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11/16/12 1:32 pm EST

Earlier this week the 76ers announced that Andrew Bynum’s debut will not occur until January as Bynum continues to recover from a bone bruise in his right knee.  The 7-6’s medical staff is taking a very cautious approach to his recovery and is hoping that he can begin practicing in December and the finally see game action in the middle of January.

As we all know, Bynum was acquired by the Sixers in a four-team deal this past summer, but has yet to even practice with the team because of his knee issues.  The lingering knee problem Bynum is experiencing has a been a big topic of discussion here at the Philadunkia offices for weeks and this latest news has only fueled our fears that Bynum is not remotely close to taking the floor.

So, we decided to assemble some of our thoughts on Bynum’s knee into a post and vent them to you the readers after the jump.

C. Smith

I’m not a doctor (I just write like one on the Internet), but I was dwelling on Bynum’s “bone bruised” knee issue and then I started thinking about the fact that Adrian Peterson blew out the ACL in his knee during Week 16 of the 2011-12 NFL season and has returned in no time to dominate NFL defenses and lead the NFL in rushing.  Going a little further back and keeping it Philly related, I remembered that T.O. suffered a severely sprained ankle and a fractured fibula thanks to Cowgirls safety Roy Williams and recovered to play in the Super Bowl eight weeks later.  Owens credited Micro Current treatments and his infamous hyperbaric chamber for his quick recovery. 

Now, obviously all injuries are unique and people heal differently, but if there is no structural damage to Bynum’s knee — which is what the Sixers are telling everyone — than what the hell is taking so long for the kid to get back on the court?

I realize that the Sixers don’t want to rush Bynum, but the All-Star center has not participated in any “basketball related activities” in months — probably since the Lakers were eliminated from the 2012 Playoffs.  So at no point has Bynum been rushed.  In fact one could argue that just the opposite has happened with this injury. 

To me this has the smell of a Grant Hill ankle-leg situation (circa 2000) or Amare Stoudemire’s microfracture injury.  Both incidents were shrouded in mystery and led to extremely prolonged absences from the game by both players.  Based on Wednesday night’s performance against Detroit, a further extended absence on Bynum’s part would not be good for the 7-6.

Does anyone have Terrell Owens’ digits?  Maybe Bynum could fit into his hyperbaric chamber

Just sayin’, it couldn’t hurt to give the former diva / wide receiver a call.

Tom Sunnergren

In an age when contact athletes like Terrell Suggs come back from full bore Achilles tears in matters of months (I’ve had hangovers that lasted longer than Suggs’ rehab) there’s a cruelly anomalous edge to the news that Andrew Bynum will have missed at least twelve weeks with what amounts to a sore knee. If that’s what it is.

Thing is, nagging injuries seem to nag a little longer the larger their sufferers are. There’s a reason there’s a short supply of big people in professional basketball: not only are there few seven-footers around to begin with, but men that grow to that height are disproportionately beset by the sorts of injuries, maladies, and premature biomechanical breakdowns that truncate athletic careers. People aren’t supposed to be as big as Andrew Bynum is.

And so like GOPers on November 5, while we couldn’t bring ourselves to say it aloud, many of us saw trouble ahead, or should have. Healthy men don’t have multiple knee surgeries before their 24th birthdays. They don’t travel to Germany for experimental plasma procedures. They leap without pain, cut without hesitation, and remorseless squander hours playing NBA2K13 on Xbox; the latter of which is starting to feel like it might be the sole context in which anyone will ever get to see Andrew Bynum post a 20-10 in a 76ers uniform. Could be a long winter.

Jeff McMenamin

I don’t condone an organization lying to its fan base, which is what the Sixers have done regarding the status of Andrew Bynum’s knee so far this season.  In an article I had written in the preseason, I pointed out how the injections on Bynum’s knee would keep him out at least a month and for the organization to string their fans along with the idea he’d be ready to suit up in the first game was totally out of line.

