Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
09/24/12 4:45 pm EST

With only 40 days left until the 2012-13 Sixers season gets underway there is plenty of news to talk about.


  • Sixers announce that senior vice president of basketball operations Tony DiLeo has now become the teams new General Manager. I like DiLeo as a person. I thought he did a pretty good job of coaching the team in the 2008-09 season, while almost upsetting the eventual Eastern Conference champion Orlando Magic in the playoffs that year. I think the Sixers keeping the position in house isn’t necessarily a bad thing. DiLeo has proved to be a valuable asset in changing the culture of the Sixers around in the past 5 years. It also gives coach Collins some more say in what moves are made which I feel is a good thing as well, rather than the debacles which have occurred from the likes of Billy King and Ed Stefanski over the years.
  • It seems as though Philadunkia’s very own Steve Toll has the chance at a major promotion as well, as DiLeo wants to hire an advanced stat person in the front office in the coming months. 
  • Former Mav great Josh Howard got a workout with the Sixers Monday. Howard once averaged 20 points a game with the Mavs, but in this past season only averaged close to 9 points a game with the Jazz. I don’t think the Sixers end up with Howard, but it’s an interesting note anyway. 
  • According to the New York Post, the division rival Knicks are apparently looking into Philly native Rasheed Wallace to fill one of their final roster spots. Sheed last played in the 2009-10 season with the Boston Celtics, and at 38 years old he’ll have to show coaches a lot in camp in order to make the team. Wallace of course attended Simon Gratz High School in Philly where in his senior year he averaged 16 points, 15 rebounds, and seven blocks a game on his way to being named the USA Today High School Player of the Year.  
  • Grab your tickets now to the Sixers preseason game against the new Brooklyn Nets at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on October 13th or make your way up to the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY to watch the Sixers face the New York Knicks in Carmelo Anthony’s return to the school that he helped win a National Championship back in 2003.  
  • The Sixers held tryouts for both the flight squad and the Sixers PA announcer. The winners of both will be announced in the very near future.  
  • Apparently Turtle from Entourage has interest in both the Sixers and Eagles in his latest tweets. 
  • I reported not too long ago on twitter that I spotted Spencer Hawes roaming around the streets of Old City. Yesterday the big man was seen wearing a Phillies “Hawes” jersey in Center City along with teammates Arnett Moultrie and Maalik Wayns. I discovered that they were all in attendance at the Phillies game yesterday along with teammates Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young, and Lavoy Allen on Turner’s twitter feed to watch new teammate Andrew Bynum throw out the first pitch. Apparently Ladder 15 is a popular spot for Hawes and crew after games.  
  • Nick Young hits twitter to promote the documentary about his youth called Second Chance Season.


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11 Responses to “NOTES, LINKS & TWEETS”

  1. Lennix
    25. September 2012 at 22:16

    whats steve going to say? hi i think youre front office is making bad moves by trading igoudala based off these statistics? not saying hes terrible with stats in the slightest, too good but i dont think his opinion or suggestion is needed at ALL IN THE SLIGHTEST for this organization. then again i hope im wrong, good luck steve

  2. Adam
    26. September 2012 at 14:17

    The steve toll thing was a joke, right?

  3. Hank
    27. September 2012 at 11:19

    Ha, I assumed it was?

    On another note, how’s everyone feel about Bynum being listed at #13 in NBA Rank?

  4. Jeff McMenamin
    27. September 2012 at 23:44

    To all of the above,

    Yes what I said about Steve was meant to be a joke.


    I don’t mind Bynum being at #13. I’m a lot happier with that rank than the way in which other current Sixers were ranked. He maybe is better than Dirk at this point in their careers and you could have a long debate against him versus Kevin Love, but I think it’s fair overall.

    Thanks for reading and commenting,

  5. Steve Toll
    28. September 2012 at 16:15


    You couldn’t just leave it semi-ambiguous? Obviously, it was a joke but you didn’t need to acknowledge it. It just makes you look mad that people read what you wrote and fixated on what you wrote about me.

