Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
10/14/12 5:58 pm EST

Give the Sixers credit for keeping it close last night as the Nets had them at arms length throughout most of the contest, but this is a game the 7-6 could have had.  In the end, the outcome of this game was not as important as what could be learned from it, and based on last night’s action the Sixers have a lot to learn.

Jrue came out of the gate strong, attacking offensively, which was nice to see.  Holiday has a knack at getting to the rim, and this skill will be extremely important to the Sixers throughout the season.  If successful, Jrue’s penetration will spur the offense in 2012-13, eventually leading to easy looks for Bynum in the post and open J’s for the squad’s newly acquired shooters.  He was unable to sustain this offensive output throughout the game though.

On the bright side of last night’s loss however was the play of reserve guard Maalik Wayns.  Wayns looked solid, showing confidence in his shot and his own ability to run the offense.  He at least looked like he could handle playing legit NBA minutes, which is a plus since back up point guard isn’t one of the Sixers’ strong suits.

On the defensive end the Sixers often struggled to get stops, especially at the point guard spot as Deron Williams and CJ Watson went wherever they wanted on the floor.  The team was clearly in need of a defensive anchor, and luckily they have one of the best waiting in the wing in Bynum.  Brook Lopez and Kris Hunphries will not be able to have the same success in the paint as they did last night with Bynum on the block.

Evan Turner largely struggled at times checking Gerald Wallace, which is troublesome and makes me wonder how he will be capable of defending some of the League’s elite forwards, which he will be asked to do a lot of in Igoudala’s absence.

It wasn’t all bad luck in AC last night.  Nick Young illustrated what he can bring to the floor, and the dude can flat out score. Like it or not he’s going to be taking a lot of shots for the 7-6 this season.  It’s clear that he will be looked to a lot for big shots in crunch time throughout the season, and so far he always appears up to the challenge.

The team showed a lot of grit sticking out a game that they could have let go silently, and the new guys got some valuable crunch and overtime minutes.

So despite the loss, some positives were seen in AC, but there certainly are some issues to address. 


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  1. MattSg
    14. October 2012 at 18:22

    Ohh man… i really hope evan can turn it up when it really matters . This is the year when we see if hes a bust or not ..

  2. Steve Toll
    14. October 2012 at 18:56

    Let’s not forget that Nick Young managed 4 assists in the game too. It was his 14th career 4+ assist game in only 374 games.

    Young has been 7-19 from 2, 5-9 from 3 and 14-15 from the free throw line. 2 of those 3 things are not sustainable, the 3rd (2pt %) will certainly rise to mid 40s.

    SwaggyP has shot 35% the past 2 seasons with 5 minutes or less to go in games when the game was within 5 points either way, that’s worse than ET

    Even with his numbers the first 2 games, he is only +4.15 points on offense in 63 minutes. Even without watching game tape, there is no reason to think that his terrible defense didn’t AT LEAST neutralize his offense.

    Maalik has been a pleasant surprise and the best offensive player by a huge margin. I for one, am hopeful that he starts the game against the Celtics.

    Kwame has been a beast in his time in. Lavoy has rebounded well, been neutral on offense. Hawes has been disappointing and there is no excuse for his play.

    Evan Turner and Nick Young should be paired together at SG-SF, they actually compliment each other well in a weird way and could be more than the sum of their parts

  3. Jeff McMenamin
    14. October 2012 at 19:25

    LOL @Steve

    Young had 21 points, was 9-9 from the stripe, while adding 4 assists and 3 boards. Not to mention the Sixers were +19 with him on the court.

    Wright DNP’d.

    Nice analysis…

  4. Steve Toll
    14. October 2012 at 21:35

    DC said he was going to sit JRich and Wright before the game.

    Young was only 4.13 points above average in his possessions used through 2 games, though that is without adding in the value of his assists. There is a 0% chance that his FT rate, 3pt%, and assist rate keep up.

    SwaggyP accumulated all his stats against these players who were guarding him during the game: Keith Bogans, Carleton Scott, CJ Watson. Andray Blatche, Josh Childress, Mirza Teletovic

    The list of Orlando players he played against was even less impressive.

    Dorell Wright 36x in the past 2 seasons has had games with 4+ assists.

  5. Steve Toll
    14. October 2012 at 22:00


    While we are talking about LOL, re-read this article you wrote: http://philadunkia.com/?p=5382

    My favorites parts :

    Where you talk about a team going 27-55 being “a major step back in the teams rebuilding process”, that’s actuall an integral part of rebuilding.

    Claiming that “ET has a work ethic second to none”

    Claiming Cousins “had a terrible attitude and work ethic”.

