Posted by: C. Smith
12/04/12 10:35 am EST

It’s no secret that so far in 2012-13 season that our 76ers are having issues rebounding the basketball.  The 7-6 are ranked 21st in the League in rebounding with a -3.71 statistical differential and to be honest, via the “eye test” it seems a lot worse. 

Like ten times worse. 

FYI…those numbers won’t improve tonight vs. the Timberwolves who thanks to Kevin Love and Co. are absolute beasts on the boards — 4th in the NBA in rebounding with a +4.53 differential.

Since there’s seems to be no point in hoping that a return by Andrew Bynum will cure this ill and Doug simply refuses to play Arnett Moultrie who was a rebounding machine in college, it’s time to consider some realistic solutions for the Sixers.

After the jump, we provide a look at some of the guys who are “on the street” and could possibly help the Sixers compete on the glass.

Kenyon Martin — “K-Mart” played in 42 games for the Clippers last year and averaged 4.3 boards per game.  Stretched out over 36 minutes per game that number jumps to a healthy 6.9 rebounds per night.  As a bonus, he was also able to contribute 5.2 ppg.  Plus he’s been known to block a shot or two.  I begged for the 7-6 to sign this guy last year and they didn’t.  Second chances like this don’t come along often, so let’s not waste it (I am looking at you Tony and Doug).

Shelden Williams — Williams (6-9; 250) is not as athletic or as defensive minded as “K-Mart”, but he can still get the job done as he proved in NJ last year.  In 58 games (35 starts) Williams pulled in 6.0 rpg. (9.9 per 36).  He put up these solid stats despite seeing his minutes reduced to roughly less than 15 ticks per night in the final week of the 2011-2 season.  If he can also contribute 4.6 points a game as he did for the Nets last year, that would be icing on the cake.

Hassan Whiteside — This is idea is going to surprise a lot of you, but I loved this long and athletic kid (7-0; 240) coming out of college.  He got absolutely buried in the mess that is the Sacramento Kings, so I don’t think he can be totally blamed for washing out after two seasons.  In only 18 mpg. last season for Sacto, Whiteside was good for 2.2 boards a night.  Translated into Per 36 terms, that equals 12.9 rebounds.  If you remember him at Marshall, he was a glass cleaner (8.9 rpg.) who could also block shot (182 in one season) and score some – 13 ppg.  With proper coaching and some real minutes, Whiteside could possibly prevent the Sixers from getting slaughtered on the boards every night.     

Jamaal Magloire — Magloire is the only Canadian born player on my list and I admit he is the biggest reach as well.  He has a respectable 6.5 rebounds per game career average, but last year in Toronto he was basically a warm body for practices.  He played in only 34 games (11 mpg.) and grabbed 3.3 rebounds per night.  Still, per 36 minutes that correlates to 10.9 rebounds, so he’s got that going for him which is nice.   


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  1. gabe
    4. December 2012 at 11:40

    kenyon martin. really?

  2. Max
    4. December 2012 at 12:00

    Why won’t Collins play Arnett? I just don’t get it, it really can’t hurt to at least give it a try.

  3. ken
    4. December 2012 at 13:40

    since the sixers this year have been big risk big reward with their moves I say we go with whiteside and keep the trend goin

  4. Lck
    4. December 2012 at 14:05

    Why are you using per36? It’s such a small sample size for some of these players that it doesn’t really say much

  5. Philadunkia
    4. December 2012 at 14:12


    Yes Kenyon Martin for real!

    Last year the Sixers current bigs put up numbers that looked like this:

    Allen: 23 mp., 4.2 rebs., & PER 36 of 9.9 (4.6 & 7.2 PER 36 this year)
    Hawes: 24.9 mpg., 7.3 rebs & PER 36 of 10.6 (5.2 & 9.4 PER 36 this year)
    Kwame: was out most of the 2011-12 season and played in only 3 games. He’s been about as useful this year as he was last season.

    So in comparison, Martin did a respectable job, especially considering he joined the LAC late and had to learn a new system and to play with new teammates on the fly.

    Look, I’m not saying K-Mart is the greatest rebounder in the world or even my first choice (There are active NBA players I’d rather have.) to come in and help the Sixers on the glass, but if the Sixers are looking to add a rebounder without breaking up the current roster, K-Mart should be at the top of their list.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    C. Smith

  6. Philadunkia
    4. December 2012 at 14:29


    The Per 36 stats are from last year, not this season, so it’s a decent sample size.

    If you’re interested, here are TRB% stats from 2011-12 on the players highlighted in the post:

    Martin: 11.5 TRB%
    S. Williams: 15.9 TRB%
    Whitehead: 19.6 TRB%
    Magloire: 17.7 TRB%

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    — C. Smith

  7. Sloetry
    4. December 2012 at 16:27

    Timely piece, thanks. Of course the difficulty is who we sign and what is the potential for their fit with Bynum if he ever plays. My gut feeling is that Bynum is not a long term fit at the club, and we should look at Jrue/ET/Thad as the nucleus to build around, rather than build around the uncertainty of Bynum. That said if Bynum does work out, a complimentary piece to him would be required.
    Lavoy and Spencer play similar enough, with good range on the shot. Lavoy I would suggest has the better upside and is less injury prone and I think should be kept. That makes Hawes and Moultrie tradeable in return for a rebounding role player…. and I think that’s what we need. I don’t have a list of names, but simply a big who will box out and grab 10 boards + minimum per game, can play some D, and do that pass off thing that Doug likes to run on offense.
    Of course I’d prefer a dominant centre, but that’s not working out too well at the moment!!
    These days I prefer to see Lavoy or even Brown on the court over Hawes. Brown does at least fill the lane and his size alone keeps people off the boards more than Spence.