To then take another two weeks to announce that Bynum may not be in the lineup until January was the tip on the iceberg. To every fan who bought up tickets for the first two months of the Sixers season, they should demand a refund.  I do believe that the Sixers are taking every precaution to have a fully healthy Bynum make his first appearance this season, but the secretive way in which the organization and ownership went about it to maximize ticket/jersey sales is wrong.  After all, Bynum said in a recent press conference, “the latest timeline is not a setback. The plan was to rest for 8-12 weeks.”  If this was the plan by the Sixers all along, why was there the need for the late announcement?

I for one don’t like being lied to and the fans deserve better.  



17 Responses to “KNEE JERK REACTS”

  1. Steve Toll
    16. November 2012 at 14:12

    Here was the front office and DCs thoughts about the trade from that article, “tweaking the big trade”

    “Wowzerrsssssss, we’re getting a great deal here. All we need to do is give up Iguodala….. and Vucevic + Harkless and a 1st round pick for Andrew Bynum, a potential 1yr rental, and and Jason Richardson a 31 year old, on the decline who is owed $18 mil the next 3 years — where do we sign?”

    My thoughts on the trade from that same article: “unfortunately the 7-6 facilitated a trade where they came out a distant 3rd out of 4 teams.”

    Here is a ridiculous clip for all you Joshua Harris fans out there. Listen to what he says when talking about Jrue Holiday and remember this guys is a BILLIONAIRE who made all his money being a guy who is amazing with NUMBERS

    Bynum is gone after this season, count it!

  2. Jon
    16. November 2012 at 21:51

    So I’m guessing there was a reason why Steve Toll wasn’t in the original article?

  3. JC
    16. November 2012 at 22:39

    Yes, Steve I listened to Harris speak about Jrue, and you are right, He is a BILLIONAIRE who made his money by studying numbers, so when he says that Jrue could be a perennial allstar, his word has a lot more weight than yours. When will you stop with the “I’m smarter than everybody who has any connection to the Sixers” act?

  4. Adam
    17. November 2012 at 00:48

    Even if bynum isnt here next year….

    We are better off bad and with cap space than we were with iguodala

  5. Steve Toll
    17. November 2012 at 01:26


    Actually the team would be far better off with Iguodala, Vucevic, Harkless and the draft pick going into the future.

    If you also take into consideration that because of Bynum’s Bird Rights, the team could go over the cap, which isn’t the case with other free agents.

    The team will have somewhere between 11 and 13 million to sign a free agent next year, more if they ship out Kwame with cash which is unlikely.

  6. Steve Toll
    17. November 2012 at 01:29


    I was referring to JH talking about Holiday and saying that he is “23,24 years old”
    I’d be willing to bet that JH doesn’t know a basketball court is 94 feet.
    It isn’t an act, it’s a matter of fact

  7. Lck
    17. November 2012 at 23:05

    What qualifies you as a basketball and statisticall expert? Just curious

  8. steve
    18. November 2012 at 12:57

    Steve–Denver looks amazing with Iggy! I always agree with some of your points but you insist on Iggy being part of the answer here. We had him for sevwen years and he never took us past the first round except for last year (injured rose, Noah chicago team and a old celtics team that we matched up with very well!) I agree the Bynum trade isnt working out but 99 out of 100 GM’s in the league would do that trade..Richardson is playing very well by the way–I would almost have done a trade for Iggy straight up for JR. I agree losing Harkness hurts but Vucevic isnt anything more than a career 20minute backup center. I f bynum never plays than we have cap space to sign someone who is a better ft than Iggy was anyway and there still is a chance Bynum comes back strong.

  9. Jon Hill
    18. November 2012 at 19:20

    Steve and Guys,

    We have a better record than all three of the other teams in the big trade. Let’s just chill a little bit about this season and the trade so far. We’ve only got over 70 games left to go to see what happens.


  10. Steve Toll
    19. November 2012 at 00:30


    Check out what I’ve written compared to other analysts and writers, my stuff stands up next to anyone in the public eye.