    You also mention that Cousins is turnover prone with 2 turnovers a game. As a Junior, ET averaged 4.1 turnovers per game

    Claiming that Derrick Favors, a consensus top 3 recruit in the nation, surprised people in his freshman year at GT.

    In the comments section you write, “Turner has shown the most progression and most judge Favors to be a role player throughout his career”

    Ummmmmm what?

    And then you never respond to this comment by an astute reader of your articles, “What a biased article. Look who is playing ahead of Derrick Favors right now. Favors puts up 7.7pts (fg%50) 6.2 reb and 1.6 steals+blocks in 21 minutes per game. That’s pretty good considering he is 20 years old and NBA BIG’s don’t peak until the ages of 26 – 30. That is historically accurate info with examples: KG, Elton Brand, Shaq, Rasheed Wallace, David Robinson and the list goes on almost forever. Demarcus Cousin’s is a top 25 NBA big right now in a worst case scenario. 14.7 pts, 11 reb and 2.5 steals+blocks in 28 minutes per game. His fg% leaves something to be desired but considering he is the best offensive rebounder in the NBA and 7th in defensive rebounds, I believe that slightly makes up for that. As a rookie he averaged 2.5 assists per game and this year he is only at .8 assists. Expect that number to be around 1.5 at the end of the year as well. Now for Evan Turner. He is an average nba player right now and is most likely near ”

    If we really want an LOL, this is grounds for it

  6. Lennix
    14. October 2012 at 23:37

    lol at everyone. preseason!! if nick can score like this with no bynum, im def intrigued with wide open kickouts to him and wright or if turner/holliday finds anyone of those guys open. I just want this season to start already. cant wait to watch tomorrow. swaggy p and malik are my favorite players by default right now.

  7. Anthony
    15. October 2012 at 03:32

    Damn Jeff. burned

  8. larry smith
    15. October 2012 at 03:49


  9. Sun of Man
    15. October 2012 at 15:56

    Lol at Steve Toll getting his feelings hurt because Jeff burned him on Nick Young. So he resorts to bringing up old material.

    Wow, Jeff. You really hurt this guy’s feelings.

  10. Jeff McMenamin
    15. October 2012 at 19:33


    What Sun of Man said…

    I really don’t like to bring up past articles or comments because they’re exactly that…From the past.

    I will defend my points anyway that you claim to be insane statements:

    Point 1:
    Yes, you have a point that losing is a necessary step in a teams re-building process, but not for a team which had reached the playoffs the past 2 seasons before that season.

    How is going 41-41 and nearly upsetting the Eastern Conference Champion Magic in the playoffs in 2008-09 to going 27-55 and having their worst season since 1996-97 the next season a step forward in the re-building process?

    Point 2:
    Here’s an article pre-draft written about Turner.
    Here’s a quote from it:

    “With the set shooting drills over, the workout concluded with a series of pull-up jumpers after weaving throughout many cones. Evan was forced to make 10 jumpers after going through inside-outs, crossovers, step-backs, and hesitation moves. It was immediately evident that he has the potential to be downright nasty coming off of high ball screens shooting the rock, even out to the collegiate three point line. Everyone throws out the Brandon Roy comparison and you couldn’t help but think it based on the drills they had him doing.

    After seeing this, it was clear this guy has the work ethic to be something special in the League. Oh, and did we mention this workout was at 11 p.m.? Both Turner and trainer Quentin Rogers are confident that things will work for ET based on his track record.

    ‘I think Evan will succeed based on the mindset that he has. He is so mentally focused,’ exclaimed his trainer. ‘He will not relax being a second or third option on a team. He truly wants to be great.'”

    Even still today:

    “‘Big men give you a chance to have a running game, they give you rim protection, they get you to the foul line and they get you to the paint where the game is won. I think Evan has a great shot to take another big jump. I know he’s working very, very hard.’

    Turner worked hard last off-season, too. In fact, Collins said Turner may have come to training camp as the best player on the team. Still, even with the flashes of brilliance, there were plenty of stretches where Turner was a non-factor.”

    Point 3:
    Here is an article pre-draft about Cousins:
    Here’s a quote from it:

    “Cousins does have the skills to be an All-Star, but there are questions about his work ethic, which someone immediately mentioned. Cousins didn’t bite when it was suggested that if he’s the best, why would he slide down the draft board.”

    Even still today:
    Here’s a quote:

    “Cousins’ attitude and work ethic has routinely been called into question, but he continues to press forward on a very bad team, working on his game and learning from a Sacramento Kings’ legend in Chris Webber.”