    Love >>>> Bynum >> Dirk for the 2013 season. You certainly could have a long debate about who is better about Bynum or Love but it would be pointless because the answer is Love by a decent margin

    While I don’t disagree with your statements about the 76 rankings, it is a 2 way street. In your Rank Em article, I have the players at these numbers:

    Bynum – 10
    Thaddeus – 59 at SF, 115 at PF (so 91 if you average the 2 numbers)
    Dorell Wright – 81
    Lavoy Allen – 85
    Spencer Hawes – 89
    Jason Richardson – 139
    Holiday – 154
    Turner – 170

    Bynum, Thaddeus Young, Spencer Hawes, Dorell Wright and Lavoy Allen should have all been rated higher. Those 5 guys should play 100% of the SF-PF-C minutes this season when healthy in competitive games, with D-Wright playing some SG as well

    Here is where NBA rank got it wrong with too much brotherly love

    ET has been terrible for 2 seasons. When he played more the 76ers were worse and your continous argument for “lack of positional security and playing time is weak”. If it were true how do you explain KLove and ET’s numbers through their first 2 seasons:
    His Rank was 119

    Nick Young is super awesome from a “if only corner 3s counted as baskets” otherwise he isn’t worth the league minimum and is not in the top 300, his rank was 165

    Jrue Holiday was 84th in Win Shares per NBA reference and 120 in Wins Produced per NBAGeek this past year, while being 13th in minutes played. Holidays PER amongst only Point Guards was 34th last season. His NBA rank was 73

    Jason Richardson has made lots of 3s in his career and has been a slightly above average player in his career. He will be 32 midway through the season and at best will be an average player. He is about the 20th best SG in the NBA which is currently its weakest position. Player value generally goes C>PF>SF>SG>PG with versatility being a huge plus. Richiardson has no versatility and yet was ranked 119.

    For anyone interested:
    Under no circumstances will the discussion I have with Mr Dileo and Mr. Aaron in October be discussed on Philadunkia, but I can tell you everything I have written about the 76ers I will stand behind and be prepared to answer if they have questions or comments about my public writing.

  6. Jeff McMenamin
    1. October 2012 at 19:02


    Whatever man haha. I really don’t feel like wasting my time responding to another rant of yours (especially because what you wrote has no correlation to this write-up). But, I’ll respond briefly anyway.

    Kevin Love is light years more talented than ET which is why his numbers were better. Plus he played on crappy T-Wolves teams where he got much more touches. And, as a power forward your looks are much closer to the basket which will make your percentages higher and obviously as a great power forward such as love make your rebounding and blocks numbers wayyyy higher than a SG/SF/PG/whatever you call Turner.

    So you’re saying that Bruce Bowen was a bad NBA player because all he could do was knock down corner 3’s? I don’t agree with your assessment of Nick Young at all.

    Holiday has Bynum now…

    You’re insane to say that Richardson is slightly above average for his career. He’s 15th in the NBA all-time in 3-pointers made. In his earlier years he was also known as one of the most inventive dunkers the league has ever had. I’d say player value in today’s NBA goes C>PG>SF>PF>SG. The only great shooting guards left in the league are Kobe, Wade, Harden, E. Gordon, and Joe Johnson. Jason Richardson is a shell of himself athletically, but was considered to be top 10 in the league in athleticism in his prime and hasn’t completely lost that yet. Sure he’s not a “great” SG anymore, but he’s definitely above average and if he gives the Sixers 80% of what he produced on the early ladder of his career than the organization, coaches, fans, and myself will be very happy.

    Don’t flatter yourself Steve. The organization doesn’t care about what you’ve written or have to say. They’d be better off listening to a Steven A. Smith rant about the team.


  7. Steve Toll
    1. October 2012 at 21:51


    I gotta admit, you are like the ultimate ESPN fan and it is endearing how you speak from the heart without any logic and on pure emotion. It is my dream come true to have an online adversary like yourself and it I hope our interactions never stop because you truly bring the ultimate illogical and biased logic.

    It’s like when I laughed when you referred to ET as Young Penny, I mocked you and then you responded about how Isaiah Rider was once referred to as “Baby Jordan”
    That sums up our interaction because it was Harold Miner that people called “Baby Jordan”, and instead of verifying that it was in fact, Isaiah Rider, you just tossed it out there because you don’t want the truth, you want your eye test and vague memories to be gospel.

    Harold Miner was referred to as Baby Jordan, And you claimed it to be Isaiah Rider.

    Is that true or false?

    So what Kevin Love is a PF?
    Love was effective on the court where ET was terrible and the Sixers were worse when he played more. Love was effective and ET was not but fail to acknowledge that but tip toe around it like a court jester. PER, Win Shares, RAPM, +/- all that stuff shows that Love was very good and Turner was terrible, why do you refuse to acknowledge that?