    Iguodala has 23000+ minutes of being an elite player, 362 minutes on a new team with a terrible coach isn’t anything significant.
    Iggy was here for 8 years, and YES it was HIS fault that his teammates weren’t good enough to win a title.
    99 our of 100 GMs would not have done that trade as it was, just a Iggy for Bynum trade then yes
    You’d almost do Iggy for JRich straight up? Are you J-Rich’s dad or something because that is beyond ridiculous. I can tell your serious and believe me when I say this: you should feel bad.
    Vucevic looks to be far more than an career backup, I think you are projecting a base case scenario on Arnett Moultrie upon Vucevic.
    I’m not going to explain the CBA and Salary stuff to you but it will be interesting to see the team get an upgrade this summer over Iguodala, keep on believing.

  11. Lck
    19. November 2012 at 15:56

    I have, and even you must admit that most readers disagree with all your opinions. You still didn’t answer my question. Do you have a degree in stat or something. Because the way you criticize George Karl I find ridiculous. So please give me a better answer than that you think your smarter than everyone. I already know that, and am asking why? (And don’t just answer the part about most readers disagreeing like you tend to. Please??)

  12. steve
    19. November 2012 at 17:04

    steve- I was being sarcastic when I mentioned the J-Rich for Iggy trade but I think you base your opinion of Iggy just on his overall statistics and not by actually watching him play. I have been a sixer fan for thirty years and I coach and play basketball. He is a very good all-around player and a great defensive player but in 8 years in the league he never developed a reliable jump shot or a go to move. I cant count how many times he ended late game possesions with bad shot attempts. His best moment as a Sixer was the full court drive and even in that instant-most people thought he would pass the ball because he had a tendency to miss free throws late in games. Iggy should be the fourth option on a very good team or the third option on a average team but he is not a Hall-of Famer. BTW–there are plenty of players who we could get next year for his base salary. And, so far this year the Sixers defense has not looked any worse without him…Its only ten games but so far Wright, Turner, and Young are playing better defense. What I meant about J_Rich is thats its finally nice to have a veteran player who can consitantly shoot the three. I do think you have made other good points, especially regarding Holiday and Nick Young and not signing Mayo. Take care

  13. LaMouth
    19. November 2012 at 18:10

    Call me crazy, but isn’t this (and the now infamous bowling injury) a good thing? Ever since the trade all I was hoping for was to either see him dominate or get hurt immediately. If he really is this injury prone then we don’t have to re sign him.
    I’m not trying to be callous. I would certainly much rather see him healthy and playing his best basketball, but the timing is fortunate regardless.

  14. LaMouth
    19. November 2012 at 18:11

    P.S. That headline is classic.

  15. Steve Toll
    19. November 2012 at 20:39


    GK is outright terrible. Go read some Nuggets fan boards, where 100% of the people say the same thing.

    I don’t think you were being sarcastic, if you were, you need to work on timing/placement of said sarcasm. 10 game sample size, I doubt you have any quantative work on this season or re watched any game tape which would show you that this defensive trend will not continue.
    Iguodala is a Hall of Famer and elite NBA player, it’s not even debatable. Please let me know who we can pick up next year who projects to be better than Iguodala, with the teams projected cap space of less than $13,000,000

  16. LCK
    20. November 2012 at 08:24

    please answer my question.

  17. steve
    20. November 2012 at 09:22

    Steve- here is a list of mostly unrestricted, maybe one or two restricted free agents in 2013 who would possibly be a good fit in Philly. I’m not saying any of these players would exactly match Iggys output, but they would help the sixers. Soem may be too much money and some would leave us with cap space still available. Oj Mayo, david West, Tony Allen, Ronnie brewer, Mario chalmers, Manu Ginobli, Paul Milsaap, al jefferson and Randy Foye. Mario would play point if Jrue continues to be a better SG than PG, Allen and Brewer would be great defensive additions, West, jefferson and Milsap would work well at PF and allow Young to play SF or come off the bench.

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