Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
10/19/12 10:31 am EST

Following Monday’s preseason drubbing of the Boston Celtics, Sixers owner Adam Aaron made the status of Andrew Bynum’s knee a little clearer on twitter.

Aaron’s tweets on Bynum’s knee are below:


…He did not have surgery in Germany, he had injections.

…He will not have surgery next week, just a routine injection he gets every year.

…While conditioning in September Andrew Bynum got the bone bruise in his knee, which was unrelated to the procedure.

…And, if all goes to plan Andrew Bynum will join the Sixers at practice on Oct. 24th.

This update should at least let fans give a tentative sigh of relief as there’s now a timetable for the big man’s return.  However, whether or not his knee still feels sore only 5 days from now remains to be seen.

The “routine injections” Aaron is speaking of are injections of Synvisc-One.  On the company website for Synvisc-One it explains that the drug is designed to treat Osteoarthritis, which is a very common form of arthritis pain in the knee.  In the case of Osteoarthritis, pain is caused by (in Bynum’s case) whatever cartilage is left in his knees trying to protect the ends of the bones from deteriorating and the fluid that’s in the joint losing its capability to absorb shock.

The injections are supposed to help the joint fluid with absorbing shock, and commonly can add up to six months of relief for the patient.

Sounds like good news, right?  Until you read a little bit further.

It takes about 4 weeks after the injection of Synvisc-One before the common patient experiences pain relief.  There can also be side effects such as knee swelling with a high volume of fluid buildup, and 29 percent of all patients who have had the procedure did not experience pain relief as a result of it.

One more thing that’s troubling.  How many of these patients are 7 foot tall, 285 pound NBA centers? You guessed it, just Bynum.

Obviously Bynum and the entire Sixers organization are making sure that he gets the best possible doctor to ensure the procedures best results, but a 71% success rate isn’t exactly what I had been imagining out of a “routine procedure”.  For a guy as big as Bynum, any setback from both his original procedure as well as this second one could result in a large stretch of games of us watching Bynum in Armani instead of his number 33.

Coach Doug Collins is obviously very aware of the situation facing his team.  He’s not trying to push Bynum to rush back because he knows how crucial of a role he’ll play in the franchise’s future.

“A lot of that is going to be how he responds to increased activity,” Collins said when asked if Bynum would be ready for the start of the season.  “I know how important the home opener is, but we’re not going to do anything silly and have another setback where it costs you and now you have to miss those kinds of games.”

Would I like Andrew Bynum to suit up in the Sixers’ first game of the season against the Denver Nuggets?  Absolutely.  

Would I be happier to see Bynum suiting up in an Eastern Conference Finals matchup with the Heat?  You betcha.

For the Sixers franchise the second question is more important than the first.  Although it’s just preseason, the Sixers “without” Bynum have looked impressive.  In fact they’ve gone above and beyond my expectations of them and could quite possibly manage without Bynum to start the season if he does indeed need more time to recover.  The team has gone over 100 points in each of their 4 preseason games and after a slow start defensively, they have really locked it down in their past two games.  As a team they forced 20 turnovers against the Celtics in a 107-75 win Monday and 14 in a 113-99 win over the Cavs on Wednesday.

Probable starters Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, and Lavoy Allen have looked strong in the past two games offensively and defensively.  Nick Young, Thaddeus Young, Maalik Wayns, and Dorell Wright have all impressed as well.

As my colleague Carey Smith pointed out in his last article, Spencer Hawes is now in great jeopardy of losing his starting position by the beginning of the season to either Thaddeus Young or rookie Arnett Moultrie.  And the shooting guard position is up for grabs as well, now that Jason Richardson has shown nothing offensively or defensively to prove he deserves the spot.

It’s incredible to think how much deeper this team is from a year ago, when it was already considered one of the deepest teams in the League.

Although November isn’t exactly an easy month for the Sixers, it’s a month that the team can overcome without Bynum.  December is the month that the team will really need Bynum’s services.

Bynum is the guy who changes this team from being a good team, to being an elite team.  As Evan Turner said after Wednesday’s game, “Right now, we’re just in the pre-Bynum era.”

Bynum will make everyone’s job on this team much easier on the defensive end.  Guards and forwards who were thinking about driving into the post against the Sixers will have second thoughts when they see an enforcer like Bynum filling out the paint.  This will force significantly more mid-range to outside looks from opponents where on-ball defenders like Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner should thrive defensively.

It should obviously make his partner in swats job a lot easier in the post as well, whether it be Lavoy, Thaddeus, Hawes, or Moultrie.

That’s only the defensive end.  Offensively Bynum will most likely draw a double-team on every play. As Nick Young said, “When Bynum comes back, it’s going to be double-team city.  The 3s are going to be flying.  ‘I’m open. I’m open.’”  During the preseason so far, the Sixers have hit an incredible 34 of 72 3-pointers (47%).  This is WITHOUT Bynum drawing double-teams on every play.  It’s crazy to think that we haven’t seen the best out of this team’s offense which has averaged 107 points per game already this preseason.