    Point 4:
    Really? You’re going to bring up an Evan Turner turnover stat from 5 years ago? Let me show you some more recent ET turnover stats, while comparing to Cousins…

    2010-11: 1 TOV per game
    2011-12: 1.6 TOV per game

    2010-11: 3.3 TOV per game
    2011-12: 2.7 TOV per game

    Point 5:
    A quote:
    “A lot of folks have been clamoring that Derrick Favors needs to be moved into Utah’s starting lineup.

    Favors scored just one point, going 0-for-5 from the field in 18 1/2 minutes on the court. He did, however, block three Thunder shots to go along with four rebounds and a steal, but he picked up four personal fouls along the way in Utah’s 97-81 victory.”

    Doesn’t sound like a player who has progressed too well to me.

    Point 6:
    At the time the article was written, that’s how I felt about Turner. It’s not my duty to respond to commenters as a writer. Yes DeMarcus Cousins had a great season and was better than Turner, however he’s been a starter the past 2 seasons and hasn’t had any question of position security. I believe you can still make a case at why Turner was a better pick than Cousins if he performs the way he’s capable of this season.

    Lastly, just because you started it…Here’s some fine Steve Toll quotes from past articles and comments for everyone to judge…

    “Kobe is terrible: he is a negative on offense for the lakers and ~average on defense. He was not good last season, it will change this year probably but he could go HERO mode and ruin the lakers season but its possible his teammates are good enough to override his terribleness.”

    “Dorell Wright is better than Jason Richardson and obviously, Nick Young.”

    “Would OKC trade Westbrook for Thad+Jrue+Lavoy?”

    “Nick Young is terrible. The reason Dorell Wright played less in 2012 had everything to do with the drafting of Klay Thompson and the quality of play from Brandon Rush, which was elite, go look it up on basketball reference or thenbageek.”

    “Iverson is a massively overrated player in Philadelphia, the opposite is true with Iguodala. Iggy has been the best player on the Sixers for 8 straight seasons, night in and night out from the moment he stepped on the court as a rookie. Iguodala was a better player on offense and defense, unless there is something else that is correlated to winning bball games, I can’t imagine a scenario in which Iverson was a superior player to Iguodala.”

    “Point Guards are like 0% to be the best player on a championship team, it just does not happen in the NBA.”

    “Jodie Meeks is now a viable NBA SG who was totally underrated during his time in Philly.”

    “Here is a list of front court players who will be more valuable than Bynum over the next 3 years and how much less they will make a season the next 3 years.

    DeAndre Jordan — $ 7.3 million less per year; 60%, 5.6 WS (70%)
    Anderson Verajao — $9.1 million less per year; 51%, 2.1 WS (27%)
    Ersan Illyasova — $10.3 million less per year; 43%, 6.4 WS (80%)
    Amir Johnson — $11.8 million less per year; 37%, 4.0 WS (50%)
    Marcus Camby — $14 million less per year; 23%, 3.6 WS (45%)”

    “THAD is not a Power Forward, he is a Small Forward.”

    “Words don’t do justice when speaking about great players. Andre Iguodala is a player who knows that as well as any. He is going to be in the basketball Hall of Fame someday.”

    “As for the 76ers record in 2012-2013, I predict it will be 31-51.”

    “The 7-6 won 35 games this past season. It will be a struggle to win 35 games next year in what will be an 82 game season. The Sixers have essentially ruined the franchise for the next 5 years by their actions this off-season.”

    “Doug Collins is not a good basketball coach.”

    “Kyle Lowry is an upgrade over Jrue Holiday in every way except age.”

    I could probably find more but I’ll stop there. I think I proved my point enough…


  11. Lennix
    15. October 2012 at 22:12

    hahaha oh yeah kobe is awful but every philly fan thinks that, that almost made me a kobe fan. almost.

  12. Steven Toll
    16. October 2012 at 01:28

    I want to apologize to Jeff, my previous post was totally uncalled for and unnecessary.

  13. Steven Toll
    16. October 2012 at 03:44

    Now it is time to bring the NOISE

    Point 1: How is going 41-41 and nearly upsetting the Eastern Conference Champion Magic in the playoffs in 2008-09 to going 27-55 and having their worst season since 1996-97 the next season a step forward in the re-building process?

    My Answer: is that question serious? It gives an NBA team the chance to draft a player who is usually far more valuable than what he is paid. It also allows a team to go over the salary cap to retain that player once his rookie contract is over. It is an integral part of a rebuilding process and if the team didn’t draft a bum, the team would be in a great spot right now

    Point 2,3: You chastise me for bringing up stuff from 5 years ago in, and use pre draft articles from years ago to attempt to make points 2 and 3. Kettle. Black. So Demarcus Cousins has an attitude, he is the first NBA player in history with one, he should be sent to finishing school to learn how to be a lady.

