the Hawes / Brown frontcourt is doomed to fail, and Collins is just pencilling them in to give them a boost that the coach has their back, and also telling LaVoy and Nik that they’re going to earn their minutes through hard work.

    No doubt it could very well shake out very differently during an actual NBA season that as it looks in a press bite.

  6. KRS1
    19. July 2012 at 14:28

    This article was a lot better than that angry rant, just come out and say you should be the gm of this team. thats what i got out of it. I agree with the mayo part because hes a sixth man with much better defense and three point abilities than both lou and young. maybe not young so much but mayo was drafted in the top 5 for a reason and traded for kevin love. I honestly thought he would be getting much more money than nick young but i still like nick young a lot with doug collins coaching. he scorches the sixers every time if anyone can recall.
    I too am skeptical of the kwame signing to move spencer to the 4. I think thats just dougs way of saying to all the young guys(Thaddeus)that the four spot is wide open in training camp. Brown might not be that bad of an addition if he stays healthy. Those games where bynum and howard were unstoppable against us, at least he will be able to take away the post for those players for most of the game. i read some where that kwame has the same statiscal averages as the thunder starting center, kendrick perkins. not to say we have players like the thunder but kendricks is making twice what he is. lets just try to be optimistic about it.
    if we were to sign a new coach id go with brian shaw not any of the van gundys. plain and simple he actually has rings and had a mentor named phil jackson i believe?
    the only part of this offseason i hated was not getting mayo.
    is there anyway we can trade iggy for jefferson or josh smith straight up? i like to keep him but are those scenarios even plausible for this front office? makes you wonder what theyre doing in that aspect. i mean those are two expiring contracts right there.
    Oh yeah i rather hear eric snow as the color guy lol

  7. JT's Hoops Blog
    19. July 2012 at 15:46

    This is far better article than its predecessor because it actually makes logical sense. Imean, firing colins after leading the Sixers within one game of the NBA fFinals: how asinine is that? Bash the sixers for not signing a guy that shot .407 from the field choosing instead to get a taller and more athletic player in Nick Young (at a decent price no less): is he smoking crack? Bashing the Sixers for amnestying an vastly overpaid and underwhelming Elton Brand: Steve must be at least sniffing glue or something.

    Maybe he just wrote what he wrote to get a rise out of people, but the simple fact is that he made himself look like a complete schmuck doing it. Bashing a coach who brought your team to the playoff with little or no talent obviously defied logic. just that boneheaded statement made the rest of his arguments completely worthless because he started off sounding like a ranting idiot that knows nothing about basketball or has seen a Sixers game.

  8. Salis
    19. July 2012 at 17:06

    Lavoy Allen shouldnt get Major minutes anyway I.really dont believe he’s apart of the core…Young Core players would ET,Jrue,Thad,Moe,Moultrie etc….Allen pretty much is a finish product a jumpshooter and a defensive player…The problem the Sixers face is the majority of there big men they have shouldnt be considered to be starters but theyre forced to play big minutes..But I like the moves because if we want to be real Jrue and ET are the only young players we have,the potential to be all star/great type players it seems like they’ll finally get bigger roles…

  9. Chris
    19. July 2012 at 18:00

    C. Smith,

    Thanks for responding, I appreciate it.

    One disagreement that I feel we share is that I don’t think Hawes is a bad re-sign. He’s a servicable center who can provide range, passing, and spacing on the floor. But that’s only if you are going to pair him with a pf like Lavoy who can rebound and hang around the interior.

    I also think that by going with that frontcourt lineup, you can have Thad come off the bench with a big (Nik) that can rebound the ball. In both instances, you are able to pair someone with more experience with someone who has raw upside.

    That is my biggest gripe about the offseason. It all started to make sense. And then we signed Kwame Brown.

  10. Bobo
    19. July 2012 at 19:26

    Kwame brown signed a 2 year 6 million dollar deal (player option for second year), not one year as you state above.

    I agree that Kaman is much better and would have liked to see him in a Sixers uniform for a 2-3 year deal… but I’m not entirely sure he was coming here even if we wanted him.

    One’s take on Brown really comes down to one of two philosophies:

    1- You want your young players to take those minutes (lavoy/moultrie/vucevic) and showcase what they got and develop… but not be as good a team (and get a better draft pick next year… hopefully in lottery cause then Miami doesn’t get it)


    2- You want to have at least one not great but reliable defensive/rebounding big man veteran on the team… thus making you a better team with a slightly higher seed (maybe 7/8 instead of 9/10) and higher chance of making it to the second round.

