I have written numerous times on this site that I believe Spencer Hawes will not be able to hold on to the starting spot Doug Collins so kindly granted him this summer.  If you recall, DC said repeatedly during this past off-season that Hawes would be his starting power forward alongside the newly acquired Andrew Bynum.  To me the move just made no sense.

My analysis of this interesting lineup decision was very simple.  Yes Spence can stretch the floor on offense with his passing and silky jumper, but Hawes is not physical enough to match up at the other end with the beasts playing at the 4-spot in the NBA.  He also isn’t quick enough to cover the weak side when Bynum gets caught out of position while chasing a potential blocked shot.  I also went on to say that I wouldn’t be surprised if Arnett Moultrie replaced Hawes in the first-five by Christmas time.

Well, Christmas came early this year to Philadunkia nation.

After the jump, video of coach Collins announcing that Hawes likely will not be in the starting lineup on opening night.

 Fast forward to the 4 minute mark and you’ll witness what I am talking about…


Now DC does leave a little escape route for himself by prefacing that Hawes will not be in the starting lineup ‘if Bynum is not ready for opening night’, but I think the message is clear here.  He also attempts not to throw Hawes too far under the bus by stating that his reasoning for starting Thad Young and Lavoy Allen in Bynum’s absence is that he likes how Thad and Allen work together, but again I think he was trying to discreetly deliver a message to Hawes. 

However, DC is not so subtle with his message delivery when he called out Hawes last night for grabbing zero defensive rebounds vs. Cleveland.  Hawes has pulled in only 12 total defensive boards during the last four preseason games in 91 minutes of run.  For comparisons sake, Moultrie (a rookie) had 4 last night and has 10 overall this preseason in just 51 minutes of play. 

So what do you think about DC’s quotes? 

Were they carefully chosen words to motivate Hawes or are Spence’s (and his mullett’s) days as a starter over here in Philly?

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