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08/17/12 8:26 am EST

Now that the excitement from the Andrew Bynum trade and the chaotic introductory press conference that followed has died down a little, it’s time to ponder the starting lineup options Doug Collins will have to choose from in 2012-13.  To say there are a number of different ways Collins could go with his first-five is an understatement.

It’s a stone-cold-lock that Jrue Holiday and Andrew Bynum will hear their names called on a nightly basis when the Sixers are introduced prior to tip off.  However after those two, the three remaining starting spots are wide open.  Will Collins go with shooter heavy starting five that includes J-Rich and Dorell Wright?  Will Evan Turner finally get a real opportunity to prove he is a starter in this League?  Will Collins stand behind the statement he made in July and run Hawes out as the Sixers starting power forward?  Does Collins think Lavoy is more then just a role player on this team? 

Really, only Doug knows right now, but after the jump the Philadunkia scribes try to predict who will take the floor in DC’s starting line up on opening night. 


Michael Kaskey-Blomain

PG – Jrue Holiday

SG – Evan Turner

SF –  Dorell Wright 

PF –  Lavoy Allen

C –  Andrew Bynum

The Sixers’ promising young point guard will return to his role as the team’s starting floor general.  The Sixers are now stacked at SG, and realistically any of them (Turner, Richardson, Young) could start in the right system, but now seems to be Turner’s time.  His three point shooting needs to improve, especially playing with a kick-out big like Bynum, but his athleticism and ability to get to the rim will be crucial to the Sixers this season.  With Dre gone, his defense will also be key as he will often be asked to guard the other team’s best perimeter player. 

Not the most obvious choice here at SF, but Wright is a three point threat with almost unlimited range, meaning that defenders can’t leave Dorell to double down on Bynum.  Although slightly undersized, Lavoy has a big body, enjoys contact, and can rebound. With Bynum dominating the block, Lavoy won’t need to be much of a scoring option, but rather a hard-nosed player who earns his time on the defensive end and on the glass.  Also his consistent mid-range shot will provide another outlet for Bynum on the pass out.  Obviously Bynum is a starter as he gives the Sixers a dimension they haven’t had in decades as a legitimate low-post threat and suddenly Hawes doesn’t sound so bad as a back-up.  My 6th man is Thad.  With the roster as it is currently constructed, Young still fits better in a bench role.  His minutes should still increase slightly as his versatility will allow him to be the first guy off the bench at either of the forward spots. 

Matthew Swiman

PG- Jrue Holiday

SG- Jason Richardson

SF- Evan Turner

PF- Spencer Hawes

C – Andrew Bynum

Holiday will start and after these past playoffs where he averaged 16 points 4.7 rebounds and 5 assists I am betting Jrue can produce similar numbers in the future.  Richardson will start at SG and will play not a substantial amount but he will help with his last season averages of 11 points and 37% from beyond the arc.  Last year Evan Turner showed success playing either the 1 or the 3 as his jump shot is still very weak.  That is why Turner, who is destined for a break out year will start at the SF position for the 7-6 next season.  Turner must bring great perimeter defense and help replace the Dre’s defensive presence. 

At the PF position Hawes gets the call.  Spencer must take advantage of the fact that he will have a constant height advantage over other power forwards and with Bynum being consistently double teamed he must be able to hit his 12-17 foot jumper consistently in order for him (and the team) to be successful.  Bynum rounds the lineup out for the 7-6 at the center position.  As Bynum is the number one option for the Sixers on offense I expect him to at least average 20 points and 10 rebounds.  Thaddeus Young will be the first guy off the bench and this year.  With Iguodala and Harkless are out of the spectrum Thad could see some serious minutes at the small forward position where he needs to use his athleticism to get by defenders.  After that on the depth chart I see Nick Young playing a similar role to what Lou did last year for the 7-6 and Dorrell Wright to play a role similar to Meeks, but see more minutes off the bench.

Jeff McMenamin

PG- Jrue Holiday

SG- Jason Richardson

SF- Evan Turner

PF- Thaddeus Young

C – Andrew Bynum

This lineup is based solely on two factors.  The first factor is that Turner works extremely hard in the off-season on his jumper to the point where it is very reliable.  I’m not talking about being able to hit from downtown.  He needs to be a guy that can not only create his own shot, but move without the ball and knock down open mid-range looks as well.