    I personally prefer option 2. Either way we’re not getting a top 10 pick in my opinion. I’m a big believer in playoff seasoning. I saw a lot of growth in our team in this past year’s playoff run and I think each time you get in the playoffs, the experience is invaluable.

    And finally, the beauty of the Kwame signing is that if say Moultrie turns out to be an absolute stud, Kwame is not good enough or getting paid so much that he HAS to play. So if any of these young big guys are good enough, they can easily take the starting job away from Kwame, or at least cut into his 20-25 minutes a night.

  11. dan
    19. July 2012 at 21:18

    this is a better article. but this still doesnt make me feel good about the direction this team is going. this coming season is going to be a joke. its like starting all over again, we have so many new faces that have to get use to playing in collins system. this offseason was dissapointing i thought we could of went for OJ mayo who i think is better then nick young. mayo can start or come off the bench, and has point guarded at times. he is a more proven scorer averaged 18 points and 17 points a game his first few years in memphis plus has playoff experience, which nick young mostly played in boneheaded washington and got a sniff of the playoffs with the clippers last year. i thought we should of let hawes go, let lavoy allen get playing time and try to get kris kamen who is better in the low post then anyone we have. he is huge up grade over hawes or brand. but dallas ended up picking both of those players up and money wise ended up paying close to what the sixers payed for the players we got. lets face it kwame brown is trash. one of the biggest busts ever in nba history number 1 overall pick didnt even register 1 block last season let me ask how is he gonna help our interior defense? cant block and cant rebound, its like playing 4 on 5 every game. but he can join another bust player in evan turner who is number 2 overall pick who can only really rebound and pass but cant shoot or score. this team has about 5 or 6 small forwards on the roster which is insane all of them are athletic but none of them can shoot or handle the ball besides iggy can handle and dorell can shoot but thats it. why is rod thorn and ed stefanski even still employed by this organization? they have done anything but made this team worse since they showed up.lets bring back pat croce this team needs some life in it. its going to be a sad season we are obviously worse then last year and plus the stronger competetion in the east and especially the nets it seems most teams have up graded and we actually downgraded the sixers are cheap. look at the flyers they offer guys max deals. the way i look at it the sixers spend money on players we dont get much in return from like elton brand, perfect example 80 million dollars said he excepted less money to come here was billed as career 20 points and 10 rebounds per game guy and got nothing near that level in his 4 years here and just paid him his remaining 18 million dollars.now we got kwame brown 6 million dollars, nick young another 6 million. but when a super stars become available they cant even offer a half decent contract. my honest opinion is i have lost faith in the management of the team, since the elton brand signing and eddie jordan i mean come on. id rather have the team make up there mind stink it up for a few years get top 5 picks and maybe get a franchise corner stone like anthony davis now, or kevin durant was a few years ago. or actually spend money and wisely on a true superstar player who is still young and not going into his 30’s but have some kinda direction. i look at OKC as a lesson they were the seatle supersonics they had 2 stars in ray allen and richard lewis they made the playoffs won 50 games a few times but management knew they werent going to win a championship with that group so they scrapped that team moved allen and lewis. re built got luck by drafting durant then getting westbrook and finally by getting harden. the team only won 20 some games a year fgor the first couple years but all those guys were top 5 picks. id rather have them set the reset button maybe keep some young guys like jru and maybe lavoy but lets move on and start moving in the right direction. the city needs championships not by makeing the playoffs every year but get kicked out in the first or second round every year who the heck wants to watch that for the next 10 years not me.

  12. ken
    20. July 2012 at 00:54

    dan it sounds like your ranting just like the prior aricle by steve. this team is going to have plenty of cap space to offer if they want max contracts to the mass of allstars next fa year bc everybody on this team but iggy, turner, thad, hawes, allen, and brown have more than a 1 year contract and even at that most of those pieces are tradable assets that ofther team would want to trade for so whats wrong with either sucking this season and getting a lottery pick(which means we can either use it for a trade or get a good rookie in that draft and continue to build his young team for the future)and be able to go for allstars in fa or we make it to the playoffs and get even more playoff experience for our younger players which will make allstars want to come here bc our team will be young with alot of playoff experience so from my standpoint here the team is setting itself up pretty well for the future which will be the 2013-14 season

  13. jajaka
    20. July 2012 at 01:49

    Whatever, you can soften the stupidity of Steve’s article as much a you want. I know you guys have to support each other. Buy you are not coMing up with solutions just more problems. I don’t want the van gundys here period. Bottomline, we played farther into the playoffs than the lakers and other big names. If you think rivers seriously outcoached collins, your crazy. No series goes 7 games with a coach serioualy out coaching . Get the hate out of you man. We came 10 of playing in the eastern conference finals. The sixers and collins did this. I have been a fixers fan since whenever. I’m 36 years old. In the past 30 years we have have barkley, then iverson, then collins. PERIOD.