    Point 4: Demarcus Cousins 18pts, 11reb, 1.6 assists, 1.2blk, 1.5stl, 2.7 TO at 21 years old. I’d put up ETs terrible stats but he had issues with “positional security” so it wouldn’t be fair. Which proves you’re right about point 2 and 3, Cousins doesn’t work had and its shows. ET is second to none in work ethic and it has paid off.

    Point 5:

    You use a quote that “many people are clamoring that Favors should be moved into the starting lineup”

    Who should he replace in the Jazz starting lineup, Jefferson or Millsap?
    Are you saying that you wouldn’t trade ET for Derrick Favors???
    You realize that Favors was 20 all of last season is at least 6 years from his peak?

    Point 6: I must advise everyone, it is about to get ugly. If you have protective goggles and a hazmat suit, time to strap up. Everyone else continue at your own risk

    Again with this positional security thing, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Did you actually just say there is a chance that ET was the right pick over Cousins?

    Everything I said about Kobe was true LAST SEASON and he is currently the 4th best player on the Lakers, if you disagree, who is he better than and why?

    Wright should be playing most minutes of these three. Here are the last 2 season averages from each player:

    Jason Richardson – 6’4; 31 years old

    32mpg, PER of 14.3 and 2 year adjusted +/- of -1.91


    .535 2.79 11.28 10.23 1.8 .66 8.13 20.45

    Dorell Wright – 6’7; 26 years old

    33mpg, PER of 15.0 and 2 year adjusted +/- of -.43


    .544 3.44 13.39 10.64 1.93 1.4 9.12 18.61

    Nick Young – 6’5; 27 years old

    30mpg, PER of 13.7 and 2 year adjusted +/- of -4.63


    .526 1.68 7.77 6.19 1.19 .69 8.37 24.58

    If you discount stats, I guess you could disagree with Wright > Richardson > Young

    Speculating about trading a Top 40 player in Jrue, and Thad, who you said is a top 60 player in this article: http://philadunkia.com/?p=7171 Along with Lavoy Allen, who is young, talented and cheap in a hypothetical trade for Russell Westbrook is LOL worthy????

    You have also said that Jrue could blossom into a top 6 PG this season, so explain to me your thought process in mocking me for bringing up that trade scenario.

    Nick Young is terrible and Wrights decline in playing time last year was a direct result of the drafting of Klay Thompson and the play of Brandon Rush, which part of that isn’t registering with you? If you disagree with why Wright played less, I am open to your interpretation

    Iguodala > Iverson through their first 8 seasons and Iguodala is absolutely on the fast track to the Hall of Fame : http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/8344103/nba-which-current-players-course-hall-fame-someday

    Someone at ESPN thought highly enough of the above article to put it up and while I can’t be sure, It’s safe to assume that Bradford Doolittle spent more time and energy putting that together than you have assessing criteria for Hall of Fame consideration. His basketball prospectus site is a highly respected basketball website involved in analytics and player evaluation, the people at ESPN thought enough of his work to have his writing published on the most popular sports site in the entire world

    As I have said before, Point Guards are basically 0% to be the best player on a championship team. You have yet to disprove that point and I enjoy you consistently bringing it up, keep fighting the good fight in that regard. Maybe in some bizarro world, Tony Parker and Chauncey Billups were superiorto Tim Duncan and Ben Wallace when those teams won titles but this isn’t bizarro world.

    Here is something you should look at in regards to Jodie Meeks, it’s not perfect but it is interesting: http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/psl_finder.cgi?request=1&match=single&type=totals&per_minute_base=36&lg_id=NBA&is_playoffs=N&year_min=2012&year_max=2012&franch_id=&season_start=1&season_end=-1&age_min=0&age_max=99&height_min=0&height_max=99&birth_country_is=Y&birth_country=&is_active=&is_hof=&is_as=&as_comp=gt&as_val=0&pos_is_g=Y&pos_is_gf=Y&qual=&c1stat=ws&c1comp=lt&c1val=4.2&c2stat=ws&c2comp=gt&c2val=2&c3stat=&c3comp=gt&c3val=&c4stat=&c4comp=gt&c4val=&c5stat=&c5comp=gt&c6mult=1.0&c6stat=&order_by=ws

    So yes, Jodie Meeks is a viable NBA Shooting Guard

    My points about the value of Bynum are correct, the team would be better if we could press a button and a combination of those players was suddenly on the team instead of Bynum. I am also confident that any 1 of those players could be put on the team and the additional cap space could be used in a way that would make the team better than just having Bynum

    Thad is a Small Forward, he is 6’5.75 inches talk and 225lbs. http://philadunkia.com/?p=6972
    If by chance he is a Power Forward, he is the smallest Power Forward in the NBA and let’s look at who he might be lined up against in the playoffs the next couple years:

    Dirk, Pau, Josh Smith, Faried, Millsap, Bass, Amare, Ryan Anderson, Blake Griffin, Serge Ibaka, Lebron/Bosh, Boozer/Taj Gibson, David West, Zach Randolph were just the starting Power Forwards for playoff teams last year.