The second factor is based on the idea that Thad actually fulfills coach Doug Collins’ mission for him this summer and adds on an extra 20 pounds of muscle.  An extra 20 pounds will give Young the size to bang down low with other bigs both offensively and defensively, where before that had to rely more on his speed and quick hands.  It also wouldn’t hurt for him to revisit his shooting mechanics as well.

If both of these men can accomplish these missions then they deserve to be in my starting five.  If not then I think the SF position goes to Dorell Wright and PF position goes to Spencer Hawes.

Holiday and Bynum were no-brainers, and I think Richardson deserves to man the helm at SG because for one, since 2004, Ray Allen is the only player with more 3-pointers.  Another reason is that he’s now one of the lone veterans on the team who has a good deal of postseason experience.  When Bynum gets doubled, tripled, and quadrupled; Richardson will be there for the wide open three just like he did for Dwight Howard on the Magic.

I picked Nick Young for my sixth man because more than anybody that’s left on the Sixers bench, I believe Young is the best at creating his own shot and drawing fouls which is exactly what Lou Williams was relied upon to do in years past.  The difference between is that Young has a sizeable six inches and 35 more pounds on him then Lou.  Dorrell Wright will be used for shooting, Lavoy and Hawes will be used for rebounding and defensive purposes, and who knows? Maybe even Arnett Moultrie or Kwame Brown will turn out to play a larger role then people imagine.

C. Smith

PG – Jrue Holiday

SG – Jason Richardson

SF –  Evan Turner 

PF –  Spencer Hawes*

C –  Andrew Bynum

Holiday and Bynum are obvious and need no explanation.  I think Richardson will rebound from a down 2011-12 season by having a great training camp and earn the starting nod.  He’ll bring a veteran presence and much needed sweet shooting touch to the starting group.  Plus he’s a hell of an athlete and can run the floor with Jrue and Co.  We all know Collins loves defense and with Dre gone, Turner is now the second best defender on the team.  With “The Jruth” handling the opposition’s PG, Turner will be assigned to the others team’s best offensive weapon on a nightly basis.  He’s also a stellar rebounding guard who will help Bynum on the glass. Hopefully TheKidET can also score the ball a little.  

I think Collins follows through on his statement from last month and goes with Hawes at PF on opening night.  However (notice the asterisk next to Hawes), I predict that by Christmas Hawes will be replaced in the first-five by Arnett Moultrie.  Moultrie is a bouncy (37 inch vert), athletic and long (7-2 wingspan) kid who really impressed a number of scouts I spoke with prior to the Draft and I believe he will force his way into the lineup.  His ability to cover the weak side on defense when Bynum has lapses and gets out of position will really impress Collins.  He is also tenacious on the offensive glass and has the unique ability to put the ball back in the hoop quickly.  An explosive interior forward is something this team has not had in a long time.  Moultrie is here to fill that void and Collins will not be able to keep him on the bench. 

Thad will be the Sixers 6th man in 2011-13 and Wright (a SG disguised as a SF) will be the first “shooter” to come in off the bench.   


29 Responses to “FIRST-FIVE…WHO YA GOT ??”

  1. Steve Toll
    17. August 2012 at 09:06

    In an effort to maximize efficiency, I believe this should be Philadelphia’s lineup

    PG – Turner, can’t shoot must play PG
    SG – Jrich, average production with lots of 3s
    SG/SF – Wright, better than average production with lots of 3s
    PF/C – Lavoy, with 3x minutes and similar production, Most improved player award
    C – Bynum, The Man

    PG/SG – Jrue, 6th man of year candidate, needs to shoot more 3s
    SF/PF – Thad, poised for his best season, should play SF>PF in total minutes
    PF/C Hawes – Healthy and Improved from last season, improved D is key

  2. Jim
    17. August 2012 at 09:09

    Swiman and Carey’s are the only ones that make sense,….lavoy cant jump into the lineup and thad cannot play power forward

  3. davon
    17. August 2012 at 09:37

    jrue holiday, j rich, evan turner, spencer hawes, and bynum is the best 5 to me

  4. Steve
    17. August 2012 at 11:15

    I agree with C.Smith and Swiman. That is a great starting 5 and then the second rotation should be:

    PG – Turner
    SG – Nick Young
    SF – Thad
    PF – Lavoy
    C – Brown

    D. Wright could also play the SF and move Thad to the PF. I know DC isn’t big on playing rookies but I think Moultrie could definitely get some real minutes at PF. He’s a great athlete, rebounds and can play D and score. Youtube his college highlight video, he’s dirty.

