ai9sixerstcmediaIt was a very busy week in Philadunkia nation as the 76ers officially began the 2009-10 season.  On Monday the home team began the week by hosting media day.  They also signed a few bodies for training camp this week and tipped off training camp over at St. Joe’s with a run of two-a-days.  With all the activity down at the Wachovia Center and over at SJU, we thought we should compile a host of notes, links and Tweets to help you catch up on anything you missed this week.

 Comcast SportsNet has video from the first days of Sixers training camp

 Dime magazine ranks ‘Dre as the 19th best (out of 30) “Go to players in the NBA”

sixerstrainingcampApparently Sammy is getting a lot of touches in training camp and he’s excited about it.  Nothing in that last sentence seems like good news to us here at Philadunkia.

The 76ers official Twitter account has done a nice job of posting frequent updates from training camp. (Twitpic at left)

Kate Fagan files this report from Day 3 of training camp and day 4 of training camp where Iggy ran at the two spot.  She also writes that 2009 draft pick Jrue Holliday will have to earn his minutes. has video (and reaction to it) of Sammy talking about how he can not do his job from the bench.  It’s hard to disagree with that logic.

Dei Lynam writes that Thad is okay with his secondary scoring role.  We’re not…’s Randy Hill lists the Sixers as one of the teams facing a tipping point this season and if things go the wrong way could call for a big shakeup has posted their full blown 76ers preview

ai9hyperizersNike can not be happy that AI9’s shoes were deemed “illegal” because of gum bottoms

Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie blog ranked the Top 10 NBA players of the last 10 years at every position on the floor.  Among power forwards Elton Brand ranks 5th  .  While Andre Igudala comes in 9th in the small forwards category.  Former Sixers great Allen Iverson finished 5th among the best shooting guards of the last 10 years.  We’re evenly split here at Philadunkia as to whether or not Iverson’s ranking is high enough on the list.  Another former Sixer Jerry Stackhouse finished 10th on the SG list.  Lastly, former Sixer Andre Miller finished 7th in BDL’s list of best PG’s of the last 10 years.

An interesting note from across BDL’s lists is that while several teams had a total of two current ballers on the lists, the 2009-10 Boston Celtics roster boasts four players on BDL’s different rankings: Kevin Garnett (#1 among PFs); Ray Allen (4th among SGs); Paul Pierce (2nd among SFs) and Rasheed Wallace (7th among PFs). 

From Memphis, Allen Iverson says he was lied to by former Pistons head coach Michael Curry

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