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08/10/12 10:49 am EST

Just when we thought the Sixers roster was set for 2012-13, they go and help bring an end to the Dwight Howard drama…WOW

As you know by now, multiple NBA sources are stating that (Story was broken by AW over at Yahoo Sports) a four team deal has been struck in which the Lakers will receive Dwight Howard, the Denver Nuggets will acquire Andre Iguodala, the 7-6 will receive Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson, and the Magic will get Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington and Nikola Vucevic.

Reports are also saying that the Lakers will acquire Earl Clark and Chris Duhon.  Additionally, the Magic will be getting other pieces, including Sixers 2012 No. 1 draft pick Mo Harkless as well as lottery protected draft picks from the Nuggets (2014), 76ers (2015) and Lakers (2017).

Needless to say this is a huge and polarizing move for Philadunkia nation.  Those who hated Dre, his mega-dollar contract and the fact that he never became a superstar in a Sixers uniform are rejoicing today.  The Dre supporters who hold that he was coming of his best overall season and that he is / was completely under-appreciated in this city are left shaking their heads.   

After the jump, the Philadunkia scribes present their analysis of this blockbuster trade…



Jeff McMenamin

There are no words. There are no sentences. There are no passages that I can write which will state a coherent thought that can explain how I’m feeling. The Sixers just traded away All-Star forward Andre Iguodala, rookie Maurice Harkless, Nikola Vucevic, and a first round pick for arguably the best big man in the game today in Andrew Bynum.

I’m sorry…I have to write this again…The Sixers just traded away Andre Iguodala, a guy I have been pleading with the Sixers front office to trade for three years now, and in return the Sixers have gained the greatest big man the organization has had on its roster since Moses Malone. Needless to say, this is the most excited I’ve been to be a Sixers fan since Vince Carter launched a brick in Game 7 back in 2001. Yes I was in the building, and yes it was at the pinnacle of Allen Iverson’s career.

Bynum is one of, if not the most, offensively gifted big men in the NBA as well as premier defender and rebounder. What many people question about Bynum is his maturity. They believe that Bynum is a teenager in a 7 foot, 285 pound body who does what he wants on the court and won’t listen to anybody. I don’t believe that statement. I got to interview the man face-to-face a few years ago. It was a season after the Lakers had lost in the NBA finals to the Boston Celtics, and Andrew Bynum had to miss the majority of the season with a serious knee injury. Instead of dwelling on the past, Bynum was ready to prove his critics wrong. He was ready to make the jump into super-stardom, and he didn’t care who stepped in his way. He told me how the injury affected him as a player at the time. “To rehab and get back, you know it was tough because you have to sit out really,” said Bynum. “The stuff I was doing to rehab wasn’t that difficult, but at the same time you’d have to sit there and watch your team play every night and that part of it was very difficult.”

Many people I’ve talked to have called Bynum “selfish” but that statement he told to me that night tells it all. He’s not a basketball player who will just sit on the bench and collect a paycheck. Andrew Bynum is out there to help his “team” win at all costs. He’s a competitor who has vastly improved since he entered the league in 2005. Last season with the Lakers he averaged 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds per game (both career highs) while making his first NBA All-Star team. In his final season before free-agency don’t expect the man to keel over and die. He is going to play at a high level, and I believe coach Doug Collins will push him to be an even better player than he is already. It’s been a long time since the Sixers could be considered a force in the East. Well Sixers fans, enjoy this season and hope that the front office can throw enough money at Bynum that he’ll remain a Sixer for the long-term. The Sixers are young, the Sixers are talented, and the Sixers are ready to take the league by storm.

Tom Sunnergren

Though he didn’t come cheap — Andre Iguodala is the most underrated player of his generation; Nik Vucevic is possibly the most underrated Montenegrin —and the move is booby-trapped with more risk than a 2006 mortgage backed security (the former-Laker is an uber-injury prone megalomaniac with a hot temper, an insubordinate streak, and, as far as anyone can tell, no inclination to stay in Philly beyond 2013) in landing Andrew Bynum, the 76ers acquired the rarest of NBA creatures: a true center.