Not only will the shooters thrive with Bynum back, but they’ll now be able to dump the ball into Bynum on the blocks or drop the ball to him on pick and rolls.  They’ll have Bynum to set screens for players who can drive the ball to the basket in Holiday, Turner, Wayns, and the Youngs’.  They also have guys on the baseline such as Allen and Hawes who shoot at a high percentage if left open. Thinking about the possibilities with a healthy Bynum on the court should make all the Sixers coaches, players, and fans very excited.

The key word of that statement however is, “healthy”.  I’d love to see the big man out there to start the season as much as anybody, but I understand how much more crucial it is to have him fully healthy for when the team really needs him.  You’ve had to wait 25 years for a dominant center, what’s waiting an extra month going to change?

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43 Responses to “TO PLAY or NOT TO PLAY???”

  1. Steve Toll
    19. October 2012 at 12:22

    Bynum should play as soon as he is physically able, anything above 80% and he should be in the lineup

    The claim that Bynum’s treatment was “Synvisc-One” is absolutely incorrect, and while the 29% fail rate for that procedure might be correct, it is in NO way related to the treatment and results from the procedure Bynum got in Germany.

    “Synvisc-One” is a US based procedure, it is in no way an indicator of how Regenokine will benefit Bynum.

    The treatment Bynum had done was Regenokine, which is essentially an anti-inflammatory protein treatment known as IL-1 RA. (Long name: Interleukin Receptor Antagonist). It is an advancement of a procedure called “Orthokine” The reason it is not FDA approved is 100% to do with the way the blood is treated outside of the body and therefore, falls under the “drug” category based on FDA regulations.

  2. Sloetry
    19. October 2012 at 13:52

    Hopefully Bynum is gonna want to play through pain this season, after all it’s still a contract year for him, and he just came off an injury free season (if memory serves me right – not that I was watching the Lakers last season).
    Be interesting to see how he copes with passing out of the double teams.
    I remember watching the Lakers play Sixers last season, and Bynum and Gasol were so “high up” that it was like passing to each other at tree top level. This might hinder an undersized Thad supporting at the 4, and mean more of Lavoy and Spencer (although agree about the latters issues at the 4 defensively)… depends on how Bynum can pass out of the double team to lower levels.
    Hopefully Lavoy will be a good fit at 4 with Bynum.

  3. Jeff McMenamin
    19. October 2012 at 13:56


    I’m beginning to think that…

    A. You can’t read.

    B. You don’t know how to do research.


    C. You’re just completely biased against my articles.

    Here’s why…

    “The claim that Bynum’s treatment was “Synvisc-One” is absolutely incorrect, and while the 29% fail rate for that procedure might be correct, it is in NO way related to the treatment and results from the procedure Bynum got in Germany.”

    Oh wait a minute… article from 4 days ago…
    A quote from it:
    “Just look at it as lubrication for his knees,” Lee said of the Synvisc-One injection that Bynum will receive. The drug is used to treat knee osteoarthritis.

    As for 29% fail rate…Read what the website says for the drug right in your face…

    As I said in my story…This is SEPERATE from his Germany procedure…
    “For a guy as big as Bynum, any setback from both his original procedure as well as this second one could result in a large stretch of games of us watching Bynum in Armani instead of his number 33.”

    So please…Answer me. Which is it?


  4. RYN_JAY
    19. October 2012 at 15:09

    HAHA Writer Wars!!! I’m with you Jeff.

  5. Jeff McMenamin
    19. October 2012 at 15:49

    Also Steve,

    How is playing your franchise player who’s 80% healthy with a CHRONIC history of knee problems a good idea? Especially when he’s coming off of 2 different knee procedures?

    I want to hear your logic on this.

    How does it not make sense to rest him until he’s close to 100% healthy for the Sixers’ toughest month on their schedule in December?

    The Sixers aren’t in a position where they need to rush him back and make matters worse, so why are you suggesting otherwise?


  6. Stephen
    19. October 2012 at 16:12

    I’m just going to throw it out there that Jeff should probably link his sources in his article. That way, other people who might not be so inclined to do extra background research (we’re going to you for the story, dude) will have access to the same information. It’s done about a billion times per article in the big leagues — and, well, you’re backed by ESPN, so welcome to the big leagues.

  7. Gary
    19. October 2012 at 16:13

    I got to agree with Jeff also. I just read both links, and I’m not seeing where you are wrong.

    Also I believe the combo of Thad and Allen can carry us until the Bynimal is ready to go. Why risk it so early in the 82 game season.

  8. Jeff McMenamin
    19. October 2012 at 16:25


    Point taken. I didn’t link the sources but told you where I had gotten the info. Aaron’s twitter and company website. Steve Toll isn’t just a commentor like yourself however, he’s a writer for this site and should be able to do his own research before trashing his colleague.

  9. Steve Toll
    19. October 2012 at 16:45


    You are right, absolutely. This whole thing feels a few weeks behind when it should of happened

    Bynum is not our franchise player, he is currently a 1 year rental. I have no issue with running him out there most nights, sitting him down some others and letting that play out.

    I actually agree with you that they shouldn’t rush him back, but not for the same reasons as everyone else.

    Philly needs a lottery pick in 2013 and a high one, in a worse way then most everyone can imagine. 0 cap room, 0 draft picks is not winning a title with the current 76er roster, not this year or 5 years from now.