  14. hunter
    20. July 2012 at 13:09

    i agree, oj mayo would have been a much better signing. also i don’t understand why they’ve been preaching that they will make big moves next offseason. they already have about 45 million in guaranteed contracts next season and it will probably take anywhere from 7-10 million to sign jrue. they will be unable to sign any star players with that money and will have their two main 3 point threats as FAs wright and young. i see the sixers being about just as good as last year, depending on how much the young’s develop: et, thad, jrue, allen, etc. i don’t like giving kwame and hawes 2 year deals because it would be an extra 9 or 10 mil in cap room next year, giving them enough money to sign a josh smith/al jefferson while also retaining jrue. i say you got to make a trade in january to get hawes off the books. if thad has another down year, trade him also. they got to free up space if they want to do anything next year

  15. steve toll
    20. July 2012 at 22:52

    Miami was lacking in front court depth. If Moultrie was such a steal at #27, why would Miami instantly trade him away? Is it because Pat Riley isn’t as good at talent evaluation as rod thorn-doug collins?

    Interestingly enough, I’d be willing to bet a ronnie lott sized chunk of pinkie that he would undo that trade today if he could.

  16. ken
    21. July 2012 at 01:03

    hunter like i said before we wont have trouble getting rid of cap if we need to bc 90% of our contracts that are more than 1 year are tradeable assets that other teams would want so i wouldnt worry about the cap

  17. Horatio
    21. July 2012 at 03:21

    “Take a look at the last five NBA Champions – Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles (2X), Boston and San Antonio – and you’ll see there is a clear and established division in those franchises between the position of the head coach and that of the GM / President.”

    Um, clearly you are unfamiliar with the sway that Gregg Popovich, THE BEST COACH IN THE LEAGUE, holds in terms of personnel decisions in San Antonio. Not saying that would justify Collins being in a similar position, but the aforementioned chunk of the article is simply inaccurate. (The division between head coach and president sure as hell was blurry when the heat took the title in ’06, too)

  18. Dre
    21. July 2012 at 07:46

    Listen guys calm down a bit. This offseason went about as well as can be expected. This offseason was not about the 2012-13 season but about next summer. In the NBA the players run the show ala Dwight Howard and Derron Williams, the players can hold franchises hostage and force the issue at will.
    I think the front office realizes that the only way to get better and become a contender in the entice more than one FA to come here and compete. It’s not about money anymore because true star players get the same money no matter where they sign if they’re leaving their current team.
    In Philly we have good young pieces to build around or include in trades for a legit star player. It’s not about the money as mush as it’s about the city. Guys wanting to go to NYC or Brooklyn why, because of the city not the team. Go to LA or Miami and you have the benefit of both the city and the team. No big FA choose Boston, KG and Ray Allen was traded there and Rondo was drafted there, together they won a title.
    Philly has to be able to make the case for players that they can live in a great city with a great night life AND play with a talented core that with them onboard can compete with Miami and whomever else.
    Lastly, we don’t know who the Sixers went after this offseason, we only know who they signed.OJ Mayo wanted to compete for a starting job, in Philly he knew he would not get that chance with Jrue and Evan being here so he chose a place where to could get that opportunity. I can’t blame him for that.

  19. Big Jules
    21. July 2012 at 10:32

    Not sure why most posting are happy with the Sixers off-season moves.  Seriously, we’re looking at starting a front court of Iggy, Hawes and Kwame Brown.  We blew our one time amnesty on Brand and used the cap space to sign Hawes, Nick Young, Ivey and Kwame Brown.  We have (5) guys who play the exact same position, SF.  Last offseason we bid against ourselves for a 6’8″ tweener (Thad) who didn’t receive one tender offer and over-paid once again.  We all thought the Sixers were accumulating tradeable assets (i.e. guys with 1-2 years left on their deals) to make a splash in free agency this year coming off of an unexpectedly good playoff run, but the other shoe never dropped.  ESPN’s own resident Insider John Hollinger concluded that clearly the Sixers entered the offseason without a plan.  Again, I’m not sure how most can get behind this FO.  While I don’t agree that DC is a bad coach I do agree that he is a horrible personnel guy in the mold of Larry Brown and should have ZERO input in personnel decisions, especially if he considers Kwame Brown a starter caliber center.  Finally, when was the last time the Sixers made a good FA signing when they had cap space?  Pardon me if I don’t get overly excited about the team positioning for a FA run in 2013 or 2014.