And did I mention he’s 25? I didn’t? That’s probably because he’s 24. I’m ecstatic. The odds of the Sixers signing someone of Bynum’s ilk in free agency lay somewhere between “Not going to happen” and “It gets cold in Philadelphia, right? And it’s not in New York City?” so to land an elite player—which Bynum emphatically is—they had to take a risk. (Which given the fact that the first round pick is protected, Moe Harkless is a middling prospect who hasn’t yet logged a single NBA minute, Vucevic lost Collins’ trust down the stretch, and Iguodala, while still tremendous, clearly wasn’t in the Sixers’ long-range plans, doesn’t seem like that much of a risk, does it? At worst, it’s an asymmetric one.) And because the 7-6 now hold Bynum’s Bird Rights and he’s from Jersey (more will be made of this second point than is warranted, but still), locking him down to a multi-year max extension doesn’t seem completely out of the question.

Now noodle on this situation for a minute: hold it in your head, poke it a little, consider its implications; what we gave up, what we got, what it means now and down the road. Then remember this: last off-season, people were clamoring for the Sixers to trade Iguodala for Monta Ellis. Straight up.

I don’t know how this move will be remembered five or ten or fifteen years from now. No one does. I do know this: I haven’t been this excited about the 76ers since they acquired Elton Brand. And look how that turned out.



C. Smith

Much like my colleagues I understand and love this deal from a basketball and cap space standpoint.  So believe me I am excited to see what kind of numbers Bynum can put up when he is the “focus” of the Sixers offense and cleaning the glass like a beast.  However when I go a little deeper into the Sixers franchise, this move also raises concerns for me that have rattled my nerves some.  The first concern is that we are pinning the Sixers hopes in 2012-13 (and if they resign Bynum our long term future) on a very talented 24-year old who is injury prone and owns a knucklehead streak a mile wide (Sorry Jeff).  Bynum showed Kobe and Phil Jackson no respect in LA and had some off-the-court issues as well.  I’m not sure how wise of a move it is for this young and now leaderless (from a player standpoint) franchise to bring in a player with Bynum’s attitude and baggage.

The second thing that makes me nervous is that with all of these cap space creating moves the 7-6 have quickly become the New York Knicks leading up to the Lebron sweepstakes.  If we decide not to / can not resign Bynum we will have a ton of cap space and the Sixers front office will then go out in summer 2013 and try to recruit the top FA’s available to come here to Philly.  That plan did not work out so well for the NYK a couple years back and now they are stuck in mediocrity.  Obviously the Sixers front office seems to have a clue, which you could argue the Knicks brass did/does not, so odds are we will fair better then the Knicks did a couple summers ago.  Still this “long range” plan is a big, big gamble which gives me an awful feeling in my stomach. 

The next reason this move has me sitting uneasy is that it makes me question who is actually in charge of the Sixers player personnel moves.  With Rod Thorn in lame-duck status, we had all assumed that Doug Collins was calling the shots.  However this appears to be a very un-Doug-like move.  Collins loves veterans who play hard on defense and follow his game plan to the letter.  Dre has done this now for two years better then anyone.  So with this move the Sixers just shipped out Doug’s “golden boy” for a 24-year old kid who is prone to defensive lapses and moments of insubordination.  Thus, it makes me think that Doug is not calling the shots as we had all assumed and it makes me worry that Adam Aron and Josh Harris (two guys with no basketball front office experience) are making the basketball decisions for the Sixers.         

Lastly, when you combine the Sixers 2012 Draft night trade in which they gave up a lottery protected first-round pick in 2013 for Arnett Moultrie with the inclusion of “Big Nik” (2011 first round pick), Mo Harkless (2012 first-round pick) and a protected 2015 first-round draft pick in this deal, the Sixers will essentially have gone with out a high first-round pick from 2011 to 2013 and then again in 2015.  I know the Sixers are plenty young right now and may not need more “college kids” on the roster, but that type of draft streak is almost unheard of in the NBA and in my opinion should raise some red flags.


