That’s a question that has been hotly debated here at Philadunkia during the early part of this 2012-13 NBA season.  Many of the scribes and readers here on this site believe “The Jruth” is well on his way to becoming a very good player and is quickly closing in on that “elite” level.

A few others, including my talented colleague Steve Toll, beg to differ.

Late yesterday Sunny Saini of the ESPN Stats & Information department wrote a post that outlined some interesting data which indicates that Jrue is in fact absolutely headed in the direction of becoming an “elite” point guard in this League.

After the jump we have some excerpts from that post which should promote a spirited debate in the comments section today.

According to Saini’s statistical research on Holiday’s play so far this season:

“If he keeps up this pace of 18 points and nine assists per game, he would be one of four players since 2000 to have those averages along with Chris Paul, Steve Nash and Deron Williams.”

“Even though Holiday is leading the NBA in turnovers with more than four per game, the 76ers as a team have the second-lowest turnover percentage (12.6).  With a career-high usage rate percentage of 26, the turnovers are expected to be high.  At his current averages, Holiday would join Hall of Famers Isiah Thomas (1986-87) and Magic Johnson (1988-89) as the only players with 18 points, nine assists and four turnovers per game for a season.”

“He has been responsible for 43 percent of his team’s total points this season, which leads the NBA.  The “points responsible for” statistic includes offense generated from assists and points scored.”

“Holiday has made drastic improvement in his shooting percentage from 42 percent last season to 46 this season on pick-and-rolls and isolations.”

Might I suggest that you give Saini’s entire post a read.  I’m not saying it’s the definitive answer to the “Is Jrue an elite PG?” debate, but it certainly provides compelling evidence in favor of one side (assuming Jrue continues this level of play).


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