    There is also: Love, Aldridge, TheBrow, David Lee, Thomas Robinson, Al Horford, Kris Humprhies, Ed Davis, Andrea Bargnani, Amir Johnson, Anderson Varejao, Tristan Thompson, Ersan Illyasova, NENE, Nick Collison, former 76er Elton Brand and there is also, your boy, Derrick “I haven’t progressed as long as you don’t look at numbers and also I don’t have “positional security” because I play behind 2 borderline ALL-Stars” Favors

    So yea, you got me again, Thad is a Power Forward.

    The 76ers were a 31 win team before the Bynum Trade, when that statement was made about their record: here is the article, which was posted on August 3rd, http://philadunkia.com/?p=6993
    So why is my assessment of the team then relevant now?

    Everyone please google: Haralabos Voulgaris, for everyone who doesn’t have access to google here is a quick rundown: he is one of the most successful NBA bettors in the entire world, and is highly respected when it comes to his opinion on the NBA.

    Here is an example of how successful Haralabos is at sports betting in an abstract kind of way. ESPN recently aired a $1,000,000 buyin poker tournament that was run during the World Series of Poker called the “One Drop”.

    Haralabos had admittedly played about 5 tournaments in the entire year before entering the “One Drop” and had played less than 10 hours cashgames in 2012. Those 5 tournaments were buying ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. Here is a link to his poker results from the past few years: http://www.pokerpages.com/player-profile/haralabos-voulgaris.htm

    There were 3 kinds of people who entered that $1,000,000 buyin tournament.

    There were professional poker players who sold pieces of themselves to other poker players so that they could play in the tournament as $1,000,000 was to much to put up for 1 tournament. The winner of the tournament, Antonio Esfariandi, had about 20% of his own action in the tournament and sold 80% to other people

    There were Hundred Millionaire/Billionaires who played all on their own dime because they liked poker and $100,000 of each buyin went to charity. A few of those guys pledged to donate any of their winnings to charity

    Last but mot least, there was Haralabos Voulgaris a guy that saw a +EV opportunity and put up the $1,000,000 himself being neither a professional poker player or someone worth a hundred million dollars.

    That might not make anyone believe he is a world renowned NBA bettor, so like I said, Google him and you will quickly be convinced if that story didn’t do it for you

    Which brings me to my point, I am often chastised and mocked for saying that DC isn’t a good coach. The reason I am confident in my assessment of DC being a bad coach is because of Haralabos, who point blank said back during the 76er-Boston series, “Doug Collins is not a good coach”

    That was enough reinforcement for me to be confident in my analyzation of DC as a coach, and if anyone reading this thinks that Haralabos is wrong about DC and they are right, here is what you are saying…..

    “I know more about coaching in the NBA and can analyze basketball better than Haralabos Voulgaris who is widely reckognized as one of the most successful NBA bettors in the world, but I am too lazy to use my knowledge of the NBA to make millions of dollars betting sports for a living for reasons that I will not explain and Steve Toll is an idiot”

    Last but not least, Kyle Lowry is better than Jrue Holiday at this point in their careers but only because he produces more on the court and not because of all that important stuff like “intangibles” that Holiday possesses.

  14. Jeff McMenamin
    16. October 2012 at 07:54


    LOLOLOL!!! Wow…you’re hopeless. I try to make a point that digging up past posts and comments to try to strengthen your opinion on a totally irrelevant issue is a bad idea, and instead of saying…you know what Jeff? You’re right. You write a short novel trying to justify each and every last one of your far fetched comments and do the exact opposite.

    You even say,

    “The 76ers were a 31 win team before the Bynum Trade, when that statement was made about their record: here is the article, which was posted on August 3rd, http://philadunkia.com/?p=6993
    So why is my assessment of the team then relevant now?”

    MY POINT EXACTLY. It’s not relevant now, just like an article I wrote in January 2012 isn’t relevant now.

    Just wow…That’s all.


  15. Steve Toll
    16. October 2012 at 09:22


    Since this is going like it usually does, where I completely eviscerate you and then you get all incredulous with your response, I just want you to respond to this point you made below:

    Lastly, just because you started it…Here’s some fine Steve Toll quotes from past articles and comments for everyone to judge…

    “Would OKC trade Westbrook for Thad+Jrue+Lavoy?”

