Jrue Holiday is getting paid $41 million over the next 4 seasons!

As in the 4th best point guard in the division, is going to be paid $41 million over the next 4 years. Holiday is young and has potential (as if he is the only player who does) while playing the least important position in the NBA.  He was outplayed by Lou Williams by every stretch of the imagination last season and his performance in the playoffs was a mirage based on the defense scheme that Boston played allowing Holiday more freedom as long as they handcuffed other players and getting to play 5 games against CJ Watson.  Based on that premise, the team payed him equal to Rajon Rondo, a guy who absolutely abused Jrue that series.  

The list of point guards who were flat out better than Holiday last season was 25+ players and it’s within the realm of possibility that Evan Turner is a super point guard to the new $41,000,000 man.  This article isn’t about bad moves made by other teams especially considering that making less bad moves isn’t exactly noteworthy.


Holiday has been below average his entire NBA career but according to fans and the front office, he potentially could become an All-Star point guard in the NBA. Everyone just assumes that Holiday and Turner to a lesser extent are going to get better while everyone in the NBA either gets worse or levels off.  That just isn’t a reality but that seems to be the mentality of the front office and fans of the organization.  Our guys can make a big leap and suddenly becomes All-Stars or above average players and that the other teams’ guys who are already All-Stars and above average are somehow not going to continue their own progression or even better for us, might actually regress.

For all the stats and the like that come from these articles, a lot of work is done actually watching basketball.  Stats don’t tell the whole story, but they can certainly paint an interesting and relatively accurate picture.  There is a reason certain guys are at the top of PER, Win Share and +/- type of lists.  It isn’t an act of god or randomness.  They are good at basketball, they produce on a night to night basis but for a guy like Jrue Holiday, those same stats are somehow completely misleading.  Here is a simple example.  This is the 2011-2012 Point Guard Player Efficiency Rankings for the Eastern Conference only.

There are going to be long list of excuses by all the Holiday fan club members, that is obvious.  The question is, when will reality set in for those same people that a guy who projects to barely be a top 10 Eastern Conference PG, shouldn’t of been paid like a guy who was snubbed from the all star team last year.  Potential, Potential, Potential.  At what point is anyone going to recognize the potential of all the guys who are better than Holiday?  What about the chances that some kid is walking around a college campus and is a better PG than Holiday is right now?

Up next, the entire NBA Assist : Turnover Ratio list from last season   

You will notice that Jrue Holiday comes in at number 38 on the list.  Everyone’s favorite player — Lou Williams — who had an elite season last year but no one wants to acknowledge it, was 5th on the assist : turnover ratio list.  Quick Fact: Lou also had a superior True Shooting %, Higher Usage Rate and Higher Assist%.

Which is a perfect segue into my next point.  Remember when Philadunkia’s home team let Lou Williams walk this off-season instead of paying him 4yrs $21 million?  That looks dumb now.  It is certainly one of the worst moves made by a team up until the start of this season.  The jury is obviously out for fans of the 76ers and worse the organization’s front office, that as much is understood. 

Jrue Rules, Lou Drools.  It doesn’t matter that offensively, Williams is vastly superior while being marginally worse on defense.  Holiday is young and has the potential to be an all-star while Lou, who just turned 26, is on the decline and is a shorter version of SwaggyP.  This article isn’t going to change anyone’s opinion. 

The real tragedy is that Lou isn’t coming back, ET had his player option picked up and Jrue “4th best PG in the Atlantic Division, barely above Raymond Felton who makes less under $14 million this year and the next 3 combined”

Holiday is getting paid $41,000,000.

Quick Side Note: JR Smith was an unrestricted free agent, he makes 5.7 million over the next 2 seasons combined. Could someone explain why SwaggyP is on the team again?

These 2 articles are about the simple and easy decisions that the team had to make this off-season with Lou, Jrue and ET. Resign Lou, let Holiday play out the year (then make a decision on his future) and let ET become a free agent.  The Sixers brass bricked them all in terrible, terrible fashion.

Below I will detail the current situation and what should have been, Both of these scenarios are assuming that Bynum resigns for the max.

Current Scenario for next season: Holiday, Turner and $2.7 million in cap space

Scenario that should have been: Lou Williams 4yr-$24 mil, Holiday-Restricted FA, Turner-Unrestricted FA, = $15 mil+ in cap space.

 Someone explain how the realistic scenario is somehow better than the 1 outlined above.  It can’t be done.  Not rationally.  I am begging for a person to go over those 2 possibilities and tell me WITH REASON AND EXPLANATION that I am somehow wrong.  The front office totally botched these moves, and they did with a sickening amount of Hubris.  After it was all said and done, then they hired the numbers guy.

That is the Hubris portrayed by two guys I wouldn’t trust to run a youth basketball team, let alone an NBA team.  The team just overpaid a restricted free agent while letting a better player go for what would be 60% of the money and also compounded all of that by picking up Turner’s player option for reasons unbeknownst to any sane person.

This point is out of left field but has equal weight to everything that has happened 

I make mention in point 7 of the error of the Hawes signing.  Correct, the team managed to screw that up.  Spencer Hawes for 2 years and 13 million dollars, are you kidding me?  Who negotiated that atrocious deal?  Have you ever watched a 7-foot guy player basketball before?  Don’t you realize that guys of that size don’t peak until their late 20’s?  Why was he signed for only 2 years?   How could you mess that up by only signing him for 2 years?  At least have a team option in year 3 or something, anything but just a 2 year deal.  Hawes is going to leave and be entering his prime.  He was worth 2-13, he was certainly worth 3-20 or 4-28.  What was the rationale there? 

There isn’t going to be room to resign Hawes when his contract expires and he will be entering the prime of his career on another team. For a team that talks about championship aspirations and a proper foundation for the future, paying Holiday 41 million and extending ET for another season while letting the best player of the 3 leave town is a monumental failure especially considering he will make less than both players over the 2 next seasons.  Add in the ridiculous miss on signing Spencer Hawes to a 2 year deal and the team is destined for mediocrity over the next few years.  Fans of the team, prepare for a myriad of disappointing finishes and moves by the front office.  After what has transpired over this past offseason, the direction of this team is heading towards profit for the owners and agony for the fans.  

These moves are also an indicator to Andrew Bynum of the type of direction this team is heading.  I can’t imagine that there is alot of confidence being instilled upon him in regards to actually winning basketball games and as I’ve detailed before the $ thing isn’t the trump card that it is being made out to be.  Bynum is the guy who needs to be kept happy and judging by these moves, it’s not looking good.

It seems so long ago that we heard these words from David Stern, 

“With the 2nd pick in the NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select, Evan Turner, Point Guard, Ohio State University”

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