    In the best interest of the franchise, Bynum should sit out the whole year. Since that isn’t going to happen, he needs to play as often as physically possible so that he can rest towards the end of the season before the start of the playoffs.

    The 76ers will not admit it, but this was a tank season in every way imaginable. Then they got the great offer of Bynum and Jrich for Iggy, Vuc, Hark, 1st rd pick which suddenly made them a borderline playoff team.

    Starting out 2-8 or 0-10 while letting Bynum get healthy will effectively end any playoff hopes but might only result in like the 8th pick in the draft, that isn’t good enough. The team needs a top 3 pick in the lottery and this is the year to get it done.

    There is no in between this season, it’s pray that the better teams have injuries that linger into the playoffs and that Philly comes in 100% healthy or tank completely.

  10. Sun of Man
    19. October 2012 at 17:53

    Wow, another people’s elbow delivered by Jeff.

  11. Jeff McMenamin
    19. October 2012 at 19:30


    Make no mistake. Andrew Bynum is the Sixers’ franchise player! You don’t move an all-star forward, first-round pick, and two talented prospects just to have Bynum walk at the end of the year.

    The Sixers are going to throw as much money as they can at Bynum and he’s going to take the biggest deal he’s given, which will be from the Sixers. The only thing that would stop Bynum from being a Sixer next year is if he gets hurt this season, which is why it’s best for the Sixers to rest him until he’s as close to being as fully healthy as he can be.

    As for needing a lottery pick, where are you getting this from? How has the Sixers play so far shown you that they can’t potentially down the road be in contention for an NBA title? Also next years draft isn’t nearly as talented as this past years draft. So the Sixers miss out on a first-rounder next year, but they have enough talent on the roster already and come 2014 they’ll have a first-rounder again.

    If you wanted to read a good article about the Sixers cap room down the road, take a look at this…

    Yes it does seem like there has to be a lot of discussions about how to make the salaries work, but I’m not convinced that the Sixers don’t try to free up more cap space in a trade before the deadline this year (maybe even for a first-rounder).

    I highly doubt the Sixers were planning to tank this season. You don’t put 5 wing players on your roster unless you’re setting up to trade. Especially when your top wing was an NBA all-star. The Sixers knew they were trading Iguodala somewhere, they just had to figure out how and they found the best possible scenario.

    I don’t understand your thought process on how this Sixers team is both a borderline playoff team and how they’d start the season 2-8 or 0-10 letting Bynum sit for the start of the season. Have you been watching them play???

    The top 3 picks right now per are…

    Cody Zeller PF/C (Tyler Zeller’s brother). When is the last time you saw a dominant white center in the NBA? Outside of Kevin Love, Nick Collison, David Lee and possibly Spencer Hawes…good white power forwards are in the minority as well.

    Shabazz Muhammed SG/SF. You already answered this…What is the least important position in the NBA today? Correct SG. He does look like a beast, but it’s not like he’s the next Kobe or MJ…next.

    James McAdoo SF/PF. Very strong frame. Big “potential”. Best possibility he becomes Carlos Boozer. Look how stacked the Sixers already are at this position though?

    The top 11 picks projected are all freshman and sophomore projects. How is this supposed to be “the” draft for the Sixers to get a top 3 pick?

    I think you’re underestimating this Sixers team by a landslide Steve. The good news is you don’t have to pray, you’ll watch them win games even with other teams’ rosters being fully healthy.

    Until next time…

  12. Pat
    19. October 2012 at 20:47

    Jeff I couldn’t agree with you more I was going to tear Steve a new one about the lotto pick but you hit it right on the head… Steve I find your stats intriguing at times, but for 95% of the things you say I disagree and you come off sounding like a complete idiot… Jeff and Craig smith I believe keep up the good ariticles and site sources some of us use this philadunkia as a main source of sixers info… I’m also intrigued by malik I don’t know too much about him but from what I get hes fast and can score? Can’t wait to see what he does in the regular season wasn’t a big fan of poison ivy…

  13. Steve Toll
    19. October 2012 at 23:13

    The first 10 games are NY, NY, Den, Bos, New Orleans, Utah, TOR, DET, MIL, CLE.

    What do you think the teams record would be without Bynum? Philly was a lottery team when Iggy didn’t play, it’s the same with Bynum

    Here is the team next year: Bynum, Holiday, Turner, JRich, Thad, Hawes, Lavoy, Moultrie, Maalik,Kwame a partial mid level exception and min salary veterans.

    It’s possible Kwame is traded with $3 mil cash to get his salary off the books and the team might not up up ETs option for 13-14 but there will be almost 0 cap room regardless of those 2 potentially not being on the team

    Here is 2014-2015: Bynum, Thad, Holiday, JRich who will be owed AT MINIMUM $43.8million giving the 76ers AT MOST $15 million in cap space for 2015

    Tell me again why this team doesn’t need a lottery pick this year?

    Good look on letting me know about Cody and Tyler Zeller being brothers.

