Words don’t do justice when speaking about great players.  Andre Iguodala is a player who knows that as well as any.  He is going to be in the basketball Hall of Fame someday.  Basketball is about production and few players in NBA history have produced like Andre Iguodala through 8 seasons. 

Dre spent years here playing for fans who didn’t appreciate his on court ability and called him overpaid.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Andre you were the most under appreciated player in franchise history.  You deserve to be mentioned with Chamberlain, Malone, Barkley, Dr. J and Iverson.  Unfortunately, you were stuck with teammates, haters, owners and front office guys who didn’t live up to their end of the bargain while you gave it your all for 8 seasons. 

The words don’t do you justice but the numbers certainly do.


Since Iguodala entered the NBA, he has been a top level player. Here are his total numbers compared to everyone else in the NBA, his block #’s are against all non PF-C:

 Second in minutes, 28th in points, 34th in rebounds, 15th in assists, 2nd in steals, 8th in blocks amongst non PF-C players

That’s a pretty good 8 years, but in case you’re not convinced, keep reading.

Below are Andre Iguodala’s career averages.  His numbers are compared to Scottie Pippen through 8 seasons and let’s remember that Scottie Pippen was named to the 50 greatest players of all time list.  It’s safe to say, he is a good comparison to Iguodala.  Pippen is an all time great defender and so is Iguodala, Pippen can be given an edge of defense but it’s a tiny edge at that.

Dre: 37.7 mpg, 15.3 pts TS% 55.4, 5.8 reb, 4.6 ast, 1.7 stl, .5 blk, 2.4 TOs, 2.1 Fouls

Pippen: 35.5 mpg, 17.5 pts TS% 53.8, 7.0 reb, 5.3 ast, 2.2 stl, 1 blk,  2.9 TOs, 3.1 Fouls

So Dre’s numbers are very close to Pippen and we all know Iguodala had a lot less to work with through the first 8 years.

Here’s the list of guys who put up Dre’s numbers or better, over the course of their career and they are all in the Hall of Fame: Jerry West, Clyde Drexler, Rick Barry, Walt Frazier, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Lebron James, Michael Jordan.  Except for some current players who might end with similar numbers, that is the whole list.

Let’s assume that Dre plays 75% of the minutes and is 60% as productive in the rest of his career as he has been the first 8 years combined. His total numbers would look something like this.  Total Production * .45 (.75*.6)

Career Numbers:  40628 Minutes, 13662 Points, 5210 Rebounds, 4337 Assists, 1560 Steals, 450 blocks

Kobe, Gary Payton, Pippen, Jason Kidd, Magic, Kevin Garnett, Jordan, Karl Malone and Cylde Drexler are the only guys with those career numbers

 or better.

Players like Lebron, Pierce, and Wade are current players who will likely achieve that combination of stats by the time their career is over.

Factoring in other guys production during Iguodala’s career, here are how his numbers would stack up all time

 40628 Minutes – 30th

 13662 Points – 170th

 5210 Rebounds – 220nd

 4337 Assists – 90th

 1560 Steals – 30th

 450 Blocks – 40th All Time amongst non Power Forwards and Centers

If Iguodala plays 80% of the minutes and is 75% as productive the rest of his career as he has through his first 8 seasons, here is the breakdown all time with adjustments for current players

41789 Minutes – 27th

 15075 Points – 130th

 5749 Rebounds – 155th

 4785 Assists – 70th

 1722 Steals – 20th

 496 Blocks – 35th All Time amongst non Power Forwards and Centers.

Those numbers put him in with Pippen, Kidd, Malone, Drexler, Kobe, Magic, and MJ when all is said and done. Players like Wade, Lebron, Pierce, Duncan, Garnett etc will also likely achieve these career numbers.

If Dre manages to be more that 80% as productive through the end of his career those numbers will only move up.  Yes, the scoring is inflated but it’s like his assists will improve and his defensive numbers will stay the same throughout the majority of the rest of his years.

Look at all that, factor in that Iguodala is an elite all time wing defender and you have yourself a guy who is a Hall of Fame player, anyway you slice it. 

Philadunkia nation, we hope you enjoyed Iguodala while he was here because he is one of the most unique and best players of all time.  There will be a time, it could be sooner rather than later, where everyone will miss Dre and learn to truly appreciate his unique on court ability.


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