    Here is my response:

    Speculating about trading a Top 40 player in Jrue, and Thad, who you said is a top 60 player in this article: http://philadunkia.com/?p=7171 Along with Lavoy Allen, who is young, talented and cheap in a hypothetical trade for Russell Westbrook is LOL worthy????

    You have also said that Jrue could blossom into a top 6 PG this season, so explain to me your thought process in mocking me for bringing up that trade scenario.

  16. Jeff McMenamin
    16. October 2012 at 09:59


    LOL w/e you say. There comes a point when you write things that it becomes so astonishingly incorrect and just plain insane that I’d rather save myself the time and energy at continuing the argument.

    Russell Westbrook was rated the 9th best player in the league on NBA rank. He’s one of if not the best combo guard in the league. He’s close to being the best perimeter defender at his position in the NBA, and he’s only 23 years old while coming off of an elite season.

    Why risk trading a sure franchise player for 3 guys who have the potential to be great but ultimately are still very unproven? I do think that Jrue, Thad, and Lavoy all have high ceilings…but I HIGHLY DOUBT any of them will come close in their careers to what Russell Westbrook will accomplish. Even if Holiday has his best season with the Sixers this season, it won’t be nearly as elite as Westbrook’s.

    Plus…Why trade away the second best player on your team who just took you to the NBA finals, regardless of who you get in return?

    It’s LOL worthy because no GM in their right mind would ever make this trade. If the offer was made today, Sam Presti would have a nice long laugh.


  17. Steve Toll
    16. October 2012 at 11:35

    Who cares about Russell Westbrooks NBA Rank is!!! He was ranked ahead of Bynum and Bynum by your own admission is the 3rd best big in the NBA behind D12 and Love

    Where do YOU have Westbrook ranked???

    Are you saying that a top 40 player combo guard in Holiday, a top 60 player who happens to be a perfect PF to type to guard Lebron and Lavoy Allen who looks like a legit NBA big who is owned very cheap……. Wouldn’t that potentially make OKC a deeper and better team this year?

    Haralabos Voulgaris point blank said during the 76er-Boston series that “DC is not a good coach”.

    Who is in a better position to make judgements on DC as a coach, him or you?

  18. Jeff McMenamin
    16. October 2012 at 12:17

    I have Westbrook ranked as the 3rd best combo guard in the league behind Rose and Wade, but with them both banged up don’t be surprised if he surpasses both of them. Chris Paul is the best pure point guard. Westbrook ranks between 6-10 for me. Don’t have an exact ranking.

    Russell Westbrook is the perfect player for the Thunder’s current team. Yes Jrue Holiday can potentially be an all-star down the line and Thad would compliment their athletic line-up. Thad CANNOT come even CLOSE to guarding LeBron James. Where do you come up with this stuff? Lavoy wouldn’t touch the floor when they have Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins already.

    Considering you’re the only person during the years I’ve been covering basketball to bow down to this “Haralabos Voulgaris” as an apparent basketball prophet, I’d much rather rely on my own analysis to judge DC as a coach.

    He took a team which finished 27-55 to 2 straight playoff appearances, nearly getting to the Eastern Conference finals with a less than stellar starting 5. The Sixers as a team had the 3rd ranked defense in the NBA behind the Celtics and Bulls last season, compared to the 25th ranked defense they had 2 years ago. He got the most he could out of his players such as Elton Brand, and your boys Andre Iguodala and Jodie Meeks last season. He’s guided the organization on what players they should look for in free-agency and trades. He’s great with the media and well respected throughout the league.

    If he’s such a bad coach why is the Olympic Committee highly considering him as the next coach for Team USA?

    I find it hard to believe that because a bookie gives you a very vague and non-contextual statement on Doug Collins that you automatically dismiss him as being a good coach. I’m sorry Doug Collins made you lose money during the playoffs Voulgaris…I hope you get even with Brandon Bass and Rajon Rondo one day for their hero performances in the clutch.

  19. Steven Toll
    16. October 2012 at 15:50


    Voulgaris isn’t a bookie, and the fact that you just said you are a better judge at whether DC is a good coach instead of one of the most successful NBA bettors in the world, LOL. He also rarely bets the playoffs, so you are wrong again as usual.

    When googling Haralabos Voulgaris here is what comes up on page 1:





    His blog of few entries: http://aloneinthecorner.com/



    When I google your name here is what pops up one PAGE 1: your LinkedIn profile comes up, some youbtube videos of a guy with the same name pops up, your twitter, your Facebook , Philadunkia comes up

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST, http://philadunkia.com/?p=299

    This article is about the hiring of Eddie Jordan who had a record of 230-288 when he became the head coach of the 76ers.

