Posted by: C. Smith
10/09/12 9:54 am EST

Via HoopsHype, we discovered this video clip of former 76er and future Basketball Hall of Fame member Allen Iverson balling in China over this past weekend.

As we all know, there have been numerous rumors since the end of the summer that “The Answer” was headed to China in an attempt to continue his basketball career.  Former two-time NBA scoring champ Tracy McGrady, who had a decent season for the Atlanta Hawks in 2011-12, recently made the jump to the CBA and will officially sign with the Qingdao club later this week.

Anyways…on Saturday, Iverson and some other NBA cast-offs appeared in an exhibition game against the Beijing Ducks who are the reigning 2012 Chinese Basketball Association champions.  As you may know, the Ducks’ roster boasts the rejuvenated Stephon Marbury (33.4 pts., 6.2 dimes & 4 rbs. a night during the CBA Finals back in April).  The Beijing Ducks beat the USA invitational team in the exhibition game, and Iverson scored only four points.

Iverson video clip after the jump as well as an update on Allen’s potential move to China.



However, according to probasketballtalk.com we should not be getting too excited about the potential of seeing Iverson in action on a regular basis any time soon.  Sources told probasketballtalk.com that, Iverson’s “training was claimed to have been sporadic at best, and lacking any form of regimental training systems.  His body’s condition appeared to be in poor shape, and was deemed to be unable to sustain himself in highly intensive competitions. With his current performance and abilities on the court, he would be unable to perform in the CBA.  Therefore, his chances of joining the CBA are as low as to be virtually nil…”

That’s not a very positive scouting report for a player who claims that he still desires to return to the NBA some day.


You may also recall that Iverson (along with Dennis Rodman) played against the Ducks back in April 2012 as well.  Iverson dropped 27 in that game.




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  1. Eric
    11. October 2012 at 11:51

    It makes me so sad to see Iverson like this. I don’t care what anyone has to say Iverson is one of the greatest players to ever play period. There has never been a player who dominated the entire league but wasn’t even taller than Venus Williams. When you see a player care that much and play with that much passion you have to appreciate. He never had a fair shot with horrible GMs running the show and with that hockey-obsessed Ed Snider as the owner. Iverson will always be in my basketball heart.

    Keep the updates going C. Smith, even though this wasn’t exactly what I wanted to see.

    Long Live the Original AI.

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