27 Responses to “A BIG DEAL”

  1. rzzzzz
    10. August 2012 at 11:34

    a risky move. and also the best chance we’ve seen in a decade for this franchise to contend. and the best chance we’ve seen in almost 30 years for this franchise to become elite. if this doesn’t work out, we’re back in the wilderness, out of the national spotlight. if it succeeds, we become a magnet that attracts even more talent for years to come. exciting times.

  2. Josh B.
    10. August 2012 at 12:10

    Great analysis, guys!

    A couple of random thoughts:

    “Just when we thought the Sixers roster was set for 2012-13…”

    With all due respect, why would you have assumed that? It seems to me that it’s an indication of the typical “DO IT NOW OR IT’LL NEVER HAPPEN” impatient thinking that a fanbase is supposed to have, but not a writer. Rod Thorn’s track record isn’t the greatest when it comes to evaluating talent, but you have to at least give the guy some credit for having been around the league long enough to understand how to maximize the value of a potential asset. Why would any rational GM pull the trigger on an Iguodala trade BEFORE he participates in the Olympics, the perfect showcase for a player of his skill-set? That’s like owning stock in a movie studio and selling it all off right before the Oscars when one of their films is nominated for Best Picture.

    “Bynum showed Kobe and Phil Jackson no respect in LA…” – That’s a fair statement, but it’s also worth noting that respect is a two-way street. Both Jackson and Bryant are well-known as guys who prefer the “stick” part of the “stick and carrot” equation, while Doug Collins is a little more on the “carrot” end of the spectrum. A gentler touch from his coach might just be what Bynum needs to truly blossom as a player and as a person.

    Finally, with respect to the contract situation – it might be fair to say that Bynum’s shown “no inclination” to stay in Philly beyond this season, but the extra year and $20 million that the Sixers will be able to offer as his Bird-rights team will certainly factor into the equation, especially since he won’t have the option to get that deal and force a sign-and-trade under the new CBA. If the team thrives and is successful with Bynum as the focal point, I think he’d be hard-pressed to find a better situation elsewhere. As long as Bynum’s knees and mind are up to the task of being “the man” here in Philly, there’s very little to dislike about this move.

  3. LarryM
    10. August 2012 at 12:15

    Smith tries hard to set forth the possible negatives; his difficulty in doing so underscores how good the move was.

    Is their risk? Sure. But what’s the down side, really? The team as curently configured wasn’t going anywhere. Now it might. IMO long term, the only real significant downside is if Harkless becomes a superstar, and Bynum fails or doesn’t re-sign with the team, and the team doesn’t use the resulting cap sace effectively. The chances of all three of those things happening IMO are small.

  4. Chris
    10. August 2012 at 12:45


  5. Steve Toll
    10. August 2012 at 13:02

    Philadelphia came out a distant 3rd in this trade.

    Los Angeles Crushed this trade

    Denver got Iguodala, a superstar, for an average player and a net negative player in Afflalo+Harrington

    Philly got Bynum who has no incentive to sign a 5 year deal in 2013. He can make more money by signing a 4yr deal which puts Philadelphia on equal ground with everyone else next offseason to get Bynum.
    It only cost Philly Harkless+Vucevic both guys who will be NBA starters and a first round pick for the same chance as every team with cap room to sign Bynum in 2013

  6. Eddie in Denver
    10. August 2012 at 13:03

    Thanks, Philly. Nuggets fans are, for the most part, excited by this trade. Two Nuggets blogs have a combined 300 replies, almost all of them positive.

  7. Chris
    10. August 2012 at 13:19


    I wonder if Steve Toll in the comments is actually him or someone who is pretending to be negative as Steve Toll.