    Here are some excerpts from that article:
    “Sixers fans will come to realize that this was one of the greatest moves the organization has done in years.”

    “Eddie Jordan is not just a Sinbad look-alike, he is a great coach.”

    Tell me again why you are more qualified than Haralabos Voulgaris to make a correct assessment of DCs coaching ability?

  20. Jeff McMenamin
    16. October 2012 at 16:35


    Haha this keeps getting better and better. You keep trying to dissect my career while showing an article I wrote 3 years ago (which Truehoop linked to when it came out I might add). You’re the ultimate irrational sports debator.

    I’m not correct 100% of the time. Neither is your boy Voulgaris. Eddie Jordan had been a pretty successful coach with the Wizards who had a similar type of team (young/athletic) but players such as your man Iggy tuned him out and didn’t want to buy into the Princeton offense (the same one you know….Steve Nash is able to teach to more disciplined players who do listen). Like I said before…that Sixers team had just about the same roster as the teams which took the court for Doug Collins and look how much he was able to accomplish as coach?

    When I put Steve Toll into google it brings up comment sections to your stories where 100’s of people rip you apart.

  21. Steve Toll
    16. October 2012 at 16:53

    Like I said before…that Sixers team had just about the same roster as the teams which took the court for Doug Collins and look how much he was able to accomplish as coach?

    That is a wholly absurd statement, I would break it down on a point by point basis but it would end with your condescending dismissal.

    Here is the gist of the absurdity of that statement: It’s difficult for a coach to do a worse job then Eddie Jordan. Going from a coach that is outright terrible in every sense to DC who is not good, is a HUGE UPGRADE.

    In 09-10: Thad, Lou, Jrue, Iggy and Meeks were all at the point in their careers where they should be getting better but Jordan was so bad that even though they were superior players to the year before, they actually performed worse. Brand was coming off injury and played the whole year, not healthy.

    That is why the team performed better because Collins is much better than EJ but still not good, and Brand got healthy.

    You failed to answer my question.

    Tell me again why you are more qualified than Haralabos Voulgaris to make a correct assessment of DCs coaching ability?

  22. Jeff McMenamin
    16. October 2012 at 17:34

    It’s real simple…I’ve been analyzing the Sixers and its players in depth for 4 seasons. Voulgaris is a disgruntled better who lost a lot of money through Tim Donoghy and became prominent through helping break the case. I wonder how much the Sixers cost him?

    Say what you want about that Sixers team, but their core 6 players played together the next 2 seasons with Collins. So yeah….pretty much the same team.

    Check out EJ’s coaching career with the Wizards before we got him.

  23. Steven Toll
    16. October 2012 at 18:20

    Your statements about Voulgaris are completely untrue.

    Where do you get the idea that he is disgruntled?

    Where do you get the idea that he lost a “ton of money” on Donaghy when there are 2460 regular season games and Donaghy can only ref a miniscule number of those games and therefore, would have little to no effect on Haralabos’ year end ROI.

    If you are so talented at evaluating the 76ers, what is stopping you from doing that with every team and making a 5% or better ROI on thousands of NBA bets a season and thus within a few years start making millions of dollars a year doing just that???

    That is what Haralabos does and he has spent $3,000,000+ (all of which he earned through NBA betting) working on his analytics, models, hiring programmers and people in a continued effort to beating sports books for millions of dollars a year.

    But that doesn’t matter, because you know more than he does……………..

    You keep setting them up and I’ll keep knocking Em down.

  24. Sun of Man
    16. October 2012 at 21:35

    No bias but Jeff is winning this battle. Steve, Jeff has you on the defensive and on the ropes. When you apologized and then brought the ‘noise’ lol, it was pretty much a wrap. You made ok points but Jeff brought the hammer down with those quotes and the google bit.

    Sorry Steve but Jeff served you.

  25. Steve Toll
    16. October 2012 at 23:54

    Sun of Man,

    In what way?

    What quotes are you referring to, do you mean when he says that Eddie Jordan is a great coach and his hire will be considered one of the best moves the 76ers have made in years?

    Then his quote about studying the team for 4 years and knowing more about the coaches abilities than Haralabos Voulgaris who is widely recognized as one of the most successful NBA bettors in the world?

    If you are referring to his comment of “googling of my (stevetoll) name and all that comes up is 100s of people ripping my writing”

    I’m okay with being ripped, my writing elicits an emotional response from people and I give my honest opinion.

    Let me ask you, did you google and read about Haralabos???

    I will assume that you did and ask “Who is in a better position to judge DC as a coach, Jeff or Haralabos?”