    If you actually think that the team wasnt completely tanking this year before the Bynum trade………. There are no words

    You’re right Jeff, This is not the year we should tank, we should wait for an OSU Junior to be at the top of the draft boards and be terrible that season but we need to make sure that he has “positional security”

  14. Jeff McMenamin
    20. October 2012 at 01:03


    First 10 games, even without Bynum, the Sixers at worst go 5-5. Denver, Boston, and Utah are the toughest games. I think the Sixers matchup well though against the Knicks. Potentially they could go 7-3.

    How do you think they’d go 2-8 or 0-10?

    Here is the Sixers salaries the next 5 seasons…ouch…Brand hurt.

    Obviously Bynum will get close to $20 million next season with a new deal.

    That leaves $38 million in cap room each season for the rest of the team the next 5 years.

    Between Young, Turner, and Holiday…one of them will have to go. I think Holiday is the guy you have to keep. If you can somehow package Hawes and Turner or Hawes and Young before the trade deadline for draft picks this season that is probably the best case scenario.

    You keep the core of Bynum, Holiday and Young/Turner for the franchise’s future and with a lot more cap room to work with. Making salaries work is going to be the hardest thing for Tony Dileo to figure out in the next few years no doubt.

    By keeping the core intact though, veterans are more likely to come to Philly for veteran minimums in order to compete for a title. This is where Philly will have to choose wisely. They can also keep finding production through 1-year deals like they are doing this season.

    The Sixers don’t need a lottery pick, because they’re building their franchise around Bynum. If you’re a team aiming for a lottery pick you are aiming for that type of player. No questions about it. Already having one though, Dileo will have to just find a way to either make salaries work or find a way to get salaries off the books.

    Like I said before…there was NO WAY that the Sixers would’ve made it to the regular season with their roster pre-Bynum. That roster was destined to be broken up. If you’re a professional athlete you don’t just tank for the sake of tanking. It wouldn’t have been pretty to watch that Sixers team play, but I don’t think they would’ve been as horrible as you’re making it sound.

    And Steve, I’d love to have LaQuinton Ross in 2 years from Ohio State. He’s the man.


  15. Chris
    20. October 2012 at 09:38

    Does Steve Toll even research his ideas or does he just look at numbers and make an assumption based on what’s (arbitrarily) analytically in vogue? I remember him using wins produced (presumably from the laughable wagesofwins website)earlier, but it seems he’s read up on the shortcomings of their formula (Low Usage FTW!).

    I don’t think preseason has much of an impact on the success of the regular season, but I do think it’s an accurate barometer of how the team is going to open up the year. And the Sixers are playing well together while other teams are taking a little longer to adjust to new pieces.

    No way they go worse than .500 without Bynum. MAYBE 4-6 if they don’t catch ANY breaks, but with Thad and Lavoy playing as well as they are and Jrue being as aggressive as he has been, they probably go 6-4.

  16. RYN_JAY
    20. October 2012 at 10:40

    Steve Toll, you are a joke. You obviously don’t know anything about basketball or this team. Why are you even a writer for this team? I don’t get it. All you do is throw out these outlandish statistics and puzzling opinions. I feel like you don’t even watch them play. You just read the box score and other articles.

    First of all, Bynum is our franchise player. (as long as he’s healthy) You don’t trade your previous “so-called” franchise player for arguably the “best center” in the league and him not be your franchise player. With that being said, that’s why there is no rush to bring him back right away. You have to be more concerned with the long term health here than the short term. Bynum is on a mission. There is no reason to let him play unless he’s 110%.

    As for the rest of this team, (which you are clearly underrating) we are significantly better than last year. I’m not even going to talk about the guys we lost because that doesn’t matter. The players we brought in bring more to the table. This team can shoot the 3, rebound, defend, and have a potential “monster” in the middle. Oh, and one more thing..serious DEPTH.

    N. Young – Pure scorer. Love the way he looks so far. His defense will get better as the season goes along. You might think he shoots too much when you watch him but when you can light it up like he can, you understand why.

    D. Wright – Another great pickup. Can shoot the 3. Tall and athletic. Underated defender. I look at him more for filling in for Iguodala than Turner. If Even has trouble defending the 3 through the course of the season, you could slide Wright to the 3 and Even back to the 2.

    J. Richardson – Veteran presence. ANOTHER 3 point shooter. Smart and experienced player.

    A. Moultrie – I love this guy. I think he could be the steal of the draft. (Literally, as we stole him from the Heat) He’s tall, athletic, can rebound. The potential is definitely there. He’s got the NBA body, can be ferocious but also show finesse around the rim.

    M. Wayans – Another great addition. He’ll be our backup PG. He’s tough, quick, and has shown in the preseason so far that he’s also got range.

    If everybody stays healthy we can easily get into the playoffs and compete for a top 5 seed. And once the playoffs start……….we’ll just have to see.

  17. Leave It On the Court
    20. October 2012 at 12:38

    Sun of Man: “Wow, another people’s elbow delivered by Jeff.”

    LOL, too funny (and true!).

  18. Rick
    20. October 2012 at 13:38


    While Steve might be a bit abrasive I think it’s mostly for effect. See definition #2 of [url=]pedadogue[/url].

    I agree with most of your other comments but would add a few remarks.

