76ers_RetroLogoeditedFrom what we are reading and seeing on the 76ers official Twitter account and hearing from people around the City of Brotherly Love, nearly all of the key members of 76ers 2009-10 roster were in town on Friday and working out together over at PCOM on City Avenue.

With training camp still 10 days away, it’s great to know that the team is already getting to work on learning new Head Coach Eddie Jordan’s Princeton offense.  The P’ton offense typically takes some time for individual players to learn because it is so different the offenses most NBA players have run during the course of their careers.  For a team to gel and become a cohesive unit within that offense is not a short process either because of the system’s read and react nature.

brandpcomtwitThe list of players working out here in Philly on Friday at the Sixers practice facility included the usual suspects that have been hoopin’ together for most of the summer or at least the last couple of weeks now: Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young and Jason Smith.  Joining the PCOM regulars were newbies Elton Brand (Twitpic at left) and Jason Kapono. 

Brand spent most of the summer working out at HAX in Los Angeles .  In case you did not know HAX in LA is also the spot in SoCal that NBA players such as Dwight Howard, Paul Pierce, Tyson Chandler, Brandon Jennings and Shelden Williams frequent.  We assume Kapono has been playing at Pauley Pavilion all summer as those courts are a very popular spot for NBA cats who attended UCLA and other NBA players in the LA area to workout over the summer, but we are awaiting confirmation on that one.

Surprisingly absent from the workout on Friday was PCOM regular Louis Williams who has been in Philly most of the summer honing his point guard skills.  According to Lou’s Twitter account he’s home in the ATL for one last weekend of rest before the season officially starts

Samuel Dalembert’s whereabouts remain unknown.

According to Iguodala’s twitter page, Head Coach Eddie Jordan thought AI9 was “outta shape” That’s hard to believe.

Hopefully these extra days of work leading into training camp will make for a quicker transition into the Princeton offense and help the Sixers avoid the slow start they experienced in 2008-09.

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