    Either way, fantastic job.

  8. T. Martin
    10. August 2012 at 14:27

    I think the Celtic fans collectively crapped their pants when this news broke last night. Overnight we’re ten deep, young and ready to rumble. Everything we lacked last year has been added, rebounding and toughness in the middle (Bynum, Moultrie), some outside shooters (Richardson, D. Wright, N. Young), now if only we’d been able to sign Aaron Brooks as the backup PG, I’d call us the co-favorites to comes out of the East and do it with a straight face. (Brooks led the league in 3PM in 09/10. D Wright led the league the following year). I haven’t been looking forward to Halloween (opening night) this much since I was 7 years old.

  9. Sloetry
    10. August 2012 at 14:45

    Crucially we didn’t trade away the upsides of Jrue, ET and Allen.

  10. KRS1
    10. August 2012 at 15:19

    yeah why is there any negativity after this trade? Tolls def the most pessimistic writer on here. we get the 2nd best center in the league and lose a “superstar” in igoudala haha igoudala is far from super star!!!!! if he was one he wouldve made more than one allstar team which he didnt even start for. Be glad we acquired the most rare position in this league without wasting a whole year watching iggy gobble up minutes from turner thad and jayrue. if we play our contracts right, resign bynum jayrue correctly, who knows maybe we could become a super team and get a josh smith or serge ibaka this offseason *wishful thinking* this is a trade this team needed and the city as well. if it takes a player like iggy, one of the most criticized athletes in this town? you do it even if it doesnt pan out for the sixers the way they want it too i still love the move and it shows theyre actually attempting to put a top 10 team together in the league. let 2012-2013 season begin!!

  11. G Curtis
    10. August 2012 at 16:13

    Bynum will not be a problem for the Sixers. In LA he was frustrated with being the third option and last year I don’t think he respected Mike Brown after being coached by Phil Jackson (but who would?). He will respect Doug Collins, a former all-star player himself and will want to live up to the task of being the number one option. Also, I’m confident he will re-sign. This is the same guy who said “there’s a bank in every city”. He will see the Sixers upside and given the fact that the Sixers can offer the best contract I think he will stay.

  12. RosstheBoss
    10. August 2012 at 17:07

    What is everyone in Philly fretting about?! Bynum IS undoubtedly the best big man they’ve had since Malone to control the paint. He is about to be paired with one of the best young point guards (Jrue Holiday) not named Kyrie Irving, and a fearless scorer in Evan Turner. There is not a better situation out there for him. Bynum does not want to play second fiddle to anyone nor wants to be on a team that sucks, I for one can’t think of another team next year that can offer that next year.

    Bynum will be the focal point, with Turner a 2nd option and Jrue running the show. This team is young, exciting and Bynum will quickly be brought into the fold of a young Thunder-like culture team with guys his age he can relate and actually become friends with. Now being close to home and competing for a championship on HIS own team, what could be better.

    Sure something could go wrong, what couldn’t, but in this scenario a whole lot more can and more than likely go right.


  13. clubberlangphila
    10. August 2012 at 19:31

    still a win for the sixers. bynum resigning or not, we’ll take the 2013 cap room anyway, tizzone. i’m happy richardson can contribute right away. there is no way collins would have let harkless contribute this season. it is kind of nice for the roster to have less redundancies and more players with defined skill sets and positions.

    we still should not have amnestized brand yet, that deadline deal could have helped somehow instead of paying him for nothing.

    josh, adam and fresh best find someone who can splash 2013&14 free agency and energize the franchise as they seek thorn’s successor. remember the croce/iverson era.