  8. Steve Toll
    4. December 2012 at 21:35

    While the 76ers do need help rebounding the ball, none of the guys mentioned in this article are actual NBA players. Kenyon Martin is the best of this bunch and he is terrible.

    There is no point to bring in someone. A potential extra win or 2 isn’t worth the lost equity in the 2013 lottery

  9. Philadunkia » GM 18: RAPID REACTS
    5. December 2012 at 10:10

    […] roster last month, he was “on the street” when he got the call from Minny (Much like the list of rebounding bigs I wrote a post about yesterday.).  The T-Wolves had the vision to recognize a need and go out and address it […]

  10. Philadunkia
    5. December 2012 at 10:44


    The Sixers likely won’t have a pick in the 1st round of the 2013 NBA Draft, so why would they need to be concerned about “equity” next June? Barring something unexpected (like the team’s total collapse), the 76ers will send Miami a non-lottery pick in 2013 to complete the Moultrie trade.

    So let’s try to win some more games this year by adding a warm body who can actually rebound.

    — C. Smith

  11. Steve Toll
    5. December 2012 at 11:11

    The likelihood of a one of those 4 players actually being a net positive over the course of the season is ever so slightly above non-zero. I’m all for one of those players being signed because it is another step towards the lottery, a necessity for a team devoid on YOUNG and CHEAP players and 0 Championship equity going forward.

    A collapse isn’t required for this team to be in the lottery. They’re going to be in the lottery. Winning games and being a bad basketball team are not mutually exclusive. This is a team that has far outpaced it’s raw production this season and over the course of an 82 game season is tough to do. It’s much easier to under perform in the regular season, as last years team managed to do rather (un)impressively.

    A lottery pick is much more valuable going forward compared to squeaking into the playoffs to get scrubbed in the first round by Miami. It’s not even close in the sense of “winning a championship” which is why the game is played.

    If the 76ers make the playoffs, I will be treating the writers and my favorite readers of Philadunkia to a suite at the WFC for the first home playoff game. Count it.

  12. Jon in LA
    5. December 2012 at 22:59


    How about if the Sixers make the playoffs, you stop writing for this blog?

  13. Fu
    6. December 2012 at 03:35

    Thank you so much Steve. Please do consider me as a favorite reader, as I look very much forward to flying to Philly coming playoff time! 😉

    On another note, there seems to be a consensus among Philadunkia’s writers as per the lottery gamble whenever the chance to combat for championship are not sufficiently real.

    As a fan, I enjoy watching my team playing hard every night and winning as many games as it can. The chances of actually winning a championship are so remote (for any random NBA team), that there is no way I could support tanking the season, along with the numerous horrible seasons ahead filled with poor games in an empty arena, until hopefully, one day, there is some slight chances that whatever lottery pick we get develops into a superstar who can carry the team to a championship. Add to this that said supposedly superstar may choose not to resign with the team and bring titles to another one.

    Oh and I almost forgot… the Sixers rank below average in best/worst drafting teams:

  14. Hank
    6. December 2012 at 10:04

    I’m with Steve on this. The Sixers are a lottery team. While I think they would be quite a good team with Bynum on the floor, that doesn’t seem likely to happen this year (or ever.) The lottery is where I want to be, with the positive takeaway from this season that Holiday is developing into a possible all-star, and turner has shown that he’s an nba player.

  15. Lck
    6. December 2012 at 22:08


    Your kind of contradicting yourself by saying that the Sixers should get a lottery pick, yet you label our gm as incompetent. If you think he’s so incompetent, why do you want him drafting at around the 11th pick, which is what the Sixers would probably get. I think they’ll probably get into the playoffs, but they already have young talent, even though you for some reason think they don’t belong in the nba, and a lottery pick will be made by a gm who has had considerable influence in the previous drafts.

  16. Steve Toll
    7. December 2012 at 13:46


    A lottery pick is far more valuable than being the 8th seed in the playoffs, it’s not even close.

    I also responded to your WS48 comment but I did it in “Holiday All Star SG?”.

    Ill reiterate, Neil Johnston over his 6 year peak averaged 22-13-3 and was the best player in the NBA over 6 seasons. If you actually think that Kobe > Neil Johnston in their respective era, there is no helping you.

    For anyone interested LCK is trying to say “WS48” isn’t quite up to snuff (which is true but if you have a1.5x bigger WS48 its basically impossible to be inferior on a per minute basis and it rings more true the higher the WS48 you’re referencing)

    His point was Neil Jonhston isn’t as good as Kobe which is absurd. Check Neil Johnston out on basketball referencr, over a 6 year span, he was the best player in the NBA. Kobe wasnt the best player in the NBA for 1 minute of his career, let alone 6 straight seasons.

    You have to account for era that they played in and its not even close

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