    This like most of your statements is absurd and shortsighted.
    “So you’re saying that Bruce Bowen was a bad NBA player because all he could do was knock down corner 3′s? I don’t agree with your assessment of Nick Young at all.”

    Bruce Bowen was/is known a defensive specialist who at 30 came to the Spurs, a team far ahead of the curve on 3pt shooting and thrived in a role that involved 3pt shooting, Defense, and avoiding Turnovers. Nick Young can shoot but is terrible at basketball and except for a 200 minute stretch of average playoff basketball last season is a HUGE negative presence on any team. Every bit of info that you can look up tells that story, so what book are you reading from?

    One of us is insane as you say but it’s not me Jeff. I make a statement about JRich being slightly above average in his career and you respond with this ridiculousness….

    “Richardson is 15th all time in 3pt shots made, he was an inventive dunker and people considered him to be a top 10 athlete in the NBA during his prime”

    Really? That is your defense of Jason Richardson. I’m too lazy to do this but if you think there aren’t 10 guys I could find in DraftExpress who tested better athletically than JRich in his prime, you would be mistaken. It would be a waste of time because you wouldn’t acknowledge it, a trait you seem to use in bunches when we debate and I
    destroy your rash generalizations with statistics and points that make sense.

    If Jason Richardson is 80% of himself this season, all you have to look at JRich from last year and that’s what the city will be getting.

    I think we can both agree that the NBA is top heavy. Here is your statement about player value “I’d say player value in today’s NBA goes C>PG>SF>PF>SG.”

    I’ll look at top 10 in each position; the PG list is made up of your picks of the top 10 points guards, here is proof:
    I made this statement

    ”Jrue Holiday Is barely a Top 20 point guard: Rose, CP3, Nash, Westbrook, Williams, Parker, Rondo, Ty Lawson, Steph Curry, Mike Conley, Rubio, Irving, Jeff Teague, Lowry, Calderon, Wall, Stuckey, Lou Williams.”

    You Respond

    “That is an absurd statement. I’ll give you up to Ty Lawson plus Rubio and Irving. But, Steph Curry, Mike Conley, Jeff Teague, Kyle Lowry, Jose Calderon, John Wall, Stuckey, and Lou Williams have no business being ranked above Holiday.
    That would make him the 11th best PG coming into this season.”

    Here is the Top 10 list at each position

    D12, Bynum, Chandler, Noah, M. Gasol, Hibbert, DMC, Gortat, McGee, Duncan

    Love, Dirk, Pau, Bosh, Aldridge, Griffin, Monroe, RAnderson, Millsap, Jefferson

    Lebron, Durant, Iggy, Pierce, Carmelo, Gay, Granger, G-Force, AK47, Batum

    Harden, Wade, Manu, Kobe, JJ, P. George, Kawhi, Tony Allen, Ellis, Marcus Thornton

    CP3, Rose, Westbrook, Rondo, Irving, Parker, Deron, Nash, Lawson, Rubio

    It sure looks like to me SF>C>PF>PG>SG, you obviously disagree.

    What does everyone think the Rankings go by looking at the top 10 guys at each position?

    As much as you don’t want it to be true, someone in the organization cares about my opinions and information which btw, less than .1% has been made public because I have models and statistical breakdowns on basicslly every player in the league. I’ll make sure to get you some autographs from the front office when I’m there.

  8. Jeff McMenamin
    2. October 2012 at 04:50


    I’m not the one constantly being drilled by readers for the level of insanity and idiocy in my posts like they do to yours.

    Yes Steve…you got me. It was Harold Miner, who beat Isiah Rider in the 1995 slam dunk contest when I was 7 which is when they nicknamed Minor Baby Jordan. It was such a hugeeee mistake by me (sarcasm).This matters how?

    You obviously missed my point on how they called him that because they saw potential in him. Just like how I clearly stated that people on twitter had been saying ET was a young Penny for the same reason.

    “Like many have already been responding on twitter to #NBArank…He has the potential to be a Top 50 player. He’s Penny 2.0 as people have been calling him.”

    However you don’t know how to read or decipher messages or else it wouldn’t have even been an argument in the first place.

    I didn’t tip toe around with the comparison between Turner and Love. I said Love is a wayy better player than Turner which is why his numbers were wayyy better. You already know my thoughts on Turner. He’s a hard worker with a ton of potential who if given the right opportunity (this season) will thrive as a player.