    N. Young – So far in preseason he’s looked far better than his numbers (and my previous observations) would suggest. Is it a small sample size error and he’ll regress to previous levels? Is it being in a better situation and/or a dramatic skillset improvement? Time will tell, I remain a bit skeptical.

    D. Wright – I loved his game in GSW (the local team I’m saddled with) but for some reason he fell out of favor with Marc Jackson. The only thing I can figure is Marc isn’t much of a coach and, oh yeah, GSW was in tank mode for the last third of the season. This guy’s a player and deserves the 35-40 mins a game he got two years ago.

    J. Rich – Whether he’s pacing himself in preseason or this is what we have he hasn’t shown much left in the tank. I shudder at the thought of him being paid 6.6 million to anchor the end of the bench two years from now. Sixers needed to take a bad contract in that trade and could’ve done worse (Hedo). I’ll be pleasantly surprised if he plays the 30 mins and is even as effective as he was last year which was a big dropoff year for him, 20-25 mins at last year would be about my expectation.

    The rooks – remember that in college they play 30-35 games. DC will need to moderate their minutes or 40-50 games into the season they’ll be a useful as Nik was that time last year.

    Jeff points out that one (or more) of the Holliday/TYoung/ET trio will have to go and I agree. To me it’s a no-brainer. Unless he shows drastic improvement (and he hasn’t in preseason) there’s absoulutely no way ET is worth a 6.6M team option next year not to mention the 8.7 qualifying offer 2 years hence. He’s a plus defender and defensive rebounder – you can get that a lot cheaper from somebody like Matt Barnes – and his offensive game is decidedly below average. Were I GM, I’d be on the phone constantly trying to finagle a 1st rounder, any 1st rounder, for him.

  19. SteveisKaka
    20. October 2012 at 15:02

    Steve, do you think elite teams like the HEAT or Lakers or OKC are saying that they “have to have a pick from the 2013 draft”? Haha. You are eternally an idiot.

  20. Fred
    20. October 2012 at 19:11

    I think I know why Steve Toll exists on this site now.

    He’s the fluff wrestler they throw in against the people’s champion for gimme fights. Watching him get tossed around the ring does have entertainment value.

    However, I wish he strived to be much more, like a worthy villain instead of cannon fodder. A dissenting opinion is fine, but Steve has no substance to back it up. A worthy villain should stand up for his opposing viewpoint because they have merit, not simply to go against the grain or to be a shock jockey. Steve can still bring value to the table, even with everyone rooting against him, but as he stands now, my opinion is that he is just seen as annoyingly amusing by most readers (and now at least 1 writer). I hope the current version of Steve Toll is not done evolving as a writer or thinker.

  21. Louie Louie Louie Louieeee.... Louie Louie Louie LouIIII
    20. October 2012 at 19:20

    Hey Steve guess who doesn’t have a first round draft pick? The Sixers. Do some research.

    Also, if you think you can run a franchise better, find a way to do your moneyball thing (this might not be your actual strategy, but its just an analogy). If not, then shut up about how they don’t use stats that you can give a clear origin for.

  22. Steve Toll
    20. October 2012 at 20:18

    Ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you talk about the salary cap and no idea.

    Bynum will get paid 17.3 million next year

    What does this mean “That leaves $38 million in cap room each season for the rest of the team the next 5 years.”

    Without Bynum, this team is AT BEST favorites over 5 teams on a neutral court.

    Here is the team in 2013-2014: Here is the team next year: Bynum, Holiday, Turner, JRich, Thad, Hawes, Lavoy, Moultrie, Maalik,Kwame a partial mid level exception and min salary veterans.

    Here is 2014-2014: Here is 2014-2015: Bynum, Thad, Holiday, JRich who will be owed AT MINIMUM $43.8million giving the 76ers AT MOST $15 million in cap space for 2015

    Do you disagree?

    I hope you enjoy SwaggyP in the regular season against NBA players

  23. Louie Louie Louie Louieeee.... Louie Louie Louie LouIIII
    20. October 2012 at 21:37


    I know you are not responding to my comment cause you know I’m right, and can’t use a stat to prove it. If you disagreed in the slightest way, you force yourself to respond with idiocracy (although I do appreciate your willingness to respond to all the comments).

  24. Jonathan
    20. October 2012 at 22:39

    Steve Toll,
    “Good look on letting me know about Cody and Tyler Zeller being brothers.”

    ???? are you saying they aren’t brothers??? because they definitely are!

    Cody Zeller’s Wikipedia page- “He is the youngest brother of former North Carolina and current Cleveland Cavaliers center Tyler Zeller”

  25. Lennix
    20. October 2012 at 22:42

    i hope we tank for tony mitchell, nerlens noel or shbazz muhammed but this could change as college ball is just around the corner
    Tony mitchell provides defense and compliments bynum perfectly. shbazz is just a relentless scorer with work ethic. Nerlens is basically camby and thats alwasy solid if he is healthy i dont mind not having a pick next year otherwise. we have two second rounders next year and the potential to dangle turner which isnt unimaginable.

    Did everyone forget that we can amnesty contracts? jrich is as good as gone when the time comes for that decision.

    The sixers were a lottery team with iggy in it, hence turner.

