stackfireA little over a week ago Philadunkia’s Michael Kaskey-Blomain wrote a piece in disbelief of the fact that former Sixer scoring machines Allen Iverson and Jerry Stackhouse were still unemployed.  We all know that Iverson now has a job with the Memphis Grizzlies and holy cow it sure is going to be interesting to see how that plays out.  However, Jerry Stackhouse and his career average of 18.4 ppg. remain unemployed.

Here’s a thought — The 76ers should sign Jerry Stackhouse.

Now we do not believe that adding Stackhouse to the roster is going to bring the Sixers an NBA title.  You’d be insane if you thought that was the premise of this post.  But we do think that it would be better to slide Stack into the remaining open roster spot on the 2009-10 Sixers then one of the warm bodies that Ed Stefanski is going to let “tryout” for that  opening.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re sure that guys like former Temple star Dionte Christmas and whoever else Stefanski decides to bring into camp could be nice players down the road for the Sixers, but this team still needs another offensive weapon for this year.  Which ever training camp invitee on Stefanski’s list becomes the chosen one is not going to provide that scoring punch off the bench this season, Stackhouse likely will.

If you remove Stack’s injured plagued 2008-09 season from the equation,  we believe you’ll see that he could be a valuable player off the Sixers bench.  In the three seasons in Dallas previous to 2008-09 this is how Stack’s numbers breakdown :

stackmavs2007-08 — 24.3 mpg. : 10.7 ppg. and 2.3 rpg.

2006-07 — 24 mpg. : 12 ppg. and 2.2 rpg.

2005-06: — 27.7 mpg. : 13 ppg. and 2.8 rpg.


Those are solid numbers for a player coming off the bench for a very talented Dallas Mavericks team where there were not a lot of shots to go around.  For comparisons sake you should know that Willie Green, the man who started 60 games at shooting guard for the Sixers in 2008-09 hauled an average of 22.6 mpg. while scoring 8.5 ppg. and grabbing 1.6 rpg.  Need further evidence that Stackhouse could help the Sixers in 2009-10?  Okay here you go…

The man the Sixers traded for in the off-season, three point specialist Jason Kapono, take a look at his numbers from last season in Toronto — 22.8 mpg., 8.3 ppg. and 2 rpg.   The point here is that Stackhouse does a better job of getting  buckets with limited minutes then two of the guys the 76ers will be counting on heavily this year to provide a scoring boost off the bench.

But you say, “Stack is old and after last seasons string of injuries he is also damaged.”  Not according to reports and rumors out of Atlanta.  Hawks beat writer Sekou Smith reported last week that Stackhouse has been working out and balling with the Hawks  prior to training camp and that Stack has been impressive.  We’re hearing from our people in Atlanta that Stack is showing no signs of the foot problems (heel, plantar fasciitis and a bone spur) that  plagued him with the Mavericks last season.  So it seems safe to put the “he’s injured” knocks aside for now.

JerryStackhouseLook we know Stack has his issues — he getting up there in years (34), he tends to shoot too much, he got embarassingly dunked on by high school phenom John Wall this summer and his defense is suspect, but even with that list of negtives on his resume, Stack is still going to help the Sixers this year a lot more then whichever invited training camp prospect makes the roster.

Almost every team in the East improved their roster during this past off season.  Cleveland, Orlando, Boston and Washington standout to us as teams that should be very much improved in 2009-10.  The return of Elton Brand and Jason Smith from injury and the addition of Jason Kapono should help the Sixers cause this coming season.  However, with the moves the other teams have made, even with Brand and Smith back in the lineup and Kapono knocking in threes, we still aren’t going to have enough fire power to stay with the best in the East.

Stefanski had no interest in signing Iverson and we can understand his reasons. Reports are that he would not give Flip Murray, a player we thought could help this team greatly, the two year contract he was looking for to come to Philly.  And our favorite free agent shooting guard Von Wafer somehow made his way over to Europe instead of Philadelphia.  So we’ve missed out on several opportunities to add another offensive weapon for 2009-10.

This could be the Sixers last chance to add the certifiedveteran scorer to the bench that this team so desperately needs.

Thus we believe that Stefanski should sign Jerry Stackhouse.

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