Posted by: C. Smith
12/06/12 1:20 pm EST

Good news for the Sixers…Rajon Rondo spent his suspension relaxing in Mexico so he is now well rested for our back-to-back set this weekend.

In Yahoo Sports’ NBA power rankings, the Sixers somehow find a spot in the Top 10

Conflicting reports on the financial status of Allen Iverson.  As we mentioned previously, earlier this week TMZ made it look like Iverson is broke.  Well, veteran NBA scribe Peter Vecsey writes that his sources say Iverson is okay financially

Derek Bodner of analyzes the sad state of the Sixers bigs, but doesn’t want Tony & Doug to panic and make a stupid trade.

John Finger at looks at how the pick-n-roll is trending up in the NBA.  That’s bad news for the 7-6 who struggle to defend the classic basketball move. 

John Smallwood of points out that in the absence of Bynum, the Sixers (just like last year) need to play near perfect basketball every night to get W’s.

Over at John Mitchell writes that the group formerly known as “The Night Shift” has gone MIA for the Sixers.  

We know a lot of you in Philadunkia nation despise Kobe Bryant (and possibly rightly so), but the Philly suburbs raised guard passed the 30K point mark last night.  Seems like just yesterday that he was killing it for Lower Merion as well as scrimmaging against the 76ers players as a 17 year old.  Is it me or is it surreal that the Sixers selected Iverson #1 in that 1996 NBA Draft and today we’re reading about Iverson’s possible financial ruin, while the local kid (drafted #13 that year) is celebrating one of the greatest achievements in League history. 

Via the blog Ball Don’t Lie and the Sacramento Bee we read that Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins (19 & 11 per night) has lost all confidence in his game.  I know Cousins has numerous issues and is a borderline nut-case, but I think DC could help him get his mojo back.  Any chance that after December 15th Sacto could be convinced to send Cousins here in exchange for Hawes, Kwame and Moultrie?  Or how about Cousins for Wright (basically cap space), Moultrie and the $1.7mil Harkless trade exception?  Wishful thinking I know, but Sacto is a mess, so maybe?!?.

Via Twitter we have this pic from @Jrue_Holiday11‘s Holly Jolly Holiday Party last night.


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  1. ken
    6. December 2012 at 13:27

    I would love to get cousins hes a big that rebounds and dc doesn’t take shit from anyone so its either he behaves or hes cut and we are giving up players that are barely playing anyway even though id rather give up hawes over wright since wright can actually play some d and hawes is softer than the Pillsbury dough boy

  2. Dog
    6. December 2012 at 16:08

    AI and Kobe were in the 1996 draft, one of the strongest of all time. Others in that class include Jermaine O’Neal, Steve Nash, Ray Allen, Marcus Camby, Zydrunas Ilgauskus, Stephon Marbury, Ben Wallace (undrafted!), and Peja Stojakovic.

  3. Philadunkia
    6. December 2012 at 17:17


    Thanks for the heads up…Typo on that one…I knew it was ’96 and not ’99…I swear

    — C. Smith

  4. Lennix
    6. December 2012 at 22:09

    cousins trade is wishful thinking but hey it would compensate for the bynumlessness sixers plus give us cap to sign jsmoove since resigning bynum seeems kind of a head scratching move for any team unless he really does play this season. Cousins would be better off here with jayrue and ET then that clusterfuc that is the kings. kings would never do your trade without thad in it and wouldnt be able to do it without salmons in it also but i like the idea. throw in ferdette while we’re at it. plus if we do resign bynum and have him next to cousins? that’d be epic and the biggest headcase combo of big men i’ve ever seen, very entertaining. wont happen but if i were sixers FO id make a run at cousins to pair with jayrue, hell yeah

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