    I dont see why theres already turner bashing. i dont think its fair since we dont know how anyone will play with bynum. I believe he is the type of player to get better as the season goes on. we have a good mixture on this team and turners pass first mentality will be beneficial and since we have more shooters.

    lets throw out some team possibilities. harden available? I think a great move at the trade deadline would be one for josh smith. Unless the hawks figure it out this year, which they possibly could but im not so sure. smith is a goner and i dont think he mind playing next to bynum IMO. PF is our weakspot and that would be a huge upgrade since he is a legit defender. haha oh the possibilities and that clears up a lot of cap and brings back a crowd favorite in korver. this trade scenario basically gives the keys to jrue . hey a man can dream.

  26. Lennix
    20. October 2012 at 22:51

    oh apparently that link didnt do anything. it was turner thad for jsmooth and korver. smith isnt a risk in the slightest and compliments bynum perfectly. he shoots threes a lot but i think in our system its encouraged anyway. He’s only 26 and yes i would rather have him, a starter without question, over two players that have no starter security.
    I dont want to see thad go and if wayns is legit turners money isnt worth it to me. this would be more interesting lineup. bynum smith wright swaggy jrue korver jrich lavoy hawes moultire malik…
    eehhh i like what we got but i wouldnt mind seein smith in a sixers uni

  27. Rick
    21. October 2012 at 13:35


    Each team can only use one amnesty over the duration of the CBA. EB was it for the Sixers so they’re stuck paying JRich 18.5 million over the next 3 years unless they can manage to trade him for something less onerous.

    I like the trade but I seriously doube ATL would touch it:

    1. JSmooth and Horford are really the only reasons they’ll sell tickets this year.

    2. If they’re looking to make cap room (which would make sense to rebuild), Smith’s 13+ million comes off after this year and even if they don’t option ET, they’ll be taking back 3 years of Tha

  28. Lennix
    21. October 2012 at 16:49

    i like what we have so im not too worried about trades. i did not know that was true about amnesties. i guess i can handle jrich for a few more years lol. Free agency we should definitely look at Smith, we wont sign him, prob not a good idea for us unless he takes less money. I only made that trade because if ppl are complaining about money down the line, this wouldve been an easy way to get rid of that idea. Josh smith is the man however and he really would be a nice peice next to bynum

    21. October 2012 at 20:16


    Heat receive the 76ers’ 2013 first-round pick (lotto protected 2013,’14,’15) If first round pick has not been received by 2015 becomes 2015 and 2016 second rounders. (#27 pick trade, Moultrie) (Arnett Moultrie trade 06-28-12)

    So you are absolutely incorrect if you are saying thst my tank scenario wouldnt work, How do you like them apples?????

    I actually went to IU, not that Jeff could have known that. I was laughing at that even being mentioned.


    I’ve been talking about Thad for JSmooth for months, they can have Moultrie too. As Rick said, the amnesty has already been used. ET is horrible.


    Atlanta is going to be good this year but should have kept Marvin instead of trading him for Devin Harris. You are the first person to acknowledge that the team is stuck with JRich, props.

    21. October 2012 at 20:17

    The team has to pick up ETs player option by October 31st, anyone think they won’t pick it up?

  31. Lennix
    22. October 2012 at 10:17

    steve – idk if i would give up moultrie if im already giving up thad and turner. thats a very solid backup for smith and lavoy since smith can play the sf spot it makes us that more dynamic.
    i think the hawks will bit on that trade just cause they will lose josh smith and might as well get receive some value. thats if they had a smart gm. they have to realize that the hawks are on no ones list to win anything, they need the tank approach. They still will have horford so idk what the big deal would be. plus if we throw in some 2nd rounders, its plausible. Josh smith wanted to be here the year we messed up and signed elton instead; i easily wouldve offered smith, elton money. i think ive been fairly adamant about that idea. so resigning him and convinceing him playing with bynum and jrue is a winning formula. i think it would be crazy to have korver too. him with all the shooters we have? i think that would be an upset to a lot of elite teams(heat, thunder, lakers, dark horse nuggets) imo smith can contain lebron, durant, gasol. and by contain i mean slow down. do you know what those players PER is with smith on them? I know you want an iggy like player back, this would be an upgrade over iggy by 3 inches and 20 pounds and almost 2 years younger. i honestly wouldve done an iggy for josh smith deal this summer. Is it fair to say smith would be the face of our franchise over bynum? In a star driven league, it wouldnt matter who is the face of this franchise really. If we can keep up with the elite teams, and i think that potential lineup could, then you have the right formula. I think its bold moves like that the keep this league interesting and josh smith as a player is a low risk high reward type deal compared to the bynum high risk high reward idea. the more i think about it, the more i want this deal! Do you think we could afford all of those players? or make bargain deals? i guess it matters what jayrue wants and what bynum will actually get. crunch the numbers to see what we would have to do to resign swaggy(your favorite), wright, korver. If the lakers can crunch these numbers we might be able to as well. how do we sell this philosophy?

    They will pick up his option cause that would hurt his value ,i feel, if they don’t. especially for my pipe dream trade.