  14. Big Jules
    11. August 2012 at 02:52

    I struggle to find any downside to this deal for the 6ers. Seriously. Iggy was going to opt out at the end of the season and potentially bounce for nothing. Vuc was nailed to the bench at the end of the season and got no tick in the playoffs. The Hawes re-signing tells you everything you need to know about Vuc. Harkless is a raw prospect. The 6ers converted these pieces into an All-Star center who is second only to D12 in the league. Is he guaranteed to resign here? Doesn’t matter. What does matter is the 6ers at least have a CHANCE to resign a guy who is a difference maker. The 6ers usually get a shot at a guy like this when either: A) he’s coming off ACL or ruptured achilles surgery, B) He’s been in the league 13 seasons and his knees are shot, or 3) he’s looking for his last max contract and has no desire to play hard anymore. Bynum is D) none of the above. Worst case scenario is they move him at the trade deadline for something good or sign and trade him in the offseason. Poo-pooing the trade because D12 is not guaranteed to re-sign shows a lack of recognition of where the 6ers were currently as a franchise (i.e. stuck in neutral with a phoney franchise player) and where they were headed (i.e. NOWHERE) without a trade like this. KUDOS to a front office that finally showed that they actually get it.

  15. George
    11. August 2012 at 08:26

    I still can’t believe he said “he can make more money with a four year deal.”. I love the deal but we lose a draft pick to the heat and another to the magic in the next few years. It puts more pressure on the front office in the next few years to sign the right people and for the right amount. You imagine both Holiday and Bynum want big bucks and their contracts are coming up in the next few years followed by Turner. I’m truly hopeful that everything toll says we will be laughing about the next few years

  16. Earl
    11. August 2012 at 10:10

    Its a great trade for Philly.

    Very minimal risk, if any.

    Sixers were looking to trade Iggy and go in a different direction and they were able to get the 2nd best center in the NBA by packaging Iggy with 2 replaceable pieces (Harkless & Vucevic) along with a heavily protected 1st round pick.

    Even if Bynum doesn’t re-sign, they would still have a significant trade chip at this year’s deadline OR they free up about $16.5 mill in cap space (instead of having Iggy under contract).

    Personally, I think its a near lock Bynum re-signs. He basically has said he wants to get paid. I don’t see him leaving the extra money on the table that the Sixers can give him for another team unless he’s extremely unhappy in Philly.

    I think he will like playing with this team as its currently constructed. Playmakers to get him the ball and shooters to pass out to when he gets double and triple teamed. Also, a chance for him to be “the man” for a franchise.

    I think this has a chance to be the start of a new, bright era for the Sixers.

  17. Steve Toll
    11. August 2012 at 11:35

    Bynum is best served signing a 3 year extension with an opt out clause after 2014-2015. Under the new CBA, he’d then be eligible to sign a 5 year super max deal as a 10 year veteran. Also he would be 31 at the end of that contract and able to sign another 5 year deal where at 32, he could only sign a 4 year deal

  18. Samuel33334
    11. August 2012 at 11:56

    We did not lose Jrue, ET, Thad, Lavoy, and to add to that we have bynum. Our lineup is gonna rock.

    Jrue Holiday PG, Jason Richardson PG, Royal Ivey PG

    Evan Turner SG, Nick Young SG

    Dorrel Wright SF, Thaddeus Young SF, Evan Turner SF

    Thaddeus Young PF, Lavoy Allen PF, Arnett Moultrie PF

    Andrew Bynum C, Spencer Hawes C, Kwame Brown C

    We seem a little weak at SG and SF but that will probably fill out between now and training camp. Thaddeus Young will be vastly important to our success, especially if he is given extended time a PF, i would ideally like him at SF but i don’t know about starting Lavoy or Arnett Moultrie at PF and god knows i wouldn’t want Spencer Hawes anywhere near the starting lineup now. Bynum will change everything for the Sixers, allowing us to spread the floor and it lets our very quick and athletic team run free while other teams are stuck double teaming Bynum. I would not be surprised if Jrue Holiday were our leading scorer. He’s young and can shoot the ball and get to the basket, potentially could average 20 points and 6-7 assists a game with Bynum to feed the ball to. Cant wait to start watching this team beating up on all the eastern conference trash.