    As for my Bowen comment. It was merely a joke to prove a point. Take away Bowens corner 3’s and you take away Bowens offensive output. For Young you can’t fault a guy for playing to his strengths.

    What did J Rich ever do to you? Why the hatred? His situation next year is not like last season with the Magic because he’s playing with a healthy and fully committed Bynum…not a whiny, injured Howard.

    You also still just dismiss his athletic and shooting ability time and time again.

    You had just said, “Player value generally goes C>PF>SF>SG>PG with versatility being a huge plus.”

    Only to change your mind the next second saying, “SF>C>PF>PG>SG”

    If this were a presidential debate you’d be hammered for flip flopping.

    I’ll stick with my value rating of C>PG>SF>PF>SG. It’s harder to find an elite center than an elite forward…hence Bynum and Howards importance to their teams success.

    If you look at that list yes LeBron and Durant are without a doubt the two best players, but look at that list of point guards! This is now a point guard run NBA..hence the Lakers dire need for Steve Nash or players taking smaller salaries to play alongside Chris Paul, Rondo, or D Will.

    A good power forward is an added bonus which will help a team get over the top such as Pau did for the Lakers, Bosh did for the Heat, or Garnett with the C’s. But alone without the right point guard or facilitator such as LeBron is for the Heat, a great power forward alone isn’t the greatest position to build a team around.

    We can agree shooting guards are at the bottom, unless you come accross the rare Jordan’s, Kobe’s, or Wade’s of the world.

    I’d much rather build a franchise around Bynum or Chris Paul than Carmelo, Pierce, or Iggy…that much I promise you.

    Good luck with your front office job hunting, but I’m a professional. No autographs or pictures for a member of the press. You should know that by now.

  9. Steve Toll
    2. October 2012 at 13:45


    You sorely misunderstood my Harold Miner-Isaiah Rider-Baby Jordan point which is you run on emotion, ill remembered nostalgia and a eye test that has failed you time and time again in our encounters. Not only that, when I call you out on it, your response is immediate dismissal and failure to acknowledge my points

    While you refute it here is an immediate example of what I am talking about, here you ontinue to make my point further in your response to me:

    You (steve Toll) had just said, “Player value generally goes C>PF>SF>SG>PG with versatility being a huge plus.”

    Only to change your mind the next second saying, “SF>C>PF>PG>SG”. If this were a presidential debate you’d be hammered for flip flopping.

    Jeff, notice how I said generally and made up my rankings on NBA players right now????? Things are fluid but if I had to pick a random year and do a random draft totally blind and just pick position. I’d pick Best Player Available C>PF>SF>SG>PG

    Here is something else you say: I’ll stick with my value rating of C>PG>SF>PF>SG. It’s harder to find an elite center than an elite forward…hence Bynum and Howards importance to their teams success. If you look at that list yes LeBron and Durant are without a doubt the two best players.

    Jeff, Please Read this Carefully: Point Guards are like 0% to be the best player on a championship team, it just does not happen in the NBA. Here is the best player on every championship team for the past 20 years with some repeat offenders: Lebron, Dirk, Pau, KG, Kobe, Duncan, Manu, Shaq, Ben Wallace, David Robinsin, MJ, Kareem

    Don’t do yourself a disservice and try to throw in Parker from 07, as he wasn’t even the 2nd best player on the Spurs that season.

    I have nothing against JRich other than he is owed 19 million over the next 3 seasons and is a dog to be average this season, the front office better ship him + Moultrie for Rips expiring deal.. You make excuses for JRich last year except you fail to acknowledge that Howard > Bynum last season and a veteran who is 15th all time in 3s and was once an inventive dunker, shouldn’t be so negatively effected

    Your Bruce Bowen point was not made in jest, it was like Owen Wilson’s Snow Dogs/Snow Patrol error in Hall Pass. I hate on Nick Young because he is terrible at NBA level basketball but if he was born somewhere else he could have been the “Baby Jordan of Luxembourg” or something like that

    Please stop calling Evan Turner a hard worker and giving the vibe that the reason he was terrible on the court was because 25mog was not enough for him to be good., Everyone is the NBA is a hard worker even if the hard work isn’t always done on the right things. List these players in order of how hard you think they worked the past 2 seasons:
    Iggy, Brand, Thad, Lou, Holiday, Meeks, ET, Hawes, Lavoy

    Would you rather have CP3 or Anthony Davis on the 76ers tomorrow?