  20. ryan
    22. July 2012 at 21:36

    This off season by the Sixers was ridiculous. As a die hard Sixers fan, it almost made me cry. Nick Young for one year is okay at best because then he’ll be gone but the only reason he scores so much is cause he shoots the ball everytime it touches his hands. He’s bigger than Lou, but he’s definately not a team player. Look at him in Washington, he never played defense, just tried to bump his scoring average up to make his stats look good. I like the move to get dorell wright because he’s got good size even if he doesn’t use it to his advantage and he’s a solid role player off the bench, or as a starter if someone gets hurt. Letting lou will go was reasonable, decent scorer but too inconsistent. Jodie meeks as a starter was disturbing, good guy to come off the bench for maybe 10-15 minutes a game to shoot 3’s but thats about it. Kwame Brown? Kwame Brown as our starting center? Are you kidding me? Dudes got small hands and can’t catch a basketball. He’ll average 2.5 ppg and 3 rpg. I thought this was a joke when my friends told me. Resigning spencer hawes? Terrible! He’s slow, unathletic, can’t play D and gets a goofy look on his face whenever he fouls someone. If your looking to sign big free agents next off season why would you sign spence to two years? A starting line up of holiday, turner, iggy, hawes and brown is going to get destroyed. With the roster we have now, Id much rather see holiday, turner, iggy, thad, and moultrie. I know it wouldn’t happen cause the line up would be too small, but at least it’d be athletic. People are going to be saying thad, young, and moultrie should be starting when we start off 2-20. What the Sixers should have done if they wanted to have a good, solid season and prepare for the future goes as follows. Let williams and meeks go as they did. Let spencer hawes leave. Keep brand for another year since your paying for him anyway and your not going to sign anyone great this year anyway. Sign kaman to a one year deal, he’s 30 which isn’t too old and him and brand played together in la. Keep iggy because despite his ppg going down, i like him more now than when he was averaging 18 ppg and taking stupid shots. He’s not a star, but he’s our best all around defender and he’s very athletic. Sign oj mayo, and never glance at nick young. Laugh when you see nobody bidding on kwame brown. Do the trade for dorell wright. Starting line up of holiday, mayo, iggy, brand and kaman. moultrie, wright, thad and turner your first 4 men off the bench. Guaranteed we’d make the playoffs with that team and then if you want to go hard in free agency to build around your young players, brand and kamans contracts would be up anyway (mayos too but id keep him, he would have been a great grab.) People in philly greatly underappreciated Brand. He only played 8 games the year before we signed him, what’d you expect? He was still better then solid though. He plays good defense, has a nice jumper and in my opinion should have been a bigger part of the offense but we have too many shot happy guards who think their better than their playing reveals. I don’t want to bust people’s bubbles but our young players arn’t that great. Holiday gets shredded by star point guards, and in my opinion is a very poor man’s russell westbrook. He shoots too much when he’s off, makes too many bad passes, and doesnt play like a true point guard. Turner has eric snows jump shot and shoots way too much. Good drive but cmon man. Lavoy Allen gave us some good minutes but he’s never going to be a game changer. As much as I like thad young, he’s getting worse each year and more sloppy. Plus he doesn’t have a position, he’s a match up problem but he also can’t guard the people he’s suposed to at the 4. I think people are forgetting that free agrents have to agree to come here. What huge star is going to want to come to this team that has no proven star, no proven leader? We have a team of role players who might just keep us from being in the very bottom of the league but who will get trounced by the good teams. TERRIBLE OFFSEASON! I miss Iverson, and we never got enough talent around him either. DONE.

  21. Big Jules
    23. July 2012 at 10:23

    ^^^What Ryan said. One of the best rants I’ve read on this site. Clearly someone else feels my pain. If only this off-season was a video game with a reset button. What a disaster. The Sixers won’t blow this dogpile up and they haven’t made the proper moves that will move the needle to make the team better now. In the immortal words of Andy Dufresne from “The Shawshank Redemption”, “…either get busy living, or get busy dying”.

  22. josh
    23. July 2012 at 10:52

    Great post Ryan. Totally agree with everything you said. I think everyone should follow this as to how to grade this offseason and what to expect in the future. This team has gone no where or backwards again. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a top ten pick in the draft.

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