  26. Jeff McMenamin
    17. October 2012 at 00:51

    LOL @ Steve

    If this was a basketball game you would’ve fouled out a long time ago. Pretty sure Son Of Man is talking about the quotes YOU said which are all less than 3 months old. Compared to trying to use an article I wrote against me from 3 years ago. If it was so wrong to say, why did TrueHoop agree it made good points?

    Steve…why don’t you contact this “betting prophet” and work for him? You guys can chat about Moneyball and EV and have a grande ol time. You can both take turns trashing Iverson and Doug Collins. Sounds like a win win. You can be with your idol and estimate player efficiency together. Sounds like a blast.

  27. Steve Toll
    17. October 2012 at 23:18


    Did you just justify calling Eddie Jordan a great coach and that his hiring would be considered one of the best moves in years by providing a link to some agreeing with a bunch of points you made that were flat out wrong?

    Just making sure that in your eyes “validation” means that someone agrees with you regardless of whether you are right or wrong, and jn this case you were quite wrong.

    Are you going to continue to insinuate that Haralabod who is a widely respected and highly successful NBA bettor is less knowledgeable about basketball than you are???

    This point IS NOT ABOUT ME , its you claiming to know more about the 76ers than this “betting prophet” who makes millions of dollars a year SOLELY betting on the NBA.

    Then refusing to state why you dont use your ability to evaluate the entire NBA with your EYE TEST and make millions of dollars betting on the NBA which would do 2 things: Make you rich and if you were still interested, becoming one of the most sought after and read NBA writers in the world?

    Explain why you are not interested in using your EYE TEST to do just that?

  28. Jeff McMenamin
    18. October 2012 at 00:36


    Analysts make predictions all the time which end up to be wrong. I’ve admitted I was wrong about EJ as coach. I’m simply saying that 3 years ago when I had written the article it wasn’t such a ridiculous claim to make, as pointed out by Truehoop finding the article appealing.

    I still today have the feelings of this writer when it comes to Eddie Jordan as coach,

    But oh, that’s right. You’re too “above” Bleacher Report articles.

    As for your next question, that wasn’t what you originally asked me.

    You asked me, “Who is in a better position to make judgements on DC as a coach, Voulgaris or you?”

    “Are you going to continue to insinuate that Haralabod who is a widely respected and highly successful NBA bettor is less knowledgeable about basketball than you are?”

    The answer to your original question is me, as I stated before. As I said, I’ve been covering the Sixers for 4 years now in depth as a reporter, 15 give or take as a fan. I watch the games, check the stats, see how players progress, and examine team chemistry. Haralabod examines matchups, not teams. He probably thought, “the Sixers starters are much healthier and bench is much better than the Celtics, how is it that they’re losing to the Celtics in the playoffs?” And, he blamed Doug Collins’ coaching as the reason.

    Sure he definitely takes to blame for a lot of how the season played out and losing that series, but to straight up call him a “bad coach” like Haralabod is an insanely incorrect statement. If he’d examined Doug Collins as closely as I have over the past 2 years as a coach then he should know that.

    The biggest complaint I have about Collins as a coach is his favoritism towards veterans (which the Sixers now barely have) and how he uses his substitutions. The way in which he used Lavoy Allen and Nikola Vucevic was horrible last year, while it was equally upsetting how much he toyed with Evan Turner’s minutes.

    The answer to your second question is no. About all the facets of basketball Haralabod is more knowledgeable then I am. But, at this point it’s really not Haralabod doing the work, it’s a computer system he created. A good poker player, like I’d imagine a good sports bettor has to be, is someone that is conservative. He most likely only bets on the games that his computer suggests highly to bet on. The system is little risk/little reward, but overtime he obviously gets a big-time reward.

    I’ll stick to poker. Sports betting is a bad road to go down. Fantasy football or pick ’em leagues are pretty much the extent of my sports betting. I also enjoy watching basketball, when you place a wager on a game it makes it much less enjoyable to watch. I’m sure for every success story like Haralabod’s you’ll find an equally depressing story of failure.

    I still don’t know what you mean by my “eye test”. I use statistics in every story I write. I use them to strengthen my points however, not just use them to use them.

    Anyway…Nick Young is the man.


  29. Beytullah
    27. October 2012 at 00:53

    I don’t know how he will fare in the draft. I see the Gators may lose Nick Calathes, who has declared his innett but not hired an agent (which leaves him eligible to come back if he does not like where he goes, if he goes). It is hard to fault these guys for trying to maximize their very small window of opportunity. I think if I had a shot even a very long shot to be hired for a job that paid very well and could set my family for life it would be very hard not to at least apply.

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