  10. Jeff McMenamin
    2. October 2012 at 20:30


    First of all what does this even mean?

    “You sorely misunderstood my Harold Miner-Isaiah Rider-Baby Jordan point which is you run on emotion, ill remembered nostalgia and a eye test that has failed you time and time again in our encounters. Not only that, when I call you out on it, your response is immediate dismissal and failure to acknowledge my points.”

    How does comparing the excitement of Minor as Baby Jordan to ET as a Young Penny have anything to do with my emotions? Also what do you mean my eye test? If I recall correctly, your “eye test” has Andre Iguodala as a HOF, Iggy being a better player than Allen Iverson, Bynum being a worse piece for the Sixers to sign then the likes of Anderson Varajeo, JaVale McGee, and DeAndre Jordan, the Sixers being a lottery team in 2012-13, and Doug Collins deserving to being fired.

    This sir are what I call rash statements that can’t be backed up and that your eyes (or mind) has failed you completely.

    I dismiss what you say because it’s complete lunacy, but I still acknowledge it. Every once in a blue moon I’ll agree with something you say, but why is it that out of the 10 or so writers on this site you’re the only one that on a weekly basis I (and readers) disagree with? I don’t believe this is by chance. Either we’re all idiots and you’re the Zen Master of basketball…above the level of Phil Jackson…Or we’re all the sane/rational ones and you’re a complete idiot who’s too stubborn to admit when he’s wrong.

    But anyways…back to basketball discussion.

    You said that…

    “Point Guards are like 0% to be the best player on a championship team, it just does not happen in the NBA. Here is the best player on every championship team for the past 20 years with some repeat offenders: Lebron, Dirk, Pau, KG, Kobe, Duncan, Manu, Shaq, Ben Wallace, David Robinsin, MJ, Kareem. Don’t do yourself a disservice and try to throw in Parker from 07, as he wasn’t even the 2nd best player on the Spurs that season.”

    Let’s break the past 20 championship teams down by the players which won them the championships.

    2012: LeBron James as a SF…Even though he’s the main distributor on the team.

    2011: Dirk was the best player during the regular season and stayed consistent throughout the playoffs for the Mavs. But, they don’t beat the Heat without Jason Terry’s Games 5 and 6.

    2010: Let’s get things straight. Kobe was clearly the best player on this team. He averaged 29 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals in that series.

    2009: Kobe again..

    2008: Pierce played better than KG. His defense on Kobe in games 4 and 6 were the difference in the series and he consistently was the teams leading scorer as well.

    2007: It was DEFINITELY Tony Parker! Are you kidding? He averaged 25 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists a game while shooting 57% from both close and deep! The Cavs had no answer.

    2006: Wade

    2005: Duncan played out of his mind…20 points, 14 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 blocks. Unreal stat line.

    2004: Billups and Hamilton both played amazing in this series. Billups gets the edge strictly because he shot 50% compared to Hamiltons 40%. Billups absolutely dominated Fisher which was the key to the series.

    2003: Tim Duncan had possibly the greatest finals performance ever. 24 points, 17 rebound, 5 assists, 5 blocks. What. A. Beast.

    2000-2002: Shaq dominated when the league lost the most talent at the position.

    1999: Robinson

    1996-98: Jordan

    1994-95: Hakeem

    1991-93: Jordan

    So for the past 20 years this is how the best players on each team went.

    C: 6…Shaq (3), Hakeem (2), Robinson (1)…you could even say 8 with Duncan, since he plays center a lot.

    PF: 3…Duncan (2), Dirk (1)

    SF: 2…LeBron (1), Pierce (1)

    SG: 9…Jordan (6), Kobe (2), Wade (1)

    PG: 2…Parker (1), Billups (1)

    So as you can see…Going by this it goes…SG>C>PF>PG=SF

    Put Duncan as a center it goes SG>C>PG=SF>PF

    Without Jordan or Kobe (top 5 players all-time)…that’s 1 title from Wade compared to 6 by Shaq, Hakeem, Robinson.

    Dominant big men win titles. Hence my center assessment in today’s NBA. Having Howard or Bynum on your team automatically makes you a top 10 team in the league and in a position to win a title.

    With Kobe nearing retirement and Wade declining in production, like I said before, it’s opening up a new wave of scoring PG’s. CP3, Westbrook, Rose, Rondo, D Will…etc.