  19. ken
    11. August 2012 at 14:13

    toll can you please learn about the game of basketball before you post things? the whole point of having superstars in their last year of their contract is that youll own their bird rights which means you can sign him for one more year and more money than any other team which puts you in stronger position than the other teams not to mention you can also do a sign and trade if it looks like you really cant keep him or ou can also trade him at the trade deadline if he starts complaining like howard and other superstars have.

  20. Eric
    11. August 2012 at 15:46

    Message from a Lakers fan. You guys made out GREAT. I cannot believe you got Bynum for Igoudala and a bag of magic beans. Bynum is a good guy. Imature, yes, but very intelligent, very thoughtful. All he wanted in LA was to be The Guy. Well, that was never going to happen with Kobe on the team. While I am estatic about getting Howard, I believe the 76ers may have improved the most. I will not be shocked to see numbers like this from Bynum; 25pts, 13 boards and 2 blocks a game. Good luck and have a fun year. (Sorry, but Lakers win the championship)

  21. JT's Hoops Blog
    12. August 2012 at 09:28

    Bynum will be the best big man Philly has ever had since Moses Malone in the 80s. Ironically, they both share the same similarity as they both went straight to the pros stright from high school.

  22. LarryM
    12. August 2012 at 13:16

    Toll just seems like the typical talk radio call in fan, not so much on substance but on tendency to be overly negative and reactive. What I find funny is the inconsistent approach – on the one hand, he treats statistical metrics as gospel when they support his negativity, but ignore them when they don’t. (He usually doesn’t refer to them explicitly, but his player evaluations are pretty obviouly based on PER or similar metrics for the most part.)The trade is a huge win from a PER perspective, even apart from the fact that the team is now much better configured.

    In a way this trade is a litmus test for reasonableness among sixers fans – sure it COULD go wrong, but on a risk/reward basis it is such a complete no brainer.

  23. LarryM
    12. August 2012 at 13:27

    His analysis of the contract is typical. I suppose IF Bynum assumes that he will stay healthy and a star for the next 3 to 4 years, it MIGHT make sense fro him to take a shorter deal next year in the hopes of a (slightly) better deal on his next contract. But the whole point of longer contracts is security, and, from a purely economic perspective, it would be crazy not to take the longer deal just for the chance of a slightly bigger payoff down the road. Of course, there are no guarentees – he’s going to be getting enough money anyway that, if he isn’t happy here or convinced that the team could win down the road, he could go elsewhere. But anyone who thinks that having Bird rights doesn’t give the Sixers an edge is not being objective.

  24. lineup
    12. August 2012 at 20:11

    I want to ask philadunkia writers (NOT steve toll) what the starting lineup next year will look like

  25. Hank
    13. August 2012 at 13:24


    Bynum just got through his first fully successful and healthy season in the NBA. If next season works out the same way, that will make it 2. He’ll still have the knee braces, and there will still be concerns. Why would a player in his situation prefer a three year deal over a five year deal even with the slightly larger payout if he can stay healthy for good?

    I’m confused by both your argument on this topic and your perpetually negative attitude towards the sixers.

  26. Steve Toll
    15. August 2012 at 11:43

    The way the CBA is structured for 10+ year vets and the over 36 provision.

    Bynum will sign a 4yr deal in the offseason with a 3rd year Early Termination Option and a 4th year partially guaranteed team option.

    The starting lineup should be
    Jrue PG-SG
    Dorell SG-SF
    Thad SF-PF
    Lavoy PF
    Bynum C

    Turner PG-SF, Richardson SG, Hawes PF-C should round out the 8man rotation

  27. Poj
    23. August 2012 at 07:37

    It’s a shame the Sixers couldn’t win their final 2 games and snag the 6th seed. They could have psuhed Boston to the brink with their athleticism. Unfortunately Miami won’t get out hustled, and I expect LeBron to take his game to the next level. In round 1 they won’t even need Wade. The Sixers will be lucky to win 1 game.

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