  32. Rick
    22. October 2012 at 11:29


    Yikes! I didn’t realize team options needed to be exercised so quickly. That leads to another question: Is he a better trade asset as an expiring or as a player? Tough call right now.

    I wouldn’t pick it up but that wasn’t your question. I think DiLeo will.

  33. Steve Toll
    22. October 2012 at 12:33


    The team has 0 cap space to make any moves once Holiday and Bynum are resigned

  34. Bakc to the Article...
    22. October 2012 at 13:07

    This should help calm some people down a bit more about the whole Synvisc injection…

    I’m not going to claim to be a Doctor, but I do have experience with Synvisc (and Synvisc-One). Here’s what you said about the injection, and then I will provide you with the real information. I don’t have a link or anything, but this is the information I learned while shadowing a prominent Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon (a team doctor and/or team OS for multiple big 4 sports franchises) for multiple months, averaging probably at least one Synvisc injection a day.

    “It takes about 4 weeks after the injection of Synvisc-One before the common patient experiences pain relief.”

    This is not wrong per se, but what is important to know is that Bynum received this injection as a precautionary measure. He likely is not in so much pain that he can’t play (I’m not him so I don’t know anything for sure) so this is just to be able to help him manage his pain throughout the season, not for the next few weeks; this treatment is meant as a mid-term (think months) option for pain relief.

    “There can also be side effects such as knee swelling with a high volume of fluid buildup”

    Again, you are not wrong as swelling is not an uncommon side effect. This is misleading though as the swelling occurs within the first few days after the injection. If he hasn’t already experienced this its not going to happen now or 2 months into the season. Also, on top of the timing of the swelling, it is also something that does not persist long and does not inhibit the effectiveness of the treatment.

    “and 29 percent of all patients who have had the procedure did not experience pain relief as a result of it.”

    Again, true but misleading. This treatment does not work for everyone; however, Bynum has received the injections in the past and it presumably worked if hes getting them repeatedly:

    If you spent the time to actually read through this, I hope any concerns you had over the Synvisc injections are now gone.

  35. Hank
    22. October 2012 at 15:51


    There is absolutely no chance that the Hawks take any deal for Josh Smith involving Thaddeus Young as the centerpiece. Danny Ferry is looking to clean the books, and Thaddeus does absolutely nothing for them on that front. I don’t think there’s any chance they were trying to outtank the Bobcats, nor do I think that’s even a plausible viewpoint. The Bobcats outtanked every team in almost every statistical catgeory last season. Any team thinking of trying to tank is psychotic.

    As far as Turner is concerned, he sucks. If he figures out how to knock down an open 15 footer, then he won’t suck anymore. He is a pathetically miserable shooter, but it doesn’t make sense to me to decline his player option now. He seemingly still has some value (though that might be overstated) so I’d pick up his option (no cap implications this year anyway) and try to drum up as much interest in him as possible.

    People holding out hope for Nick Young turning into a good basketball player this year is almost certainly in for a rude awakening in my opinion. He has had 5 full seasons in the league, and has consistently refused to rebound, pass, or defend. Also, he can’t dribble particularly well, and calling him a slasher is a stretch (and that’s putting it nicely.)

    Make no mistake, we NEED Bynum in this lineup for us to be good. We wouldn’t be among the league’s worst, but this is not a .500 team without Andrew. However, saying that sticking him in the lineup if he’s at least 80% healthy is looking purely at stats and short term effectiveness rather than what he means to this team. As Jeff said, you don’t execute that trade if Bynum is a one year rental. This guy is our franchise player, Steve, whether you like it or not. Whether he signs with us after the season is up in the air, but this organization is attempting to build its franchise around him, hence the term “Franchise Player.”

  36. Jeff McMenamin
    22. October 2012 at 18:51

    Back to the Article,

    All of my information on Synvisc-One comes directly from the companies website. Also, did you realize that Bynum had the injection today?

    He’s going to need some time to recover. Even though it might not take 4 weeks for Bynum to be pain-free, he also has to strengthen his knee before he can take the court again. I’d say 4 weeks is a pretty fair assessment for Bynum’s real return.

  37. Sun of Man
    22. October 2012 at 20:22

    Josh Smith is not the answer to anyone’s team unless he’s your third or fourth best player. He’s one of those forever potential guys in the NBA. He doesn’t have the maturity and intricate learning skills to understand the game. Why on earth would a sixer a fan want josh smith? He does not compliment Bynum at all. When you really need a bucket can you really count on Josh Smith? Unless There’s another star Smith shouldn’t even be thought of. He’s going to long 2 point you to death.

  38. Steve Toll
    23. October 2012 at 02:14


    Turner is terrible, Moultrie is 3% to be an 8th man type of guy and Thad isn’t a PF. There really is no reason to pick up ETs player option, he is just terrible

    Evan, if you are reading this: Go play in Europe next season and then come back in 14-15 to play on a contender. You could play PG on a Euro League team and have lots of success.