    Without Nash on the Lakers, Rondo on the C’s, or Westbrook on the Thunder…Do you really see these team’s coming close to a title next season?

    They orchestrate the offense and are so crucial in today’s NBA.

    I then said SF’s. LeBron and Durant when it’s all said and done will both at least be top 10 all-time (LeBron maybe the best ever). But, Pierce is old, Melo is a 2-tool player who can’t play any defense, Iggy and Granger are good pieces for a championship team but haven’t convinced me yet they can be the guy.

    Bottom line is there’s 2 superstars against 5 superstars. Nash and Parker are old but still very valuable as well. Maybe Holiday can prove himself this year as well?

    Next I chose PF’s. Love is in a class of his own. Dirk, Duncan, KG, and Pau are old. Aldridge, Bosh, and Griffin are very injury prone. And, Davis is only a rookie yet.

    A lot of talent, but a lot of unknown. Would you rather sign Griffin to a 5-year max deal or Bynum? About the same age. Similar injury history. Comparable numbers. But, one can slow down Dwight Howard and one can’t. That’s why a dominant center in my opinion holds more worth.

    You know my thoughts on SG’s. Not nearly as strong of a position as it used to be.

    As for the rest of what you said..

    I actually wouldn’t mind getting Rip. I’m a big fan when he’s healthy. Rip is very injury prone though compared to J Rich who’s only missed 11 games in his 11 year career compared to Hamilton’s 133 games in 13 years. They both have career averages of 17.5 ppg, but Richardson shoots 37% career from deep compared to Hamilton’s 34%.

    Howard was NOT better than Bynum last year. Howard was the 1st option for the Magic, Bynum was closer to the 3rd for the Lakers and put up nearly identical numbers.

    You obviously misunderstood what I was saying about Nick Young so…moving on.

    I don’t want to waste my breath talking about ET to you anymore so I’ll just make the list…

    If we’re talking Jrue Holiday not being on the Sixers roster? I’d take CP3 in a heartbeat. If we’re talking current Sixers roster…It wouldn’t make sense to add another PG so I’ll take Davis.

  11. Steve Toll
    3. October 2012 at 18:02


    “You want it to be one way, but it’s the other.”


    Iggy is a HOFer and better than Iverson through their first 8 seasons. I stand by my assessment of Bynum’s value relative to other bigs, but it is plausible that Bynum takes a large step forward this season and he becomes more valuable. If it weren’t for SwaggyP getting relegated to the bench because of JRich’s acquisition, the 76ers were certainly lottery bound this season. DC is slowly assuming control of the franchise and that is not a good thing, of course firing him is the right move.

    Now to relevant basketball talk. I’m gonna learn you some bball right now. The simplest way to figure out a players relative value to a team with the tools is use an analytical model and substitute in an average producer on both ends of the court for the players you want to compare. The first thing that you notice is bigger players NEVER need to be as good as smaller players to be more valuable.

    I’d be willing to guess that you don’t have an analytical model but I do think you are certainly intelligent enough to understand that point and why it makes sense.

    Next, You begin to break down the best player on title teams since Jordan started winning, and you are mostly correct. I’ll point out where your wrong and delve deeper into the topic by listing the 3 best players on each title team since the Jordan era.

    Are you sure 2010 was Kobe? Lets look at the numbers per game in the finals
    Kobe 28.5pts fg%40.4, 8.5fta, 8reb (1.7oreb), 4ast, 4to, 2 steals
    Pau 18.5pts fg% 48, 8.7fta, 11.5reb (5oreb), 4ast, 1.7to, 2.5 blocks

    Sure seems like Pau was the superior player, but maybe you still disagree

    In 2008, KG was 1st team All-NBA and the Defensive Player of the Year. In the Finals against the Lakers best player, he averaged 18pts, 13reb, 3ast, 2.6to, 1.6stl and 1 block per game. Of course, he was the best player on the Celtics that year.

    07 Tim Duncan was a 10x IN A ROW, All NBA and All Defensive selection. He was 1st team All NBA 9x and 1st team All Defense 7x. Tony Parker may have had a super elite finals but Duncan was the best player on the Spurs, make no mistake about it.

    04 Ben Wallace was the 2x reigning Defensive Player of the Year, and was 3rd, 2nd and 2nd All NBA the previous 2 years and that season. He was Detroits best player, as much as you’d like to believe that Chauncey beating up Derek Fisher was the significant matchup of that series.