  5. lewis
    17. August 2012 at 11:45

    steve u really are serious about not starting jrue wow!

  6. Jeff McMenamin
    17. August 2012 at 12:36


    Looks like Spencer will be the starter after all. Collins just came out with this today.


  7. JT's Hoops Blog
    17. August 2012 at 12:40

    J Rich staring at the two makes a lot more sense than Evan Turner considering the fact that Turner can’t shoot to save his life. It will also be tough for Turner to have consistent minutes with Nick Young, Thad Young and Dorell Wright breathing down the back of his neck. Collins may elect to put either Wright or Young at the three spots as their offensive games are far more polished than that of Turners. With that, consider Turner’s tenure in Philly all but over.

  8. Mike
    17. August 2012 at 13:07

    Lavoy Allen is defintely capable of being a starter in this league, he showed it in the playoffs and would have won game 7 if he played more then 17 mins. I agree with MKB’s lineup most.

  9. Gary
    17. August 2012 at 14:47

    @Steve Toll

    Jrue is not ever going to be a 6th man or bench guy. He is way to effective and skilled. Plus he’s the only legitimate point guard on this team. Turner is our 3 guard, and point guard once in awhile as the game goes on.

    Jrich – sg
    Arnett – PF
    Obviously the Bynimal is our Center.

    I’ve seen many lineups that have been though about and I can see any of the 4 up there from Philadunkia. But Steve your just plain crazy dude.

  10. Ransom
    17. August 2012 at 15:20

    Yeah, Spencer Hawes is the guy I want guarding Bosh, Amare, Boozer, Anderson, Griffin, Jefferson, Love, West, Garrnett, Gasol, Randolph…etc. every night…

  11. Snake
    17. August 2012 at 15:45



    No matter how you do it we are going to have one of the deepest benches once again

  12. Roc
    17. August 2012 at 16:06

    with jrich n allen comin off the bench first

  13. steve toll
    17. August 2012 at 17:37

    why do I even bother writing here. I admit that I hate the Sixers and will rethink my career options.

  14. Chuck
    17. August 2012 at 17:56

    PG – Holiday
    SG – Turner
    SF – Wright
    PF – Hawes
    C – Bynum

    Hawes is perfect for the PF role here because Bynum is going to take up the entire paint on both ends. Especially on offense Hawes will have the opportunity to do what he loves, shooting jumpers. Turner finally gets his time to shine and show that he can penetrate the paint like he did in the postseason. And whatever he misses (and doesn’t get a call) Bynum has a chance to clean up. Jrue would simply have to improve with his distributing now that Iggy is gone. I chose Wright at the 3 instead ET (and putting J-Rich at the 2) because of his size, ability to rebound, post a bit and of course be the starting shooter. And of course Bynum, well Bynum will be Bynum and control the paint and thrive from it being spread out for him.

    My 6th Man will be Thad. My “new Lou” is Nick Young, even tho he never passes. And my “much better Meeks” is J-Rich. Lavoy to round it maybe playing 20 minutes a night, doing more of the same. And Kwame filling in for foul trouble problems and quick breaks for Bynum/Hawes/Allen.

  15. Steve Toll
    17. August 2012 at 19:24

    Competitive game lineup and playing time

    PG – ET 24mpg, Holiday 24mpg
    SG – Jrich 26mpg, Holiday 10mpg, Dorell Wright 12mpg
    SF – Dorell 18mpg, Thad 30mpg
    PF – Lavoy 28mpg, Hawes 14mpg, Thad 6mpg
    C – Bynum 34mpg, Hawes 14mpg

    Turner 24mpg
    Holiday 34mpg
    Jrich 26mpg
    Wright 30mpg
    Thad 36mpg
    Lavoy 28mpg
    Hawes 28mpg
    Bynum 34 mpg

  16. lewis
    18. August 2012 at 09:55


    thad is not going to play 36 MINUTES AND WRIGHT PLAYING 30!!! WHAT

  17. Ubee
    18. August 2012 at 11:28


    Gotta have ET as your backup PG! Who else? Royal Ivey? Exactly. This why DC can’t put ET in starting lineup. Richardson and wright will spread floor with Bynum and we will really open some huge leads in the first qtr. I’m struggling with starting because on one hand I like his outside shot and interior passing, but he would be stuck guarding guys like Bosh, Boozer, Griffin, and West. Allen could fare better in the starting lineup defensively. Don’t know much about moultrie to give him quality mins so I’ve no comment on that. Our bench will be great with both youngs coming off it and ET at PG driving and creating shots. This will be an exciting year!

