newunisbrandThat has to be the case, correct?  Because these uniforms appear to be missing an element or two that would provide a touch of game time flair.  That’s our initial reaction. 

There’s nothing “wrong” with the new unis, there’s just nothing that great about the gear either.  The majority opinion here at the Philadunkia offices is that the new uniforms look like really nice, well…practice threads.

While we certainly like the retro feel the organization put into the new unis and we all agree they have a good, clean look to them, we all also agree that they are lacking for any real style or creativity.  We’re not sure how many people are going to be blown away enough by the new look to run out and buy these uniforms, but we can tell you that none of us jumped up and dashed over to Modell’s to pick up a jersey.

sixersnewuniWe got a little taste of the new unis earlier this summer when the NBA accidentally leaked photos of Jrue Holliday rocking the threads at the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot.  Honestly for some reason, maybe it was the back drop, but the uni Holliday was wearing actually looked pretty solid in that photo (at left).  Thus we were a little excited to see what the white version was like and hoped for an alternate or third jersey look from the Sixers. 

But today down at the Wachovia Center the uniforms that the Sixers will be wearing in 2009-10 were seen in person for the first time and they were exposed as a bit boring.  But  hey, anything is better then the unis from the last couple of years, so we got that going for us which is nice.

More later, but that’s the knee jerk reaction for now.

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