    There is 0 cap room, but the team could trade Thad to Cleveland (or something) and it would create an 8.5 mil trade exception. That is one way to circumvent the salary cap other than having your #2 pick actually become an effctive NBA player. Essentially, we could spend all of the cap and trade for 8.5 mil in extra in

    When players are allowed to be GMs you get Glen Davis in Orlando, Jamal Crawford in LA, and Joe Johnson in Brooklyn. Danny Ferry isn’t a good GM, it’s just that Billy King is terrible and the Nyets owner told him to do the JJ deal. If he was a good GM, he wouldn’t of traded an above average SF to Utah for Devin Harris who is now the 3rd best PG on the team behind Lou Williams and Jeff Teague which acquiring him created a glaring hole at SF. Thad has all the tools to be a good SF, he just needs a chance. He has a relatively good contract, Ferry might do it because JSmooth is gone in the offseason.

    Respect on acknowledging the terribleness of ET and SwaggyP, it’s as if the people who defend them don’t watch basketball and only look at their stats which show they should both be All-Stars, but they either didn’t have positional security or were on a bad team.

    Maybe the team should have spoke with him before the trade about whether he wanted to be up franchise player, but Bynum answered that by showing up in Philly in Lakers gear. This is a one year rental, so enjoy it.


    On twitter, Haralabos is tweeting that Lowry is the best defensive PG in basketball. Now, If you add in that Lowry>Holiday on offense but only cause of stats and production are completely in favor of Lowry, then you now know why you are wrong about saying Holiday is superior to Lowry. Or is your intimate knowledge of Holidays game better than Haralabos multi million dollar analytical models?

    The first 10 games of the season, I’ll take under 5-5 and you take the over. Gentlemans Bet

    Sun of Man,

    Smooth is one of the most dynamic players in the NBA, he is a 5 tool guy. Yea, the long jumpers need to go by the wayside but there are reasons why it could/will stop in a new place. He obviously oesn’t respect his coaches, dislikes the ownership group (rightly so) and probably feels generally disrespected.

    Put him with DC who can tell him awesome Jordan stories and this ownership group, plus Bynum at C and the team could have an all new JSmooth on their hands.

    He might only be the 3rd best player on a title team and if you’re wondering why the 76ers have NO shot to win a title for many years to come, that insight should be the answer to WHY

  39. Jeff McMenamin
    23. October 2012 at 14:25


    You should really form your own opinions on players/coaches instead of going to Haralbos’ twitter account. I really don’t care what he has to say about Lowry. I’ve watched Lowry play since he was a freshman at Villanova. I know his skill-set. He wasn’t even the best player on those Nova teams, Randy Foye was. If he was really such a hot commodity at PG, he wouldn’t have been shipped to his 3rd NBA team in his 7th season at 26 years old. The Raptors are going nowhere this season. I’m sure Lowry will put up some good numbers, but that’s not what really matters in basketball…his team won’t make the playoffs.

    Holiday is the 2nd best option for the Sixers who are a top 4 team in the East. He’s a solid scorer and defender. He has the potential to be top tier in both categories. He’s also 4 years younger than Lowry. Compare Holiday and Lowry’s first 3 seasons and get back to me.

    I’ll take 5-5 and over for the first 10 games. You can take under 5-5. I’ll take that bet in a heartbeat.

    Btw…If you want some good reading material read depressedfan’s piece today on Evan Turner…


  40. Steve Toll
    23. October 2012 at 16:44


    Of course you dont care about Haralabos’ twitter talk, you are delusional. Remember when you got all annoyed when I compared Thad and ET from when they were 18 years old? I do, yet here you are talking about Lowry’s college career. Kettle.Black.

    What does being traded have to do with being good? The Rockets essentially got a lottery pick and a marketing juggernaut for Lowry, that was more than Orlando got for Dwight Howard. Not too shabby if you ask anyone reasonable.

    About my thoughts/opinions, I am intelligent enough to recognize there are people who are more knowledgeable about subjects of my own interest than I currently am. Only a fool would wouldnt use other people acquired knowledge in an attempt to advance their own. You act like i just came up with my theory of “Lowry>Holiday” but I just fed some completely arbitrary info to you from a highly respected basketball mind but you have an unjustified level of Hubris and just wont admit it to be true. It doesnt matter what Lowry did in year 3, the game is 2012-2013 and both guys are paid professionals. Everything in the world today is essentially based off of something before it. The people who advance things in the world out of thin air, they use previous peoples works and improve upon it.

    I said something, and someone in a better position then us both, verified it. There is a reason that for a long while i have said it and mentioned that Lowry> Holiday on offense and Defense. I have actually done some pretty cool work on defense which can only be done by watching lots of basketball and using the rewind button A LOT. I didnt just come with Lowry > HolidY on D, I put in work and you put in cognitive bias. One of them is not like the other

    Holiday isnt a “solid” scorer, his low TS% on a mediocre Usage is proof of that but there certainly is room for improvement matter

    I deal in reality, so nahhhhh, I didnt read it

    Its a Gentlemans bet, assuming that Bynum doesnt play

  41. Ross
    24. October 2012 at 03:57

    Bynum is supposed to return today the 24th. He won’t miss the first ten games, and there is a good shot he doesn’t miss any.

  42. Steve Toll
    24. October 2012 at 13:53


    Bynum is in pain and didn’t practice

  43. Ross
    25. October 2012 at 00:15

    yeah, he was supposed to practice today, but couldn’t. that sucks

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