  18. hunter
    18. August 2012 at 13:34

    id like to see thad, or even moultrie get a chance to start at PF. i dont want to see hawes getting a lot of minutes. id like jrue, evan, thad, allen, and bynum or jrue, rich, evan, thad, and bynum. with ibaka signing an extension with OKC and harden and doug collins past experience together at Arizona State, does anyone else think the sixers wil cut some fat (hawes and brown particular), and make a run at james?

  19. Steve Toll
    18. August 2012 at 15:50


    Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka are owed 42 million in 2013-2014. Unfortunately, Harden isn’t going anywhere.

    Dorell Wright is quite a good basketball player. His defense is ok, he doesn’t turn the ball over, he scores efficiently and he rebounds. Nick Young does none of those things, ET rebounds and JRich is average

    In regards to Moultrie, .8 blocks in 36 minutes per game last year for Mississippi state. For a 6’10 21 year old with a 37 inch vert that is not a good indicator for defense

  20. cro
    18. August 2012 at 17:00

    PG Holiday
    SG N.Young
    SF Turner
    PF Young
    C Kwame lol

  21. Mr X
    18. August 2012 at 17:43

    I’m the most intrigued to see what the Sixers do with Turner. He is definately best at the point position where he can be aggresive and try to get himself and others involved. If they try to use him as a traditional SG or SF he will be miss used and fail. I like him and Holiday handling the PG duties with Turner being point on offense with Holiday sliding to the two when they play together. However Turner could gaurd the opposing sf, pg, or sg, allowing Holdiay to match up with the oppsoing point on defense.

  22. Austin
    18. August 2012 at 18:03

    Id Leave Hawes off the bench for a deeper bench (when it comes to scoring). It will be amazing this year. Cant wait.

  23. Jacob
    19. August 2012 at 09:04

    The two best lineups and analysis is Swiman’s and C.Smiths the other ones just do not make sense

  24. Pete
    20. August 2012 at 12:31

    I assume you really meant the starting lineup for Game 6, right? Since Andrew Bynum will be suspended for the first 5 games of the year.

  25. Pete
    20. August 2012 at 12:45

    I think the starting lineup will be:
    Holiday PG
    Turner SF
    Richardson SG
    Hawes PF
    Bynum C

    When Holiday is rested:
    Turner PG
    Young SG
    Wright SF
    Thad Young PF
    Bynum C

    When Turner/Bynum are rested:
    Holiday PG
    Young SG
    Allen C
    Wright SF
    Thad Young PF

    Really, I think there is the potential that Turner plays minutes at PG, SG, SF positions in many games.

  26. Mark
    22. August 2012 at 07:35


    This is going to be a good team…

  27. Pat
    23. August 2012 at 17:05

    Pg jrue holliday
    Sg j Richardson
    Sf thad young
    Pf d wright
    C Andrew Bynum

    Pg turner
    Sg n young
    Sf wright/ young
    Pf Allen / moultrie
    C hawes / brown

  28. lollo
    25. August 2012 at 20:23

    jrue ( no discussions)
    evan (this is his hear, as rod thorn said,he has to show is iggy no meeks, now he has to be the go to guy in the perimeter)
    wright (he is a real small forward, can’t start with 3 guards)
    hawes (collins said he still wants thad coming off the bench and i think collins wants to try spencer as a power forward because as a center he is not agressive enough )
    bynum (no discussions)

    young (1st change for guards)
    thad young (1st change for forwards)
    brown (plays minutes bynum doesn’t play )

    j rich and lavoy (will be a concrete help but will not play more than 20 minutes )

    moultrie,ivey and wayns complete the roster

  29. John
    31. August 2012 at 14:53

    I agree with Pete and C Smith. We must be careful with bringing new people in and starting them right away. That is why Wright and Young will not. Thad is our 6th man and I think Collins will keep him there. Allen could be the starting PF or SF, but he is young and I think Collins likes the Bynum, Hawes combo.

    Holiday – PG
    Richardson – SG
    Turner – SF
    Hawes – PF
    Bynum – C

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