    By my count of best players on championship teams, it goes like this:
    C -10
    SG – 7
    PF – 4
    SF – 1

    To further make my point, here are the 3 best players on each championship team since the Jordan era.

    1x – Lebron, Dirk, KG, Pierce, Ray Allen, Bosh, Chandler, JET, Bynum, Odom, Tony Parker, Udonis Haslem, Ben Wallace, Rip Hamilton, Billups, Derek Fisher, Avery Johnson, Kukoc, Ron Harper, Rodman, Drexler

    2x – Hakeem, D-Rob, Pau, Wade, Otis Thorpe

    3x – Manu and Horace Grant

    4x – Shaq, Duncan, Horry (Yes, Horry was a top 3 player on 4 title teams)

    5x – Kobe

    6x – Jordan and Pippen

    Point Guards have comprised 4.5% of the top 3 talent: Parker, Fisher, Avery

    Combo guards: Kobe, Jordan, Wade, Manu, JET, Billups, have comprised 27% of the top 3.

    Pure 2 guards: Rip and Ray make up 3%

    Combo Forwards – Lebron, Pippen, Pierce, Horry, Drexler, Odom, Kukoc, Ron Harper are 24% of the top 3

    Power Forwards – Dirk, KG, Duncan (2x), Rodman, Horace Grant, Otis Thorpe, Pau, Bosh, Udonis Haslem, are 21% of the top 3

    Centers- Shaq, Hakeem, D-Rob, Duncan (2x), Chandler, Ben Wallace, Bynum make up 19.5%

    It’s not perfect, but it certainly illustrates my point. You can further break the numbers down into who has the best player etc etc etc. Doing so would further strengthen my point that generally speaking C>PF>SF>SG>PG

    Before you get to arguing again, remember this: I asked whether you’d prefer to have CP3 or Anthony Davis on the 76ers. You picked Anthony Davis, a rookie PF over the best PG of All-Time who is currently the 4th best player in the NBA. Care to explain?

    About my Jrich+Moultrie for Rip comment, it is for 2 reasons. Rip is terrible and him being on the team would increase the likelihood of being in the lottery next season, and he is an expiring contract. There is no doubt that JRich > Rib at this time in their career but getting Rip would do wonders for the teams future championship equity.

    I want to point out that in regards to the “Injury Prone” Power Forwards that you speak of, Bosh is top 10 in minutes played the past 5 seasons. Aldridge has missed 23 games the past 5 years and Blake has played every game the past 2 seasons and only Durant has played more minutes.

    Now to the Bynum > Howard comment that you continue to make. There is your opinion and there is Haralabos Voulgaris’ opinion. Haralabos point blank said that this past season, even with all the BS, Howard > Bynum. Now before you respond to that, PLEASE, google this guy and read about him. He is one of, if not the best NBA sports bettor in the entire world.

    I’ll be honest, many things that I say and think have been from comments I’ve heard Haralabos make or write and points he has made that I have extrapolated on in my research.

    You are of the opinion that ET was a harder work in the past 2 years than Meeks, Holiday, Hawes, Lavoy and Lou….. Hmmmmmmmmm, that doesn’t make sense.

    Every player on that list has progressed significantly more than ET, how is it possible that you think ET works harder than they do?

    2 year ago, Lavoy Allen was heading into his Senior season at Temple, was a 2nd round draft pick last year who was given a 1yr deal and is now going to be a major contributor on an NBA team.

    Lou Williams has improved his game the past 2 seasons, and increased his WP and Win Shares both seasons.

    Holiday got abused by every PG in the NBA 2 years ago and now is a top 20 NBA PG.

    Meeks was barely an NBA player 2 seasons ago and is now a viable NBA SG who was totally underrated during his time in Philly

    Hawes was far below average 2 years ago and now after improving the past 2 seasons is looked at around the league as one of the best young frontcourt players in the NBA.

    Even still, somehow someway, you have framed in your mind that ET is a hardworking NBA guy who is on the cusp of greatness with literally 0 evidence to show for it

    Now about when you asked about whether I am either the village idiot or a zen master when it comes to basketball knowledge since mostly everyone disagrees with me, most of the time………..

    Smarter people than Steve Toll have figured far more complex things than basketball and been viewed as insane because nobody else agreed or understood.

    “You want it to be one way, but it’s the other”


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